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More health stuff, woooo.

Got a doctor's appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning, so with any luck there'll be a light at the end of the tunnel at this digestive system ruckus. I made a bunch of changes to what I was eating today in the hopes that my system wouldn't rebel, but unfortunately there was still some gagging going on when I tried to eat my oatmeal and some mini wheats later :(

But! Remember that college stuff that I was so freaking out about? Mostly it was because I was so concerned about making some damn progress after so long of being unsure what the heck I was supposed to do and how many credits do I need and what in the everloving hell is IGETC. All until about two days ago, when the BFF and I sat down and talked out my anxieties about school for about four hours and decided to see if we could find some of this out for ourselves instead of the magnificently useless counselors not telling me anything I want to know.

Instead of finding out just exactly what I need, I found out that if I switch it from nursing (need another four years of work on that at the very least) to medical assisting (administrative or clinical, whichever I want) and take the remaining three core classes that will be open this summer before picking a specialization, I can get the credits & required classes I need for an associate's degree AND be done with the major classes for medical assisting & get a certification or degree in as little as one and a half to two years :D

GUYS AN END TO THE ROAD IS IN SIGHT. No more amorphous bullshit, no more not knowing what the hell I'm taking classes toward. I have a clear goal and two degrees waiting for me at the end of it. I don't have to go anywhere else for it, I don't have to transfer, I don't need to pay through the nose for tuition, and I can be marketable for a job and get set up for a career, and if I ever wanted to go back and do nursing I could afford it. What the hell. This is the best news in a long, long time.

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Let's not even talk about the superbowl bc it's already been talked to death. Yes, even Christina Aguilera, and man, it's a huuuge overreaction to say that flubbing the national anthem is unpatriotic, but it's fair to criticize her for messing up because of the sheer amount of people tuning in. It's embarrassing, not a mortal sin. For the evening, the only thing I even cared about was seeing the TV spot for Captain America, so I can call myself satisfied. I'll sit back and enjoy the snarky commentary on the aftermath.

Also, the half time show with the Black Eyed Peas was FAR more offensive, to taste if not national pride. Keep things in perspective, kids.

Still kind of obsessed with Tron, to no one's surprise (hopefully). The aesthetic is fucking incredible and the themes & character exploration left open for fanworks is so full of promise. Daddy issues, long term separation, abandonment, the interesting, pseudo-religious relationship between Users and Programs, Flynn's relationships with the people in his real life and their digital counterparts, unfulfilled potential, genocide, pure creation, the list goes on. Lots of material to play with between original movie, the Betrayal comic, and Tron: Legacy, and how it goes from campy, computer concept playland to the glassy, sleek future world & deepest reaches of angstville, oooh, j'adore ♥ Where canon may not execute to the best degree, there is no shortage of ideas to play with.

And I found a prompt I want to write, and started doing an actual outline last night :) Tron has kind of the same porn problems sparked by a kinkmeme as other fandoms, along with some kinks I'm really not into, but it's producing some astoundingly well-written and thoughtful gems. The level of artwork is as to be expected in a small fandom, but there is some absolutely gorgeous work available to whet creative appetites.

The tumblr fandom is hilarious and irreverent, and some of that is bleeding into the LJ fandom, which is appreciated, cuz this shouldn't be a a fandom that takes itself too serious, especially with regard to the 1982 film. Not that LJ fandom was taking itself seriously, but it's a little inactive. I expect it to pick up after the DVD release in April *g* But yes, mostly infatuated with the overall feel. Real world, glowy, sleek digital world, Daft Punk soundtrack, the cast is adorable, and man, who doesn't love Jeff Bridges?

In real life news, roommate is seriously considering entering the military. I have absolutely zero against the military, but this is fucking stupid because he has no idea what he's getting himself into. No one says they're excited at the prospect of boot camp. His ego is far too big to take orders from anyone; even after all this shit with him getting a DUI and putting him community service off till the last minute, he has such a superiority complex that if he does end up in the military, it'll be to a rude fucking awakening. The dude cannot even clean up after himself, how does he expect to survive asdfjkl; *rage*

Aaaand my brother ended up in hospital for a night. The past couple months, he'd been steadfastly refusing to acknowledge he's been drinking too much, but Sam finally got him to concede the point about two weeks ago. He's stopped going to his usual spot after work, and is instead taking walks in an attempt to lose some of the weight he put on. So Saturday he agrees to go for a few drinks with some coworkers, and he thought he wasn't overdoing it, but he ended up all passed out. Someone got really freaked and called for an ambulance, he apparently fought the EMTs, so not only is there a bruise in the crook of his arm from the catheter, there are finger shaped marks all up and down his upper arms and a scrape on the bridge of his nose *sigh*

He does feel incredibly bad over it, though, so that's something. I haven't seen him take a drink since, and while I'm not a believer in cold turkey, he seems to be doing better. Sam and I are trying to help in any way we can.

