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Okay, no matter what you think of politics at the moment


This is great if only because I want to see the right wing's collective, hopelessly swollen head explode.
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Barack Hussein Obama, you magnificent bastard. I knew I skipped biology for a reason.

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So many things happening lately! Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman dating, Pete and Ashlee being ~classy as fuck, David Carradine found dead--odd mixture of topics I know, but what the hell is happening these days? The world is a strange place to live in at the mo.

On a completely different note, I've been on facebook a lot more lately than I have in the past. It's a bittersweet sort of thing. The little suggestions sidebar has been hitting up a lot of my old friends in marching band, people I haven't talked to in nearly two years.

It makes me feel guilty. I always wanted to keep in touch with my friends after I left, even the ones I wasn't super connected to, but just had fun hanging out with. Some pangs are worse than others, when I think of some that I felt so stomach-twistingly affectionate of, and our communication just dissolved over time.

The freshman I adopted is graduating this year, and I really want to attend the ceremony, which is. Awfully sentimental of me (and who am I kidding, I'm the most sentimental person I know). Hell, I didn't even go to my graduation, and I never wanted to go to another because I remember how miserable it is to sit on the field in the afternoon sunlight in formal wear, playing Pomp And Circumstance a million billion times over while seven or eight hundred odd new adults waltz up to grab their diplomas.

I digress. I miss him an awful lot, though. The last time I spent any significant amount of time with him, we were at a concert with two other friends, and he left the sweetest note in my yearbook ever. And no, I didn't fall for him (I'm starting to think I'm incapable of it), but every time I think about how we've lost touch, I want to cry a little.

kk, gonna go check the weather forecast to figure out what I'm gonna wear in New Yoooork, then I have to catch up on Conan (YES, I AM SO GLAD CONAN IS BACK!!!!) and see the vid of Obama's speech in Cairo...
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Snuggled down with a cup of coffee and MSNBC. How are you this wonderful morning?
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Getting as much mileage out of this icon as I can in the next twelve hours or so. :D

I'm not going to miss this administration. At all. Before you say, "BUT WHAT ABOUT TEH LOLS?", might I add that we got PLENTY to go on if the GOP was that hilar in defeat. And if thickly-maned jackasses like Blagojevich keep showing up, we'll be in great shape ^__^ Burris is already shaping up to be everyone's favorite egomaniacal punching bag, so I hope everyone takes a few swings a him.

Tweety is pretty creeptastic with all his overbearing, yet endearing enthusiasm for everything Obama. MSNBC is going to be the stalkerish distant relatives during the new administration; they're already following Malia's and Sasha's lunch menus, for pete's sake D: STOP IT, GUYS. RIGHT THE HELL NOW. SOMEWHERE IN NEW YORK, JON STEWART IS HATING YOU MOARRR.

Lastly, a short compilation of Jon's Bush impressions. How can something so bad be so good?

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I feel strangely vindicated by this whole Rick Warren situation. Don't get me wrong, I hate the guy's homophobic, anti-choice guts (and my views on Obama & Warren & The Situation are fantastically expressed by the great writer and satirist John Hodgman, which I will post under the cut).

What I'm referring to is the minor, but shameful revolt against one Miss Rachel Maddow, post Mike Huckabee interview, by a surprisingly considerable portion of the LGBT community.

Pam's House Blend, I'm looking at you.

My perverse sense of satisfaction sprouts from Rachel's sad, utterly disappointed segment on the selection of Warren yesterday (sidenote: MASSIVE love for teh Gavin, hope he wins his supposed gubernatorial campaign) and her coverage of some of the awful things Warren has said on today's show--comparing homosexuality to incest, pedophilia, and polygamy, banning unrepentant homosexuals from joining his church--and thinking one thing.

I hope you're happy, gays who threw Rachel under the bus after she chose not to take on Huckabee for his homophobic views.

While I'm not thrilled with Obama's choice on this, I obviously still support him, but don't count on him to champion gay marriage )
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Dear god, Bill ORLY just called Obama and Rahmbo patriots for both having a fantastic sense of humor (re: Barack roasting Rahm in 2005). AM I IN BIZARRO WORLD? DOES ORLY REALLY HAVE A CRUSH ON BARACK?
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I know I've been spamming a bit lately, but this was too hilar to keep to myself

Read more... )

And besides Obama, can you spot the best part of this picture?

Read more... )
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idgaf if you hate Coldplay, this is adorable :-) And Chris's handwriting is funky and awesome


BARACK to the FUTURE >>>>>
A note from Atlanta: November 5th 2008

A great great great day.

Barack Obama is elected and all feels right with the world. It's pretty amazing to be in America while it's all going on and we are grateful to be here. We hope you are well wherever you are.

The band Coldplay

Yes we did

Nov. 6th, 2008 05:15 am
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This is mostly for Jen, but come on in and check out the JOY.

Jeeeeen! I know I promised you screencaps from the Indecision 2008 special, but I haven't had time yet, so I'm doing that today or tomorrow. Instead, for the moment, I give you Jon & Stephen being overwhelmed as Jon announces that Obama is the winner <3 Stephen and his wee tears and his desperately trying to stay in character! Jon's faaaaace.

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Obama's going to be on The Daily Show tomorrow! Fwee!




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