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Getting as much mileage out of this icon as I can in the next twelve hours or so. :D

I'm not going to miss this administration. At all. Before you say, "BUT WHAT ABOUT TEH LOLS?", might I add that we got PLENTY to go on if the GOP was that hilar in defeat. And if thickly-maned jackasses like Blagojevich keep showing up, we'll be in great shape ^__^ Burris is already shaping up to be everyone's favorite egomaniacal punching bag, so I hope everyone takes a few swings a him.

Tweety is pretty creeptastic with all his overbearing, yet endearing enthusiasm for everything Obama. MSNBC is going to be the stalkerish distant relatives during the new administration; they're already following Malia's and Sasha's lunch menus, for pete's sake D: STOP IT, GUYS. RIGHT THE HELL NOW. SOMEWHERE IN NEW YORK, JON STEWART IS HATING YOU MOARRR.

Lastly, a short compilation of Jon's Bush impressions. How can something so bad be so good?

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PSA TIMES PEOPLE. Go here and leave a little thank you note for one Mr. Jon Stewart for his civil asskicking of Huckabee on Tuesday.
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Everyone catch the fake news hour and related programs last night? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD SEE. Vids cut to save your flist include Stephen's first segment with Conan O'Brien (OH TEH LOLS) and Jon politely beatin gthe bajeezus out of cuddly Evangelical homophobe Mike Huckabee with the logic stick over the subject of gay marriage. Goodtimes.

cut, cut, cut )
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Eeee, almost forgot: happy 46th birthday, Jon Stewart, you hunka hunka burnin' pundit ♥


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Also, hi, I forgot to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans :) I'm thankful for..well, pretty much everything. Everyone who's supportive of me even though I sometimes don't really deserve it, thankful for where I am and where I have been, thankful for music and smiles and friends. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday and doesn't overdo it on the stuffing (even though it's DELICIOUS).

Jon and Stephen wish you a happy Thanksgiving too <3

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"The tradition of America is a progression of individual freedoms. The tradition of America would say that gay marriage is the next step." --Jon Stewart, a.k.a. GOD

Yes we did

Nov. 6th, 2008 05:15 am
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This is mostly for Jen, but come on in and check out the JOY.

Jeeeeen! I know I promised you screencaps from the Indecision 2008 special, but I haven't had time yet, so I'm doing that today or tomorrow. Instead, for the moment, I give you Jon & Stephen being overwhelmed as Jon announces that Obama is the winner <3 Stephen and his wee tears and his desperately trying to stay in character! Jon's faaaaace.

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Obama's going to be on The Daily Show tomorrow! Fwee!



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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: Mock the Vote
cut, cut, cut )

I love this article a whole lot. Jon, in particular, is always very insightful while maintaining a balance of humor and seriousness, while Stephen's the counterpoint, offering little zingers and views into the political process that Jon has never got to see from the inside, like when Stephen ran for president. The vernacular is extremely easy to understand (refreshing considering this is the time of political campaigns, the biggest producers of BS other than Bill O'Reilly) and points are right on the spot. The article isn't for the tl;dr crowd, but it breaks down some of the political processes into nice digestible bits ;-) So I highly recommend the read!
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This will be a bit scattered, as I've been intently following the presidential race since roughly the beginning of the year (after the primaries were done, basically), but haven't really posted about politics in a while.

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report honestly save me from insanity, not even kidding. In the midst of all the rhetoric and media coverage and attack ads, it's really refreshing to have a group at the back of the class launching spitballs at the whole process. It's rather odd that a pair of comedy shows are really the only ones doing their homework and cutting through all the bullshit and hype and talking points. And a little sad, too.

Vids under the cut--they're worth it. )

And now, the rules of the VP debates have been changed for Sarah Palin.


And on a lighter note, Stephen Colbert: Dance Machine.

Homeboy is fierce as HALE.

On a similar note, anyone here actually interested in talking politics? I'm afraid I'm obsessed at the mo', and it won't be going away any time soon, especially if when Obama is elected, so it'd be cool to chat with some peeps ^__^ Or alternately, make a politics filter so I'm not bugging the shit out of people when I post my millionth Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert clip ;-)

Okay, going back to watch moar MSNBC.
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I want the writer's strike to end just as much as the next person, but this is some of the most hysterical stuff to come out of these guys EVER.


And no, I haven't forgotten about the meme, I just need to find time to scrounge up some good questions ^__^
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Just something that made me smile :)
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I think you'll get a kick outta these, SA ;)

Check-In: Thanksgiving Dinner
Includes Assuming!Stephen and Dream-Shattering!Jon, quickly followed by Sulky!Stephen and Scornful!Stephen. Very adorable.

Check-In: Stephen's tribute to the Irish
Includes Jon's line,"I've known this for many years: Stephen Colbert is... the Lord of the Dance."

Let me know if they don't work!
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At the jubilance of [ profile] silentauror, and for the fangirls 'round the world, I present the Jon Stewart picspam ♥

Jon Stewart picspam! )
Drool buckets and mops will be available in the gift shop ;P


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