I applied for a job that starts the day at five am, but I am a total morning person, so I'm not too worried. Crossing my fingers and hoping to be hired. The house in a state of flux, and usually either too much food or too little and now's the latter.

Kieth has an announcement tomorrow! *grabs popcorn*

In conclusion,

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so I killed Arthas a little bit last night :3


boom. Check that one off the pre-Cataclysm bucket list!

Update on The Will Situation

So my uncles are still screwing my dad out of the things owed to him through their father's will, and there's botched execution and fraud everywhere in this shit. Dad can sue their asses off, but my grandmother won't let him; now she wrote into her will that her home in California will be left to Dad, me, and my brother, while her summer home in Hawaii is going to be left to her other two sons, and that would change if my dad sued, so. Yeah.

My dad has a boat load more propriety over the properties, though, and he's not just looking for a damn cash cow like my uncles. He's decided to pay them for the house that would rightly already belong to him if they were actually carrying out what the will says. As it is, the greed of my uncle Paul is the deciding factor, him being the one who's made and lost multitudes of money time and time again in his life, burning bridges a he passed. And now he's backstabbing his own brother because he has no job and no money.

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I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Dunno if that strictly representative, as I tried a few and got different answers for each, but I'm okay with this one XD

I'm pretty bummed that the trailer for the new BBC Holmes series has been smited (smote?) by the mighty Beeb, but there's more and more stuff being released daily :) Not much longer until the 25th, so hah. All the same, I feel compelled to pimp out [ profile] sherlockbbc and encourage people to come chat about it, if you feel so inclined. Looks like it'll be epic! :D

In the interim of end-of-semester and the upcoming one, I've been spending most of my time babysitting my cousin the devil child, who's a little more rambunctious than I have the energy for on most occasions, but I'm remembering what I was like when I was his age XD Now plz to be stop using me as a jungle gym, do not want another pinched nerve in mah back -__-

note to self: take pictures of Big Boss the turtle and post them
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I suppose I'm a very fortunate person to never have had great problems with my teeth, as I'm watching over poor Sam for the day D: Just the other day she went in to get her wisdom teeth pulled--can't tell you how many horror stories I've heard about wisdom teeth & the pulling thereof. And in her case, her teeth are so bad they're almost horizontal in parts, and the roots of her back teeth grew so crooked that they threatened her nasal cavity and nerves in the jaw DDDDD:

Stuff of nightmares. She's strung out on hydrocodone, ibuprofen, and antibiotics and clutching a bag of ice to her swollen cheeks by now, and I feel horrible eating in front of her because she can't have food she'd have to chew :S We made a run to the store earlier so snatch up all the soup, jello, and yogurt in the joint, but she felt self conscious and hung her hair in her face. My brother's a dick though, and makes fun of her cheeks :(

So On Demand is our master for today, after getting her caght up on the latest Doctor Who eps, and uurrrrrg, why am I starting to like True Blood, guys? *frets* I'll be trying to go about my business and write stuff/do some Warcrafting/whatever and either Sam or John sticks it on and I end up watching it until I catch myself and turn away again. What's up with that? HALP. SEND DOCTORS.

Also watched Young Sherlock Holmes, which was pretty cute ^__^

Light of my life atm: the Stupid Faces of Doctor Who tumblr. Hours of juvenile glee at the expense of Doctor Who? eeeeeexcellent.
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Oh hey, it's been a while~

Haven't posted simply for the fact that not a lot has been going on, which is absolutely fine by me. The end of the semester meant I finally get some uncomplicated me-time, so naturally there's been a lot of Warcraft and contemplation of rewatching Life on Mars for my first project of the summer!

