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More health stuff, woooo.

Got a doctor's appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning, so with any luck there'll be a light at the end of the tunnel at this digestive system ruckus. I made a bunch of changes to what I was eating today in the hopes that my system wouldn't rebel, but unfortunately there was still some gagging going on when I tried to eat my oatmeal and some mini wheats later :(

But! Remember that college stuff that I was so freaking out about? Mostly it was because I was so concerned about making some damn progress after so long of being unsure what the heck I was supposed to do and how many credits do I need and what in the everloving hell is IGETC. All until about two days ago, when the BFF and I sat down and talked out my anxieties about school for about four hours and decided to see if we could find some of this out for ourselves instead of the magnificently useless counselors not telling me anything I want to know.

Instead of finding out just exactly what I need, I found out that if I switch it from nursing (need another four years of work on that at the very least) to medical assisting (administrative or clinical, whichever I want) and take the remaining three core classes that will be open this summer before picking a specialization, I can get the credits & required classes I need for an associate's degree AND be done with the major classes for medical assisting & get a certification or degree in as little as one and a half to two years :D

GUYS AN END TO THE ROAD IS IN SIGHT. No more amorphous bullshit, no more not knowing what the hell I'm taking classes toward. I have a clear goal and two degrees waiting for me at the end of it. I don't have to go anywhere else for it, I don't have to transfer, I don't need to pay through the nose for tuition, and I can be marketable for a job and get set up for a career, and if I ever wanted to go back and do nursing I could afford it. What the hell. This is the best news in a long, long time.


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Feb. 9th, 2012 08:38 pm
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Whew, so. Re: last entry, I have exactly one friend that I've vehemently held on to since high school and still see him frequently, both of us altering our schedules on a regular basis just to hang out with each other more. And he came home from work tonight and let me sob and whinge and cry all over his couch, then proceeded to outline that his degree and his education have actually done very little in the process of getting him his current job, that a lot of it was sheer, dumb luck and the fretting I've been doing over mine is overwrought in some aspects, and at worst, is combining my intense anxiety with the nasty bit of stomach virus I have to make my life a physical living hell.

So yeah. We both agreed that talking to a counselor first would be the best possible start, then gave me some insight into job hunting, student loans, the never-ending, oft-difficult pathways of taking the classes one needs to Get Shit Done, and basically yeah, he talked me down from the ledge because he's some kind of fucking analysis guru that can figure out my shit better than I can I am so grateful for his existence.

Then he gave me some tums, made me tea, and we called out sick to our WoW raid so we could watch anime and have some time to unwind. He's seriously the best. I realize that the road ahead going to be shitty and there are built in spots where I'm going to slip, and my family is going to be a pain in the ass with their foot tapping on when the heck ever I'm going to be getting my AA, but you know what? That's fine. They can wait. I'm doing this at my pace and I've found the fire lit under my butt to do it. I'm going to sleep better tonight than I did last night, that's for sure.
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Guess who has two thumbs and just finished her final exam for the semester?

*points* THIS GIRL!




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Being a member of ONTD bore more unexpected fruit than excellent gifs! Welcoming [ profile] jomadge and [ profile] ember_top_hat20 to my little slice of the internet machine, do find a comfy chair and make yourselves at home :)

WEIRD DREAM TUESDAY: Very odd dream in which I was Sherlock Holmes, only I (he) lived in my (and in my actual) house and took clients in modern time, while they were still dressed in Victorian fashion O__o Also, for some reason, I was in drag, unrecognizable as Holmes but for the fact that I was taking a case (and that twisted dream logic that makes things fact no matter how bizarre and contradictory), and I looked like Christina Aguilara. Yeah, I don't even know. I DON'T LISTEN TO CHRISTINA AGUILARA. My brain is a very strange place...

As of today, I have two finals out of the way! :D I already have my final grade for music theory: B- only because I couldn't do a concert report assignment on account of my being a broke ass girl at the time it was due (before my tax return got back, FUUUUUU). But I aced both finals (don't have the result for the maths one yet, but I feel it in mah bones) so yeah, I'm feeling pretty pimptastic right now :)



Grandma loved last night's House :| She came downstairs this morning squeeing about how ~*HOUSE AND CUDDY ADMITTED THEIR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER*~ and then I died a little more on the inside.


