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Greetings, flisters! I wanted to wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day/Singles Awareness Day/however you celebrate/malign February 14th :) Me, I'll be spending the day with my fictional loves. Since yesterday was a Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz fest, I was thinking Star Trek today, since I caught part of it in passing after I got back from some errands, and I got this HUGE PANG of HAY YEAH I MISS THOSE SPACE NEWBIES.

So yes. Adorable running and space husbands and motherfucking lensflares for me today :D
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Happy Easter everyone! And for the not-so-religiously-inclined, happy Sunday!

I'm still going to be watching "The Eleventh Hour" about a hundred more times before I feel like I can properly comment, since I'm just awash in squee, so have a gif :D

Soooo that was fun last night. St. Patrick's Day consisted of a very nice meal, with some not so nice conversation about the approximate level of idiocy and douchebaggery my uncles currently possess, some (and for my part, too much) vodka & orange juice (that did not, in fact, get me hung over, but I did spend maybe a minute hugging porcelain this morning), and one of said uncles coming over last night after dinner to slander my dad's name and say he's being unreasonable about his portion of the will, which my brother took offense to and went right upstairs to tell him basically "fuck you, you lying SOB". SO.

I'm really just upset that Chester A) tried to pose the idea that my dad's the aggressor in any way/shape/form, and B) he tried to do it on St. Patrick's, when most people on the planet get drunk and make bad decisions--he was deliberately trying to catch grandma out and get on her good side so she'll put him first on the list for her house when she dies.

Sigh. All I know is both me and John have washed our hands of our uncles, we did some drinking to drown out our sorrows for a little while, and watched the Anaheim Ducks win a great game.

It's a terrible feeling, but sometimes it's hard not to be cynical. sorry Coco :(

EDIT: whoops almost forgot, Iero babies HURRAY. Teeny little balls of self destruction? Yes please.
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Ahhh, the most mocking holiday in existence XD I keed I keed, I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day, but I'm less celebrating that than Simon Pegg's birthday ;) Have a fab day!

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Last post of 2009!

I had and left a super lame job, went to NY to see Jen and JON FREAKING STEWART, fell out of love with some things, fell in love with others, did school and fandom and life was good :D I gonna get my happy on tonight so I can get my sad on tomorrow for Doctor Who, then celebrate the birth of a new Doctor <3 See you all on the other side!
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Happy Holidays everyone!

Already opened our presents last night, having a big dinner with the fam today, so I'll bring info and squee later :D Now I'm starting my day with coffee, pie, and Brütal Legend, so ciao <3
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*finishes listening to "Death in Blackpool"*


Big Finish spoilers, Zygons and Time Lords and humans, oh my! )

Grr. Listening to the extras with Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith being adorable together is cheering me up something fierce, but I WILL NOT FORGET THIS BETRAYAL, BIG FINISH *shakes fist*

The house was a bit empty and sad over the weekend because John and Sam were out, but they came back with French apple pie from Julian ^__^ I wish they would have asked me to come. It was probably snowing and it's been ages since I've seen snow.

Right, so 60 degrees is excuse enough for me to snuggle down with my Tom Baker scarf. I'm going to finish putting together some cards and gifts, stuff I need to send out :D At this rate, they'll be more like New Year's gifts, haha.
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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

and all that jazz :) FUCK YEAH SPARKLE TEXT \o/

I'm thankful for...well, pretty much everything. I complain a lot about my family and I get hard on myself for a lot of things, but I know I'm lucky, and logically I can't be anything but happy for what I have.

Also, best flist ever ♥ Have a good holiday, fellow Americans. And for those abroad, Wish You Were Here™ :P
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@mishacollins is at it again, you guys XD

A faithless minion postulated that i'd abandoned you. Never! I will always be with you! I'm always watching you. Even when you are sleeping.

you are all referencing santa claus. In my country, Santa "knows when you are sleeping," he doesn't "watch you while you sleep."

been working on a halloween costume with friends who run a particle accelerator. I want to be a molecule of caffeine, but i'm still too big.

umm-that's really flaunting my manhood. I said i was: 2 big... to fit into a single molecule. I could still be smaller than a coffee ground.

Anyway, I've given up on the disguise. If we're going 2 rule the world, step 1 is: Coordinate Halloween Costumes. What're we wearing?

best answers: "Taco Suits" and "The Blood of My Enemies." Several of u mentioned "Castiel" or something, i don't know what that is.

Looks like i've got a giant tortilla to make for my Bloody Taco Suit. Good night. And Good Luck.

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First of all, Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans. Hopefully, those of you interested in politics remember the real tea parties and what they were meant to represent :P

No news is good news, isn't that the saying? Well, while very little has been going on day-to-day, aside from having a pair of godawful weeks at work and getting my back injured ;__; But! I did kind-of-but-not-really-impulse-bought a new, sexy, white MacBook and named it the Enterprise XD You may call me Dorkus Maximus. Not exclusively because I wanted WoW to run better, nor just because the memory is a little more than DOUBLE my PowerBook G4's, but those account for quite a bit.

Desperate to fill that memory with new music, I find my idea of "new music" is loads of classic rock XD Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Deep Purple, Kansas, Styx, Fleetwood Mac, and the like. I find no shame in it, for the record. I aim to rock out.