Problem is, I think I need to get away from the internet/internet-related activity for a while, because I'm really not having any semblance of fun anymore. Between the insulting, utterly frustrating dungeon groups day-to-day in WoW to utterly disgusting, faux "feminist" discussion in a Doctor Who comm to character bashing in another DW comm, I don't care to read about other peoples' opinions. Or particularly enamored of any idea that states that liking one set of characters automatically means I must bash another set, but whatever. Even switching to a different fandom comm is flawed, because it's trading one evil for another, if lesser evil, but it seems no matter where I go, I can't just enjoy a damn show :|

This relates to WoW in that I am forced to avoid people in order to enjoy myself, and that's counter-intuitive to the community aspect of both an MMO and fandom. I'm not interested in anonymous unhappy people being unhappy and making other anonymous people unhappy. I'm equally disinterested in utter dicks griefing others and trolling and bringing people down. Having been a victim of it lately, I'm just very sad and disappointed.

More sadness in that Grandma has gone to her other home for pretty much the whole summer, so I won't be seeing her for months and months :( A little bit of a relief too, because, I LOVE her to pieces, but she's the type that hovers and makes me anxious sometimes. But Dad's coming up once his school's year is done with, at the end of this week, so I'll have my daddy around all summer :)

Played and beat Alan Wake all in one sitting yesterday--OMG SO FRUSTRATING. I can't say it's because I'm not used to XBox 360 controls, because I'm fucking kick ass at playing Mass Effect 2, but the controls were getting me down something fierce. If much of your survival wasn't so dependent on dodging incoming flying axes and floating like a butterfly when you're utterly and hopelessly outnumbered, I wouldn't have been so bothered, but it was so frustrating and I wasn't in the best state to give it many chances when I died in certain points over and over, so Sean picked up the gameplay after I raged early on. The storytelling is really good, though, and I hope it doesn't take the developer another five/six years to put out a sequel XD
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The week before finals, naturally not a lot of classes are going to have tons to do other than review, or, rather, give us the rundown of what you need to review for. Funny that my first and earliest class of the day also ended up having the shortest runtime, so I found myself with 3 1/2 hours to kill. Naturally the only thing to do is cruise up to the movie theater and see Iron Man 2 again, amirite?


Just as the previews are starting, I get a call from brother mine asking me where I am, and who answers "the movie theater" when you're supposed to be in class, a week before finals?

"In class, John," said I, using my Unimpressed Sibling voice.

He stutters a bit, then says, "Alright, just checking in. See ya later." And hangs up.

My windshield wipers are messed with and sticking in odd directions when I get back to my car, with a note reading "John was here", lol. Can't get away with much where my brother is concerned XD cool story bro, I know.

Anyways, I wish I had a HD screencap hoard for IM2 as I do for the first one, because all the manipulated holographs and engineering pr0nz just appeals to my techie heart. )

I'm pretty interested to see if the type tangibility introduced in IM can be brought to the other Marvel films, particularly Thor, since he's easily the most supernatural out of the Avengers. You wouldn't think that a Norse god of thunder could logically exist in the same space as the tech-driven Tony Stark in a way that won't give people in the movieverse pause, much less the audience. I'm sure Captain America's transformation via the super soldier program is a lot easier to buy than and actualfax god. Even a radioactive spider bite :P

For more funtimes: the Dude took a bunch of pictures while on the set of the first Iron Man movie, and kindly posted them right here for our enjoyment :D

lastly, unrelated to the Iron Man spam, I am obsessed with this song, and not just because I want to live in Chicago. Gorgeous song *happy sigh*
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Happy April Fool's Day, everyone! if you haven't seen it, [ profile] ontd_political pulled a pretty damn good one over us XD

EDIT: OMG AWESOME PRANK COURTESY OF BLIZZARD. My sexy draenei paladin has gained a little weight XD

also, it's Nice Secret Day on [ profile] fandomsecrets. IT IS AMAZING.

This week's been more stressful that I like so far, really starting last Wednesday. My Macroeconomics professor had the genius idea of having a paper due the class immediately after we get back from Spring Break--something which I couldn't have done anyway because all my assignment information was in my notebook, and I accidentally left that underneath my desk at my midterm D: --and anyways can you imagine how THAT was? I felt like my eyeballs were going to dry up and fall out of my head, it was so tedious ;__; But upon finding that less than half the class had remembered to do the assignment (having been preoccupied with midterms), he pushed it back to yesterday, and I am very fortunate, as it counts for 15% of our grade.