Oh Amaretto bender, why could you not dull the pain!? *melodramatic sigh* I'll just think of the season ender as a comedy, because hysterical laughter is better than utter loss of faith in writers as a whole (because really, if such great writers can fall this far? I fear for the species.)
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New layout! Do check it out: [ profile] vinylsigns[ profile] vinylsigns[ profile] vinylsigns

FINALS START TODAY D: On the one hand, yay, finally getting this semester out of the way and closer to my associate's, and the other, ugh, testing. Macro is going to be the biggest pain in the ass because of the memorization/regurgitation of info, which I'm actually not as adept at in a testing atmosphere :|

Summer on the horizon, things are looking up ♥
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Happy April Fool's Day, everyone! if you haven't seen it, [ profile] ontd_political pulled a pretty damn good one over us XD

EDIT: OMG AWESOME PRANK COURTESY OF BLIZZARD. My sexy draenei paladin has gained a little weight XD

also, it's Nice Secret Day on [ profile] fandomsecrets. IT IS AMAZING.

This week's been more stressful that I like so far, really starting last Wednesday. My Macroeconomics professor had the genius idea of having a paper due the class immediately after we get back from Spring Break--something which I couldn't have done anyway because all my assignment information was in my notebook, and I accidentally left that underneath my desk at my midterm D: --and anyways can you imagine how THAT was? I felt like my eyeballs were going to dry up and fall out of my head, it was so tedious ;__; But upon finding that less than half the class had remembered to do the assignment (having been preoccupied with midterms), he pushed it back to yesterday, and I am very fortunate, as it counts for 15% of our grade.

That's the only academic complaint I can throw out, thankfully, aside from my others just being exceedingly boring that it's hard for me to just not skip them altogether. If I don't get to start doing more biology/medical classes soon, I'm going tear my hair (all too short) hair out.

Family corner: uncles are idiots, the end.

John and Sam and I watched Sherlock Holmes on DVD and John did not mock it endlessly, therefore I am content with the knowledge that I can influence him through movies and TV shows (namely Supernatural, mwahahaha). They spoke so fast at times that John needed subtitles on [insert dumb American who can't understand his own language joke here]. I don't blame John though, it took me a couple rewinds at points, too, even if I do have more of an ear for British accents than he does (although I know BBC programs are not exactly representative as a whole :P).

And today SciFi (I refuse to call it SyFy) is having a Merlin marathon--season 1, ahhhhh that's the stuff, kneewalking and stocks and the fearsome foursome :) I didn't haaaaate season 2, but the dodgy characterizations did get to me after a bit. Here's to hoping season 3 will fix some stuff? Obviously it'll be awesome having Morgana as a badass sorceress along with Morgause, but I hope Arthur finally figures out Merlin :|

Oh shit, episode two now! Swordfighting and Colin Morgan's awkward adorableness and motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking shield!
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From the other side of my twenty first birthday, I say helloooo! :)

T'was successful in that I: did not hurl, did not get a hang over, did not pass out, did not end up strangling Chester, Paul, OR Aunt Toni.

In case you were wondering, three margaritas on the rocks, and no, I was not carded XD

the new semester starts up next week D: Not that I'm not psyched to have more stuff to do right now, but I'm at the point where I want to skip the general education and just jumps straight to my nursing major material :| Also, not that happy to be dropping what I predict will be, oh, upwards of four hundred dollars, since the classes were a little over three hundred, and the books usually cost more than the classes, whyyyy.

so someone posted an adorable, dialogue-free short that David Tennant was in, that I did not previously know existed, and I may have had a heart attack of cute. if you need a lift in your day, this is it:

and finally a hearty HELLO to all the crazy awesome Doctor Who fans that friended me at the party post yesterday--you guys seriously rock and made my birthday ten times more wonderful!
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We've had rain forecast for the previous two and upcoming three days, but finally we had some last night. This gets in the way of mine and my grandmother's morning walks, sure, but I'm glad of it as opposed to months of bone-dry weather, and it's so much more pleasant with the moisture

I've been terribly remiss in my Doctor Who Big Finish listenings. Currently up to "The Scapegoat" and thoughts so far are entirely these: EIGHT SPEAKING FRENCH NRRGGGHHH, major lol @ Lucie looking for Ewan McGregor in Montmarte, and WHOA, Big Finish is more gruesome than either Classic or New Who BY FAR. I am excite! I've missed both Eight and Five terribly ^__^


Have I ever mentioned my love for tumblr? If for nothing else, it has brought us keyboard cat Dhani!

