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Ahaha, how is it I knew we weren't going to be able to guess the kid's gender? XD Oh Gerard, you predictable little bunny. Congrats.
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credit to [ profile] fleurdeliser

Oh Gerard, you so ~*~*FABULOUS*~*~
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Dude, the internets are quiet today :-(

Okay, so. As if he wasn't already, Gerard is made of even more gay and awesome than ever before.
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Hee, I actually got to go to Air Guitar this year ^__^ The last three years, I've been busy with band stuff, so this was my only opportunity, and I sure as hell was gonna grab it. I only went for one reason: a group of guys last year did a recreation of OK Go's video "A Million Ways to be Cruel" and this year they were slated to present "Here It Goes Again". Complete with treadmills. And by this morning, it was already on You Tube ^__^ Here ya go!

In other news, Adrianna and I had a conversation about my concert extravaganza.

Anna: So, like, how close did you get to Gerard Way?

Me: Oh, about two or three feet. He was pulled away befoe I could talk to him though *sadface*

Anna: O__O You were that close and you didn't grab his ass?!?

LOL ^__^
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Okay, I'm really bored, so you get two posts in one day :) Picspam of Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance, coming right at ya. And the first person who even thinks the word "emo" is so going On Notice ;)

'Look at me with my pretty bracelet and tiara...I'm a fucking princess!'~Gerard Way )

Music Videos (I did all the capping myself ^__^)

Helena )

The Ghost Of You )

Welcome to the Black Parade )

Whew, done! ^__^


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