That's the only academic complaint I can throw out, thankfully, aside from my others just being exceedingly boring that it's hard for me to just not skip them altogether. If I don't get to start doing more biology/medical classes soon, I'm going tear my hair (all too short) hair out.

Family corner: uncles are idiots, the end.

John and Sam and I watched Sherlock Holmes on DVD and John did not mock it endlessly, therefore I am content with the knowledge that I can influence him through movies and TV shows (namely Supernatural, mwahahaha). They spoke so fast at times that John needed subtitles on [insert dumb American who can't understand his own language joke here]. I don't blame John though, it took me a couple rewinds at points, too, even if I do have more of an ear for British accents than he does (although I know BBC programs are not exactly representative as a whole :P).

And today SciFi (I refuse to call it SyFy) is having a Merlin marathon--season 1, ahhhhh that's the stuff, kneewalking and stocks and the fearsome foursome :) I didn't haaaaate season 2, but the dodgy characterizations did get to me after a bit. Here's to hoping season 3 will fix some stuff? Obviously it'll be awesome having Morgana as a badass sorceress along with Morgause, but I hope Arthur finally figures out Merlin :|

Oh shit, episode two now! Swordfighting and Colin Morgan's awkward adorableness and motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking shield!
Soooo that was fun last night. St. Patrick's Day consisted of a very nice meal, with some not so nice conversation about the approximate level of idiocy and douchebaggery my uncles currently possess, some (and for my part, too much) vodka & orange juice (that did not, in fact, get me hung over, but I did spend maybe a minute hugging porcelain this morning), and one of said uncles coming over last night after dinner to slander my dad's name and say he's being unreasonable about his portion of the will, which my brother took offense to and went right upstairs to tell him basically "fuck you, you lying SOB". SO.

I'm really just upset that Chester A) tried to pose the idea that my dad's the aggressor in any way/shape/form, and B) he tried to do it on St. Patrick's, when most people on the planet get drunk and make bad decisions--he was deliberately trying to catch grandma out and get on her good side so she'll put him first on the list for her house when she dies.

Sigh. All I know is both me and John have washed our hands of our uncles, we did some drinking to drown out our sorrows for a little while, and watched the Anaheim Ducks win a great game.

It's a terrible feeling, but sometimes it's hard not to be cynical. sorry Coco :(

EDIT: whoops almost forgot, Iero babies HURRAY. Teeny little balls of self destruction? Yes please.
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WHY DO JOURNALS WHICH I CAN'T FREAKING READ KEEP FRIENDING ME? I can;t even figure out what language it is (guessing Eastern European/Russia or thereabouts), but all I know is there's symbols I can't read and I've got like three friending me which I have not friended back, because I'm worried about journal security after those issues last year. HALP.

It's spring break! :) Obvs I'm not the type to got out to Cancun and flash my boobs at Joe Rogan's cameras, so I'm probably just going to end up hanging out with my friends more and work on the SERIOUSLY WONDERFUL new Final Fantasy ^__^ The story is completely engrossing, new revamped battle system rocks the house, there are beautiful, kickass ladies hey there, surging number of girlcrushes *__* My Warcraft account is feeling kind of neglected because of it, but there's very little I can do other than raise my baby shaman anyway >.>

Another small update on the will situation: basically, will says house that Papa lived in and his car go to my dad, Chester says Paul should get both because "He's not getting anything" from the will, Dad calls bullshit, has a lawyer check out the will, finds they both legally belong to Dad, so his brothers can suck it. At best, Dad will let Paul stay there and make him pay rent, but Paul's got too much pride to end up paying my dad anything, so I don't know! Things are looking quite bright :)
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Update! Dad got a copy of his father's will, which, depending on interpretation, says the home Papa was staying in and the Jetta he owned (both of which are currently in use by my d-bag uncle Paul) go to my dad, but no word on the family house that Dad really wants.

So, it's likely that house will still be sold off, things are looking brighter for Dad, but not from my perspective, as such. We knew Paul was a backstabbing son of a bitch, but Chester wasn't doing us any favors by his interpretation of the will. Basically: it was a good thing Dad requested and received a copy of the will as soon as he could, because there was no telling what kind of whacked deals Paul would have bullied him into otherwise.

