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Oh man, I already geeked about Cataclysm in my last post, but I'm still starry-eyed for it :) I haven't been playing beta much, mostly because the recent patches have resulted in a lot of lag and graphical heavy lifting that my laptop isn't prepared for until I turn down settings, but the lag mostly happens in new areas like Uldum and Twilight Highlands.

From what instances I've done, I appreciate the fact that the DPS actually has to do crowd control. And it'll kill the masses of impatient players who want to rush through and AoE everything down. I'll stand still and let my healers recover mana, and I will sit idly by as idiot DPS go forth and pull. They will wonder why I don't pull the mobs off them, and as they eat dirt I will smile to myself. Farewell, GOGOGOGOGO player, we won't miss ya ;)

Another one I've got preordered, and my brother will go half and half on it with me, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood looks absolutely amazing, with the new solo campaign and multiplayer. The guys at Giant Bomb did a preview of the multiplayer assassination mode, and there's also an official walkthrough gameplay vid under here )

I'm loving the second especially because A) they aren't done with Ezio omgyay, and B) seems random, but I'm getting all tingly from the soundtrack. Jesper Kyd took Dreams of Venice and reworked it into another gorgeous variation, using more percussion and cellos and chorus, hnnggg.

*is a happy clam*
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Oh hey, it's been a while~

Haven't posted simply for the fact that not a lot has been going on, which is absolutely fine by me. The end of the semester meant I finally get some uncomplicated me-time, so naturally there's been a lot of Warcraft and contemplation of rewatching Life on Mars for my first project of the summer!

Problem is, I think I need to get away from the internet/internet-related activity for a while, because I'm really not having any semblance of fun anymore. Between the insulting, utterly frustrating dungeon groups day-to-day in WoW to utterly disgusting, faux "feminist" discussion in a Doctor Who comm to character bashing in another DW comm, I don't care to read about other peoples' opinions. Or particularly enamored of any idea that states that liking one set of characters automatically means I must bash another set, but whatever. Even switching to a different fandom comm is flawed, because it's trading one evil for another, if lesser evil, but it seems no matter where I go, I can't just enjoy a damn show :|

This relates to WoW in that I am forced to avoid people in order to enjoy myself, and that's counter-intuitive to the community aspect of both an MMO and fandom. I'm not interested in anonymous unhappy people being unhappy and making other anonymous people unhappy. I'm equally disinterested in utter dicks griefing others and trolling and bringing people down. Having been a victim of it lately, I'm just very sad and disappointed.

More sadness in that Grandma has gone to her other home for pretty much the whole summer, so I won't be seeing her for months and months :( A little bit of a relief too, because, I LOVE her to pieces, but she's the type that hovers and makes me anxious sometimes. But Dad's coming up once his school's year is done with, at the end of this week, so I'll have my daddy around all summer :)

Played and beat Alan Wake all in one sitting yesterday--OMG SO FRUSTRATING. I can't say it's because I'm not used to XBox 360 controls, because I'm fucking kick ass at playing Mass Effect 2, but the controls were getting me down something fierce. If much of your survival wasn't so dependent on dodging incoming flying axes and floating like a butterfly when you're utterly and hopelessly outnumbered, I wouldn't have been so bothered, but it was so frustrating and I wasn't in the best state to give it many chances when I died in certain points over and over, so Sean picked up the gameplay after I raged early on. The storytelling is really good, though, and I hope it doesn't take the developer another five/six years to put out a sequel XD
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WHY DO JOURNALS WHICH I CAN'T FREAKING READ KEEP FRIENDING ME? I can;t even figure out what language it is (guessing Eastern European/Russia or thereabouts), but all I know is there's symbols I can't read and I've got like three friending me which I have not friended back, because I'm worried about journal security after those issues last year. HALP.

It's spring break! :) Obvs I'm not the type to got out to Cancun and flash my boobs at Joe Rogan's cameras, so I'm probably just going to end up hanging out with my friends more and work on the SERIOUSLY WONDERFUL new Final Fantasy ^__^ The story is completely engrossing, new revamped battle system rocks the house, there are beautiful, kickass ladies hey there, surging number of girlcrushes *__* My Warcraft account is feeling kind of neglected because of it, but there's very little I can do other than raise my baby shaman anyway >.>

Another small update on the will situation: basically, will says house that Papa lived in and his car go to my dad, Chester says Paul should get both because "He's not getting anything" from the will, Dad calls bullshit, has a lawyer check out the will, finds they both legally belong to Dad, so his brothers can suck it. At best, Dad will let Paul stay there and make him pay rent, but Paul's got too much pride to end up paying my dad anything, so I don't know! Things are looking quite bright :)
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It's been a few days, Dad's been better, so I'm doing better, so let's move on, shall we?