In WoW news, I HIT 56 WITH MY ROGUE, WOOT. Can has a Death Knight, yeyyyy ^__^ Actually in the process of installing Wrath of the Lich King and the endless patches that come with it as I type this. It took a while, but now I'm really digging my rogue. It was a bitch to solo until Adrenaline Rush (100% energy regeneration for 15 seconds), which is the reason why anything but a Combat build for rogues suck majorly. But with that ability and the levels I'm hitting now, the time for me to do hardcore ganking is come :D MMM, HONOR POINTS. TASTY.

And because by internet decree, you have to make a post, fuck yo flist, it's another MJ blurb. )

Also, I am an awful friend; to the Star Trek prompts, I am still on it (looking at you, [ profile] jedi_iwakura and [ profile] neros. To other, dearer acquaintances, I must drag myself to the e-mail client and put finger to keyboard. Expect to hear from me.
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on Friday

John (emerging from his room before I leave for work), "Rejoice, the Lord has risen again."

Me, "That's Sunday. Today's Good Friday."

John, "Oh yeah." *beat* "Well then die for my sins, guy."

Me, *facepalm* *drains the rest of her coffee*

This morning

John (texting me), "get me breakfast."

Me, "How dare you make me work on the Sabbath."

John, "Jesus would want me to have chocolate bunnies and peeps. make it so."

And no, John doesn't have anything against Jesus, so sorry if he offended :) Ours is a comedically blunt family.

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!
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Merry Christmas/Happy Assorted Holidays to one and all. I hope your holiday is ZESTY :-)
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Also, hi, I forgot to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans :) I'm thankful for..well, pretty much everything. Everyone who's supportive of me even though I sometimes don't really deserve it, thankful for where I am and where I have been, thankful for music and smiles and friends. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday and doesn't overdo it on the stuffing (even though it's DELICIOUS).

Jon and Stephen wish you a happy Thanksgiving too <3

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Happy Halloween to one and all, and Happy Birthday to one Frank Iero :D I know I won't be the only one eagerly awaiting the return of the normal blue header tomorrow morning.

(btw, idc if anyone reads the rest of this post, but, please comment so I can see if I've succeeded in fixing my formatting? i.e., it shows up in your flist?)

School and work are still eating me alive D: I felt like a zombie today (fitting, considering the holiday) and I was pretty much ready to take a faceplant once I got home (which I did. conked out for two hours, just enough for me to wake up and get my daily dose of Keith ^__^) But it was pretty much worth it to because I got to see Jon being a gigantic Obama fanboy, and that makes me happeh <3 AND, AND, there were tiny children in the store today, all dressed up ♥ Little Tiggers and Buzz Lightyears and Alices omgggggg

I'm really, really looking forward to this election season wrapping up. I...can't really express exactly how tired I am of the whining and the GOP's perpetual state of delusion (and I find myself wishing Obama would be a teeeeeeny bit more aggressive so we can have some more snarky pwnage, but I suppose it's best left to Stewart & Colbert) and I just want it to be over. In essence, it is already, since, I believe, the only reason McCain could POSSIBLY pull this out of his ass is if there's some Election 2000-esque shenanigans. Democrats have already got a jump on that, with Obama mobilizing lawyers in key swing states to investigate matters of voter fraud, disenfranchisement, and voter suppression, but it's still happening and we still need to fight it. Get out there and vote, people.

Heard the Doctor Who news a couple days ago, and yes, I'm really depressed about it D: Peter may be my favorite Doctor, but Tennant is truly in a league of his own, and he launched the role into a fresh, wonderful area that I fear might not be reached again. I have every confidence that the next one will be a fantastic Doctor, but he won't be David.

And now, picspammage! in the TARDIS )

And on a final, random note, Coldplay. Yeah, I know, but even if you don't like Coldplay AT ALL, watch this plz.

Chris Martin does his best to be Geeway, fails, but is still damn entertaining:

Srsly, wtf is up with the Black Parade-esque jackets? Why is there a tv by his piano? And, me being only a recent convert, there is WAY more onstage energy coming out of Chris than I thought there'd be O__O

Have I mentioned that I fucking love Coldplay? Because I do.

Nighty night.
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Happy Mother's Day, everyone, even though it's almost over. Hope everyone had a good day--me, not so much. It's never been one of those days that made very much of a difference since mine's been gone since I was six, but giving flowers and a card to my grandmother is just as nice. In case anyone's wondering, white orchids, purple at the center :3 After we did a little bbq for dinner, I spent the rest of my day backing up all my music and watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, definitely not comparing it to the new one (cuz I love them both) and contemplating just how much the Eighth Doctor's outfit looks like Wonka's XD

And for those of you who don't want to hear me ramble more about Doctor Who, you can skip this part. )

I wish I had a real brother, the kind that actually cared and used me for anything more than something for him to hurt for his amusement.

Go see Iron Man. It's fucking amazing.
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Happy Saint Patrick's, everybody :-)

La dee da

Feb. 14th, 2008 12:40 pm
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Happy Singles Awareness Day, my dearest flist. I heart all of you, as the warm glow of the computer screen comforts me in these cold days ;-) [/fake drama]


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