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mezzanineview ([personal profile] mezzanineview) wrote2011-12-24 12:52 pm

Regarding some spoilers about the new Sherlock clip.

Cutting it for spoilers obviously

Pertinent panels can be seen here, but as much glee as some of this information gives me, misgivings, I has them. ESPECIALLY since Moffatt is writing this ep.

The first: Irene Adler, who is a cleverer woman than you and outsmarts Sherlock in large fashion, is a dominatrix for a living? Really.

The second: Squee, Sherlock may, in fact, be a virgin! Assuming Mycroft isn't just being an older brother, but looking at this, it looks like he's really bringing out the bitch claws. Unfortunately, because this is Moffatt, I am afraid this will devolve into people A) assuming having one's virginity is wrong and B) that this must be "fixed". Do. Not. Want.