More studying for finals today! I'll be thinking longingly of you all while sipping Starbucks and breaking my head over my lecture notes with my classmates -__-
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Heh, with all the posting yesterday my bandwidth got wiped out, yech XD I blame ONTD Vanilla. I was kind of sad that the post at [ profile] ontd_beatles wasn't as epic as the George post--John's a lot more polarizing than George ever was, I suppose. I hate that I had to leave halfway through and come back because of finals, but such is life! After such a downer day, though, I come bringing happy :)

Paul ♥

I've got my biology lab final this afternoon, and the lecture final next week! More study group is to be had tonight and Friday night, so I may not be around for a little while. Everyone be good! :P
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Post because I'm like Photobucket @ all the Eleven haters already cropping up, not even having seen him in a finished episode yet.

About Ten's departure, Eleven and throwbacks, no spoilers about The End of Time, seeing as I have no idea what the story is )

My biology teacher has decided to both torture and bless us next week with the THIRD exam in, like four weeks on Monday, in exchange he's taking off Wednesday and I am SO not complaining about it because that's my lab day and I don't feel like spending three hours in a lab when I could be sleeping for once!

I still have a research paper to finish and turn in next week, so I'll just let myself out.
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Holy hell, no Supernatural secrets on [ profile] fandomsecrets today? I am genuinely shocked, gentle viewers.

So, funny thing about the debate I talked about yesterday. It's raining cats and dogs this morning, the kind of rain that when you drive on the highway, you're fucked if you're even slightly behind an adjacent vehicle because their tires will inevitably hike up the water into your windshield and you can't see shit unless you crank the wipers all the way up. Yeah, so that and slow traffic because a cop pulled someone over made me about five minutes late to my debate.

It didn't end up being a huge deal, because our opposition, uh. Didn't show up. Yeah. The point of a debate is to have two sides. How their grades are going to end up, I don't know, because the panels and debates were a huge part of the overall class grade. My research and writing didn't totally go to waste, though. We still presented our information and took questions from classmates, but it was all pretty one sided since no one in that room thought we should actually stay in Iraq. But I was kind of spoiling for a fight, lol.

I want to change up my layout :| I love you Castiel, but change is a good thing. Looking for something Winchester-centric though.

Starting an Xmas list now: Paul McCartney's live in New York DVD, Assassin's Creed II, Dean's silver ring (oh shut up, too fangirly), brownie pudding and vanilla ice cream, Jensen Ackles. Get on that, people :P
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This gif is lighting up my life right now :D WANT STAR TREK ON BLU RAY NAO PLZ.

Sorry for the random, sharp bout of emo in the last post, guys. I kind of had a long night and got to overthinking things. Not to say any of it was untrue or anything, I just don't want to make anyone feel put upon to deal with my shit, heh.

Had a bio exam today that I had next to no clue about. It's those kind of exams that really piss you off, yanno, the ones that test on really specific, obscure information that makes sure you read the book, but the kind of stuff that even if you did read the book, it wouldn't occur to you to remember? Yeah.

Get a debate on the Iraq War tomorrow, which should be fun. The first debate (gay marriage. I live in the most conservative county in California, so you can imagine how that was) just about ended in a knock down drag out brawl, so I can't wait for this shit.

SUPERNATURAL FEN: anyone have a gif of Sam cleaning out the hunters' clocks from 5.03? I need that in gif form BADLY.
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[mood|Photobucket sad]
[music|omg why am I crying to Snow Patrol? ;__;]

Doctor Who fans out there: there was a DW love meme on LJ not too long ago; I don't remember much about it except that it encompassed all eras and on the first page someone said FIVE and there were a bunch of people squeeing about Five. Can anyone link me up?

In a very strange place right now, mentally anyway. Can't say why because I'm not sure myself, but no matter. Still a trifle sick, but I'm getting over it. Today was the last day of the semester, last final I had to take. By the end of it I wasn't sure/didn't care what kind of tools were developed by early hominids, so I was taking wild stabs in the dark, but overall I think I did pretty well for not paying attention for the second half of the semester whilst doodling the weighted companion cube in my notebook :D Well. That's not fair. I wrote down pretty much everything the professor said, but studying it and absorbing it is another thing entirely. Or, uh, two. things. Whatever. But this all means I can embark on securing a second job to build monies for the Epic Roadtrip of Wonderfulness (I will always find a different verb every time I mention it now) this summer. GO GO GADGET SUMMER JOB.

