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Oh fuck you, NBC. If this is true, this is officially the biggest dick move in TV history. Conan, honey, go back to New York with your bbs Jon and Stephen, and for fucksake, please get on my TV again soon? I'll miss you.
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The Conan O'Brien/Jay Leno debacle, or Sara is equal parts LITERALLY ANGRY WITH RAGE and ~SHAKING AND CRYING~


So according to TMZ, who's been right on the nose with this from the start:this paragraph crits for over nine thousand!!! )

Hey you know what else is cool? Getting a call form the local post office and having them tell you that they misplaced your package and just found it, weeks after you put it in to be shipped to another country. Yeah.
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So many things happening lately! Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman dating, Pete and Ashlee being ~classy as fuck, David Carradine found dead--odd mixture of topics I know, but what the hell is happening these days? The world is a strange place to live in at the mo.

On a completely different note, I've been on facebook a lot more lately than I have in the past. It's a bittersweet sort of thing. The little suggestions sidebar has been hitting up a lot of my old friends in marching band, people I haven't talked to in nearly two years.

It makes me feel guilty. I always wanted to keep in touch with my friends after I left, even the ones I wasn't super connected to, but just had fun hanging out with. Some pangs are worse than others, when I think of some that I felt so stomach-twistingly affectionate of, and our communication just dissolved over time.

The freshman I adopted is graduating this year, and I really want to attend the ceremony, which is. Awfully sentimental of me (and who am I kidding, I'm the most sentimental person I know). Hell, I didn't even go to my graduation, and I never wanted to go to another because I remember how miserable it is to sit on the field in the afternoon sunlight in formal wear, playing Pomp And Circumstance a million billion times over while seven or eight hundred odd new adults waltz up to grab their diplomas.

I digress. I miss him an awful lot, though. The last time I spent any significant amount of time with him, we were at a concert with two other friends, and he left the sweetest note in my yearbook ever. And no, I didn't fall for him (I'm starting to think I'm incapable of it), but every time I think about how we've lost touch, I want to cry a little.

kk, gonna go check the weather forecast to figure out what I'm gonna wear in New Yoooork, then I have to catch up on Conan (YES, I AM SO GLAD CONAN IS BACK!!!!) and see the vid of Obama's speech in Cairo...
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Not gonna lie, guys, I think I kind of love Jimmy Fallon as the new Late Night host :O

Sure, he's nervous as hell (who wouldn't be) and overcompensating for it with enthusiasm, and I wasn't crazy about his delivery, but those are things that can be worked out with time. Hell, Conan sucked for the first couple years, and he had the benefit of a sidekick. Although, Jimmy has The motherfucking ROOTS as his house band, therefore, I must give major props.

And, y'know, fuck if I didn't LOVE the news slow jam :D AWWW YEEAAAAHHH. That was a little bit of brilliance right there.

Having De Niro as his first guest did not do him any favors, but Justin Timberlake and Tina Fey and Jon Bon Jovi quickly made up for it. But yeah, De Niro, that's just cruel D:

I wish my work schedule would allow me to watch it live. Alas, Hulu is my god, all praise be to it.
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Everyone catch the fake news hour and related programs last night? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD SEE. Vids cut to save your flist include Stephen's first segment with Conan O'Brien (OH TEH LOLS) and Jon politely beatin gthe bajeezus out of cuddly Evangelical homophobe Mike Huckabee with the logic stick over the subject of gay marriage. Goodtimes.

cut, cut, cut )
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"Yesterday Ashlee Simpson gave birth to a baby boy, and she named him Bronx Mowgli, after the borough in New York city, And the boy in The Jungle Book. Yeah. In a related story, Ashlee Simpson is an idiot."

Ahaha, Conan O'Brien, you are a god.


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