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Also, new LJ layout, as it is a new year and I have the graphical attention span of a gnat:

[ profile] vinylsigns[ profile] vinylsigns[ profile] vinylsigns[ profile] vinylsigns

After the wordvomit in the previous post, I'm now thinking on some Tron Legacy prompts, as I am very intrigued by the universe *scratches nonexistent goatee*
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New layout! Do check it out: [ profile] vinylsigns[ profile] vinylsigns[ profile] vinylsigns

FINALS START TODAY D: On the one hand, yay, finally getting this semester out of the way and closer to my associate's, and the other, ugh, testing. Macro is going to be the biggest pain in the ass because of the memorization/regurgitation of info, which I'm actually not as adept at in a testing atmosphere :|

Summer on the horizon, things are looking up ♥
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Playing around with a different layout finally! Well. I get bored of graphical things rather quickly, usually changing layouts every couple months or so (don't even ask how many icons I go through). As much as I like how clean this one is, I know I'm going to want to add color via a header at some point. THE QUESTION IS WHAT :D It'd be unfair to give it to Castiel again, so maybe Sam&Dean or my Panic! boys or the Beatles or something from Merlin even...

You're asking me will my love grow? I don't know, I don't know
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Aaaah, aaahhh, excuse me while I gaze longingly at my pretty pretty new layout \o/
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Hey, is anyone here graphically inclined? I've been pondering changing my layout and would appreciate any assistance!


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