WTF, family?


Started an elemental-specced shaman on my Warcraft account, already lvl 41 (using hierloom gear) after about three days of hard playing with her :) 'Tis very unfortunate that it's one of the least-played classes because they are FUN, but maybe since they refined the totem cast-mechanics, there might be more players willing to take the dive, and maybe with Cataclysm and DWARF SHAMMIES (♥).

On my way to do an application for a local bakery in a few minutes :) In the meantime, contemplating the correlation between movies which contain baby!Robert Downey Jr. that have Danny Elfman/Oingo Boingo on the soundtracks. This trend is most pleasing.
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Ahhh, it's downer update time, is it?

yup, it is )

How fucking slimy are the people in my family, christ. I am so fucking sad right now. There's one that's happy, and Paul's reaping the benefits, because he doesn't know how to be a decent person and not feel entitled and not screw his family over.
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Update on my grandpa )

So I've got tea and a mood to fix some things, personal failings to other people and cynicism I should have left by the wayside a long time ago. Wood from burnt bridges doesn't hold up well, but I've got no other materials to work with.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

so the grandmother being back in the house while tax season gets itself over and done with isn't the greatest thing in the world. I love her and all, but she does get to putting herself in charge of anyone's life who'll let her, and gets pissed if she's told to back off a little. Bottom line is no, I'm not going to let her go through my dresser and throw away all the clothes she doesn't like/that have holes/whatever and replace them with stuff she buys just because she wants me to. There's a reason I buy the clothes I do (comfort), and it's certainly not because I want to impress anyone, least of all at college. I may not have a thing to my name, but the sooner she figures out I'm an adult, the better.
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Okay, NO. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate portmanteaus? When your icon/graphics post includes something I that makes me stop and think hard about what freaking pairing your talking about bc of the weird name smash your diseased mind came up with, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. Simplify things a bit.

For the past five days or so, we've been living in a, uh, rather unprivileged style. The pump which shuttles all that goes down the drains connected to the downstairs got busted, just from old age, so we had to shut off all the water and use only the sinks and shower and whatnot upstairs, waiting for a local plumber to get the parts that were needed.

I might be a little irrational, just because I didn't want to have to shower in the same place Annoying Uncle Paul™ does, or have to go upstairs and risk having to listen to him talk about absolutely nothing. But really, what was worse was having that sewage smell every night I went to sleep and every morning I woke up -__- Even worse than having all the dishes kind of pile up on the kitchen counter cuz we couldn't wash them.

I am Dean in this gif.


But we got a call and hopefully that means it'll be getting fixed today *crosses fingers*
This is cheering me up something fierce

ILU, Hitler Reacts meme *draws little hearts*

Ahoy! It's been a few days, and when you're antisocial with the internet, you know it's something :) I've just been playing WoW like a madwoman, trying to get my baby paladin all grown up--she's likely to hit 80 today :D I kind of put myself on the hook for becoming one my guild's tanks, not that I mind. We have an excess of dps and heals (EXCESS OF HEALS. WHEN DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN), but they're mostly priest-y and druid-y heals, so there's room for my buddy Sean to carve out a Resto shaman spot, and I'm contemplating dropping Retribution for Holy, since I'm just about done with leveling, and I can survive and kill things just fine as Protection. And I can guarantee myself a spot in PuGs and raids by being able to either tank or heal, so it's very appealing :D I'd need to do some research first, though; got no idea what stats are important to Holy paladins.

more Warcraft geekery )

Nikki! Next time you're on Nieniin let me know so I can get you an invite to the guild! We heart hunters in OWL ;) I've been neglecting you and our little belves, I AM SO SORRY ;____;

My paid account time is going to be up soon (oh noessss), so I don't know if I'm going to renew it, in my financial state. I'd hate to have ads all over the place, and my icon whorish tendencies will be most displeased, but c'est la vie :)

Kay, so it's raining, and due to a design flaw in how my house was build, with enough of it, the floor downstairs will fucking FLOOD after a good, oh, four solid days of heavy rain. It's been bone dry before today, though the rain's pretty light and set to last all week. All the same, I'm on Flood Watch *salute*
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GIP, because the second edition of Rusty's book is giving us unexpected treats and [ profile] renestarko is a GODDESS. Also, hi, I stopped being stupidly oversensitive and people stopped being so mean to Ten, so I rejoined [ profile] doctoreleven (the gif posts were a big part of it), cuz they're on top of Eleven & Amy news like whoa.