Guess what came in the mail yesterday? A cooling pad for my laptop! \o/ I've been having problems with the heat for the past couple weeks, since California has decided to go all Tartarus on us, but I ended up ordering one off Amazon to aid me in my crusade to keep a laptop for over one year -__- It's made of light metal and has three well-placed fans and plenty of room to air out while remaining comfortable, so I'm really stoked about it. The only two things I've got to work on is paying back Sean and working on extending the battery life of the lappy. And if I just happen to be calling it Jarvis, it's all Tony Stark's fault.

Also, Iron Man has caused me to have a bit of a Robert Downey Jr. renaissance, but I realized I only have one movie he was in (Chaplin--FANTASTIC movie, btw, if anyone gets a chance to watch it). This saddens me greatly.

Doctor Who and me being a bit of a sappy, crying mess )

Back to my Five binge!

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[mood|Photobucket lazy]
[music|Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a Spider Pig does]

w00t! Saw Iron Man again today, and, in a sweeping gesture of generosity and end-of-the-semester goodness, I paid for mine and three other peoples' tickets. Not as bad as you'd think because it was all matinee, and it was nice to have a group to go to the movies with. My brother John won't say why he only kind of liked the movie, but my working theory is that he felt threatened by Tony Stark's facial hair.

Aaaaand I've got two paragraphs in which I must compare two different cultural thingamabobbers, one in English and one in French, and two separate short-answer essays for psych I have to turn in tomorrow and roughly, oh, three and a half hours in which to do them. Wish me luck :-P
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-ology meme, stolen from [ profile] rhombal

herrrre! )

Broke down and finally bought a new charger for my Powerbook today--85 bucks. My soul hurt a little after that, but then I found Hot Fuzz on sale for $10 and my day brightened considerably. Also, my battery life will no longer be complete shite \o/

Sidenote: semi-unpopular opinion of the day: Hot Fuzz > Shaun of the Dead. OH IT SAID IT.

I've delayed asking my dad if our Epic Roadtrip would be alright by him, pretty much because I'm terrified he'll say no and I'll be completely crushed. But then again, he won't be around at the time of the trip, so I'm just thinking of saying "fuck it" and doing it anyway. I'm already planning on picking up a second job once the semester ends in May, so we'll see how it works out.

Speaking of class, I've got to finish (and by finish, I mean get off my lazy and and start) a music ethnography on my brother (lol) and have it done and ready to present by Tuesday--nothing huge, just enough interview material and analysis to fill four minutes or so and then presenting a music sample and everything will be just peachy. I think I'll actually be a unique little snowflake since everyone else is either doing some form of local punk or the Hallelujah fare from the churches they go to, and since John plays in blues jazz and rock ensembles (on trombone), I'll bring ~flavor ^__^

EDIT It was yesterday, but happy birthday David Tennant, you adorable Scottish bastard ♥

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Quickie update: got a midterm done on Thursday, and I pretty much felt like I kicked its ass, woo! Two more coming up on Monday and Tuesday, one of which is a sketch/dialogue in French -__- I'm off to study for my world music midterm and write the concert review I still need to do ;__;

Re: new Panic at the Disco songs: 1) Brendon's voice has gotten so pretty and he finally shows some flexibility with it other than shouting or whispering ^__^ 2) SHUT UP RYAN ROSS. ♥

I know it's sad that I never gave a damn about the weather,
And it never gave a damn about me.
I know it's sad that I never gave a damn about the weather,
And it never gave a damn about me.
No, it never gave a damn about me.

EDIT That's totally a good shut up. For real.
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[mood| drained]
[music|Love never wanted me, but I took it anyway]

Been feeling a bit better today, but lazy, in any case. It's extremely difficult to listen to my Lifecycle Growth & Development professor when she's just talking for three hours (twenty minute break) and she's already given us the notes that she's reading right off of. Fortunately for me, I tuned her out in favor of doodling in purple ink and writing fic in my head \o/ Five points for me.

Cold and overcast today, perfect to snuggle up on the couch with my laptop, a blanket, socks and sweater and let the creative juices flow. Planning on getting some orange chicken and chow mein tomorrow and doing the same thing, so stayed tuned to this space and you might see some stuff :-)


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