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Delightful things I have learned about @KeithOlbermann:

*has already mastered the Art of Twittering faster than @RachelMaddow, calls her a n00b, I squeal my head off
*is a huge Harry Potter nerd
*is BFFies with Simon Pegg and Joel McHale
*is not actually a huge scifi geek, a trespass which I can easily forgive because he greatly enjoys Tom Baker as the Doctor
*believes Jeremy Brett to be the best Sherlock Holmes ever period end of story

With all due respect to Basil Rathbone and RDJesus, THE LAST POINT IS VERY TRUE. I am going through the complete Granada series in a way that can only be described as devouring, already up to "The Empty House". I'll miss David Burke as Watson terribly, but I already love Mr. Hardwicke, and both do a fab job of portraying the good doctor, but I am convinced that Jeremy Brett was born solely for the purpose of playing Sherlock Holmes, world's only consulting detective and champion sofa hurdler. DESTINED for it :D I need extreme macros, because seriously, this imperial ass GQMF. Seriously.

Update time for That Will Situation After The Death Of My Grandfather. Read more... )

Argh, I have not been a very good LJ friend lately, so I'm going to spend a considerable amount of time catching up with all of you. Best wishes and fond feelings for you all <3
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On the complete opposite end of the emotional spectrum, we have miss Rachel Maddow, brightening my fucking life

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Nov. 19th, 2009 01:51 pm
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Sarah Palin's book kills Rach, NOOOOOOOO!!!!lmao XD Jimmy Fallon is apparently just down the hall from Rachel, hence his ability to get her to do any dorky thing he can come up with!

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When I get my thoughts together, I'll actually have some commentary on this, but I just need to post this

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best thing that came out of last night's Presidential address (sorry, Big O)

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I feel strangely vindicated by this whole Rick Warren situation. Don't get me wrong, I hate the guy's homophobic, anti-choice guts (and my views on Obama & Warren & The Situation are fantastically expressed by the great writer and satirist John Hodgman, which I will post under the cut).

What I'm referring to is the minor, but shameful revolt against one Miss Rachel Maddow, post Mike Huckabee interview, by a surprisingly considerable portion of the LGBT community.

Pam's House Blend, I'm looking at you.

My perverse sense of satisfaction sprouts from Rachel's sad, utterly disappointed segment on the selection of Warren yesterday (sidenote: MASSIVE love for teh Gavin, hope he wins his supposed gubernatorial campaign) and her coverage of some of the awful things Warren has said on today's show--comparing homosexuality to incest, pedophilia, and polygamy, banning unrepentant homosexuals from joining his church--and thinking one thing.

I hope you're happy, gays who threw Rachel under the bus after she chose not to take on Huckabee for his homophobic views.

While I'm not thrilled with Obama's choice on this, I obviously still support him, but don't count on him to champion gay marriage )
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-Tweety was a lot fluffier about McCain's "I know how to catch Osama bin Laden" schtick than Keith was. Keith was not. amused. by McCain's tactics.

-Joey Scars is filling in for David Gregory today; despite his Republicanness and the narcissistic douche factor, I like him O__o It helps that he is the biggest J. Stew/Colbert fanboy ever.

-I think this may be the first time I've actually liked Sarah Silverman, and it's not just Keith's awesomeness rubbing off on her O__o

-"Not a liberal!" gosh, Rachel's the cutest ever ^__^

-aaaaand I have a reason to watch Leno tonight


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