Mar. 25th, 2011

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Hullo hullo, I seem to have returned to my infrequent updating. Truthfully, not a lot happening besides school and the odd side job for my cousins which finance my misadventures, but I did see the new Pegg/Frost venture Paul. Definitely scratched my nerdly itchy place with all the fabulous dorkiness and shippers on deck and Simon Pegg & Nick Frost being massive, massive LOVE. [profile] icedmaple and I spent a good long time theorizing what Star Wars characters Graeme and Clive would have played as children, and the fact that the movie could spawn that kind of conversation is more than enough to make me love it :) Surprisingly enough, I didn't hate Seth Rogan in it, which make the tally of movies he's in that remain safe for public consumption up to two.

I have a few fic ideas, mostly concerning getting from the end of the movie to the Comic Con in the credits, but nothing solid yet, working on it in my free time, in between WoWing and writing for the Tron prompt meme still. So much fandom work to do :)

In the meantime, when Sean and I aren't gnashing our teeth and waiting to transfer our main Warcraft characters to a different, more active server/guild, we're watching Lost--not new for him, but new for me, most definitely, as I was incredibly skeptical during its original run. For my part, I wasn't completely sold on it until about the middle of the second season, or until Desmond started being a more regularly occurring character and the show got past how fucking annoying and dumb Michael became at the start of the season. Season one was great, yes but I could tell I wasn't fully invested for a long while, not at least until the overall plot started moving forward a little more and got past the survivors-adjusting-to-their-situation phase. We're somewhere in the early fourth season now, and I really want to check out what kind of fandom this has, but I'm deathly afraid to accidentally spoil myself though with this kind of show, that may be next to impossible since almost everything is so fucking obtuse anyway. I think people overstate how confusing it is, or mix up confusing for baffling, but I'm pretty glad I got talked into watching.

And the music is rather awesome. Four for you, Michael Giacchino, you brilliant bastard.


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