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Holy shit, why is Keith Olbermann gone form MSNBC? :'(
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Delightful things I have learned about @KeithOlbermann:

*has already mastered the Art of Twittering faster than @RachelMaddow, calls her a n00b, I squeal my head off
*is a huge Harry Potter nerd
*is BFFies with Simon Pegg and Joel McHale
*is not actually a huge scifi geek, a trespass which I can easily forgive because he greatly enjoys Tom Baker as the Doctor
*believes Jeremy Brett to be the best Sherlock Holmes ever period end of story

With all due respect to Basil Rathbone and RDJesus, THE LAST POINT IS VERY TRUE. I am going through the complete Granada series in a way that can only be described as devouring, already up to "The Empty House". I'll miss David Burke as Watson terribly, but I already love Mr. Hardwicke, and both do a fab job of portraying the good doctor, but I am convinced that Jeremy Brett was born solely for the purpose of playing Sherlock Holmes, world's only consulting detective and champion sofa hurdler. DESTINED for it :D I need extreme macros, because seriously, this imperial ass GQMF. Seriously.

Update time for That Will Situation After The Death Of My Grandfather. Read more... )

Argh, I have not been a very good LJ friend lately, so I'm going to spend a considerable amount of time catching up with all of you. Best wishes and fond feelings for you all <3
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best thing that came out of last night's Presidential address (sorry, Big O)

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-Tweety was a lot fluffier about McCain's "I know how to catch Osama bin Laden" schtick than Keith was. Keith was not. amused. by McCain's tactics.

-Joey Scars is filling in for David Gregory today; despite his Republicanness and the narcissistic douche factor, I like him O__o It helps that he is the biggest J. Stew/Colbert fanboy ever.

-I think this may be the first time I've actually liked Sarah Silverman, and it's not just Keith's awesomeness rubbing off on her O__o

-"Not a liberal!" gosh, Rachel's the cutest ever ^__^

-aaaaand I have a reason to watch Leno tonight
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omg why is Keith reprising his performance of that creepy Republican dude who probably masturbated watching Palin at the debate? Stop it, Olby. Stop.
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This will be a bit scattered, as I've been intently following the presidential race since roughly the beginning of the year (after the primaries were done, basically), but haven't really posted about politics in a while.

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report honestly save me from insanity, not even kidding. In the midst of all the rhetoric and media coverage and attack ads, it's really refreshing to have a group at the back of the class launching spitballs at the whole process. It's rather odd that a pair of comedy shows are really the only ones doing their homework and cutting through all the bullshit and hype and talking points. And a little sad, too.

Vids under the cut--they're worth it. )

And now, the rules of the VP debates have been changed for Sarah Palin.


And on a lighter note, Stephen Colbert: Dance Machine.

Homeboy is fierce as HALE.

On a similar note, anyone here actually interested in talking politics? I'm afraid I'm obsessed at the mo', and it won't be going away any time soon, especially if when Obama is elected, so it'd be cool to chat with some peeps ^__^ Or alternately, make a politics filter so I'm not bugging the shit out of people when I post my millionth Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert clip ;-)

Okay, going back to watch moar MSNBC.


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