So today's my brother's birthday; we're January babies XD I bought him and Ryan and me breakfast, then cruised on home for a good round of Beatles RB. He seemed a little sad, before Ryan showed up at the café, and maybe it was just because Sam had to work and couldn't be there with us, but I'm sure he'll be feeling less down when we go down to see our dad. He's planning on taking us out to celebrate our birthdays at the same time, haha. Going to attempt to cajole my family into seeing Sherlock Holmes with me, because all I've seen of the movie are gifs and ads, but I have the urge to watch the shit out of that movie. Probably bc of Robert Downey Jr's smartass ways :D

Yeah, I'm gonna be gone all this weekend, so be cool my bbs. I leave you with a gif that combines two of my great loves: Doctor Who and World of Warcraft (lulz)

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From the other side of my twenty first birthday, I say helloooo! :)

T'was successful in that I: did not hurl, did not get a hang over, did not pass out, did not end up strangling Chester, Paul, OR Aunt Toni.

In case you were wondering, three margaritas on the rocks, and no, I was not carded XD

the new semester starts up next week D: Not that I'm not psyched to have more stuff to do right now, but I'm at the point where I want to skip the general education and just jumps straight to my nursing major material :| Also, not that happy to be dropping what I predict will be, oh, upwards of four hundred dollars, since the classes were a little over three hundred, and the books usually cost more than the classes, whyyyy.

so someone posted an adorable, dialogue-free short that David Tennant was in, that I did not previously know existed, and I may have had a heart attack of cute. if you need a lift in your day, this is it:

and finally a hearty HELLO to all the crazy awesome Doctor Who fans that friended me at the party post yesterday--you guys seriously rock and made my birthday ten times more wonderful!
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Contemplating joining [ profile] fandomsmash as the Fifth Doctor at the behest of my [ profile] batmanboxers, even though I've never RPed before. It's a little scary, and I'm worried I won't be in character or that I won't recognize some people from other fandoms, aieeee. idk, idk, I'm thinking about it, but I like the idea of playing Five :D

There's two vastly different parties planning to get me good and drunk tomorrow, but my uncle Paul has taken it upon himself to make plans without asking me first, so he gets it in his head that I'm coming with him and my uncle Chester, with John and Sam and possibly our friend Ryan Miller invited to come along, which is okay? Just no. One: Where does he get off making plans without me when it's my birthday?

Two: How awkward is this going to be? Very -__- I can hardly be around my uncles because of sheer obnoxiousness, and I really just wanted this to be a young persons' night on the town. It's going to be uncomfortable, anything involving Paul usually is, but I'm also worried that he only made Chester come because Paul doesn't have a job and has the opportunity to get drunk on his brother's dime, and Chester is likely indifferent to my birthday. The whole situation has got me making this face:

And because partly I'm indecisive and partly I don't want to offend anyone, I'm not going to say anything, and it'd be a pretty big dick move for me to exclude my uncles, of all people.

But Sam is saying that when we go down and visit my dad this upcoming weekend, he says he'll take us all out to dinner so we can celebrate my brother's and my birthdays at the same time.

Nevermind that I might want to go out with my friends at some point. My buddy Karen is already planning on taking me to Cheesecake Factory cuz she says they have delicious drinks. So if I get yummy drinks and cheesecake, consider me a happy girl :)

Whoops, almost forgot to mention, I'm really in love with this painting of the Doctor. Seriously lovely work <3
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*finishes listening to "Death in Blackpool"*


Big Finish spoilers, Zygons and Time Lords and humans, oh my! )

Grr. Listening to the extras with Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith being adorable together is cheering me up something fierce, but I WILL NOT FORGET THIS BETRAYAL, BIG FINISH *shakes fist*

The house was a bit empty and sad over the weekend because John and Sam were out, but they came back with French apple pie from Julian ^__^ I wish they would have asked me to come. It was probably snowing and it's been ages since I've seen snow.

Right, so 60 degrees is excuse enough for me to snuggle down with my Tom Baker scarf. I'm going to finish putting together some cards and gifts, stuff I need to send out :D At this rate, they'll be more like New Year's gifts, haha.


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