I'm terribly disappointed with Bob's departure from MCR, but I'm not going to linger on it, cuz even if it feels like things are falling apart with all my bands, I move past it, I find something positive and bright and fall in love again. I'll miss him like hell, but they're not breaking up. Even if it's not his wrists, there's only so long you can go in a band with that much intensity before you get burned up by it. idk, I've already accepted it, I'm okay.

And there's this game that just came out called Heavy Rain that's not really a game at all. I elaborate. minor spoilers )

Or, have some more HD gameplay

Ugh, uuuugggghhh, I am so in love with Heavy Rain. And there's going to be downloadable content, unf. Please let there be someone else who's played/is going to play this?
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A few notes:
Aww Patrick Wilson
Had to do double, triple, quadruple takes to reassure myself that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is actually wearing a shirt

Anyways. RESIDENT EVIL 5!!1!

YEY. I had to get my copy after work yesterday and me & Sean have been playing the shit out of it. I kind of fear that we're going to beat it really quickly D: Anyways, we're up to Chapter 3-2, I think? Observations so far:
*I miss the art/facial animation style from RE4.
*The weapons upgrading system could be a lot less cumbersome. Why, exactly, can only the first player buy/sell/upgrade stuff?
*Chris' arms a dangerously huge. i feel as though they will explode and little Alien bbs will eat Sheva's face.
*Speaking of Sheva, she's smokin'.
*I'll bet money that the masked woman is Jill.
*Have to be a lot more conservative with ammo because you share it with a partner. It REALLY goes fast, in the midst of a firefight -__- In RE4 you could actually afford to miss a few shots.
*Interesting, how they returned to the old teeny tiny inventory system. And by interesting, clearly I mean FUCKING HELL.
*I miss Leon

For all the little complaints I listed, I really am enjoying myself a lot :D The team play really lessens the horror part of survival horror, and it is a little more sterilized than RE4, but I'll trade the better gameplay in place of atmosphere, once in a while.
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w00t, LJ is unbroken again, so I shall attempt to get things done.


So Dissidia: Final Fantasy gets Gabranth for one of the villains: YAY. Fuckin' A! FFXII represent.

And we get some sort of dwarf gnome thingy from FFXI as the counterpart? What the fucking fuck? Could it have killed them to give us Balthier, or Basch, or hell, I'll even take Vaan, but seriously? No one even plays FFXI: Online -__-
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Okay, uh, I give in?

I feel kinda bad for having been derisive of World of Warcraft players in the past--the ones who got unfairly judged because of the extremes others go to playing it, mind you. But damn, this shit is fun ^__^ I'm not a social player at all, but this might change my mind, as you really don't reach the same levels of excellence without journeying with a friend. WoW, you had me a free ten day trial.

Haven't heard the new FOB album yet, but I kind of don't want to? Inevitably I'll unzip that file in the next day or so, but anyways.
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Being the huge music geek that I am, in addition to my Epic Gamer status, it's come to my attention that there's a terrible lack of video game music in music rec posts. While it may not be as widely accepted as, say, movie soundtracks, much video game music is definitely as legit and is quickly coming into its own as a marketable medium. Partly to fill the gap of vg OST recs, and partly to show you lovelies what I'm listening to right now (and have been for years), I present downloads!
müzak downloads after the jump )

Okay, so I got lazier with the descriptions as I went along, but take if you want! Don't look down your nose, I'M TRYING TO BROADEN HORIZONS, HERE ;-)
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Apologies, but also, apropos of nothing except my last post was also about games, I found a Resident Evil 5 trailer I hadn't seen before ASLDUKFHBVNALEIUFKHJVABN.SD

Firstly, how stupid is it to have to enter your age to watch the video? Secondly, never having played any outside RE4 and a couple hours of RE2, I'm eager to get to know Chris as a character. While RE has never been well-written by any means, it's still compelling and the new style of gameplay is more than enough reason to keep going. I'll just be over here hoping Leon makes an appearance in some form ;__;

Other things awesome about this trailer: a playable female character, CHAINSAW ZOMBIES RETURN, prettypretty PS3 graphics, hordes of zombies to mow down, new, interesting versions of the parasites. Awww yeah ^__^
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Probably just the work of a disgruntled Best Buy employee or they're just getting shipments of the PS1 version of FFVII, but I SO WANT IT TO HAPPEN ;__; Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete is being released soon, and while I don't exactly know what the differences between it and the original release is, there's talk of something shocking regarding Final Fantasy VII that's going to be announced at an invite-only event: DKS3713. It should have been on August 2nd/3rd, but if there was something huge, they're keeping Steve Jobs-level tight lips on it D: Waaaaaaant.


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