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Hullo hullo, I seem to have returned to my infrequent updating. Truthfully, not a lot happening besides school and the odd side job for my cousins which finance my misadventures, but I did see the new Pegg/Frost venture Paul. Definitely scratched my nerdly itchy place with all the fabulous dorkiness and shippers on deck and Simon Pegg & Nick Frost being massive, massive LOVE. [profile] icedmaple and I spent a good long time theorizing what Star Wars characters Graeme and Clive would have played as children, and the fact that the movie could spawn that kind of conversation is more than enough to make me love it :) Surprisingly enough, I didn't hate Seth Rogan in it, which make the tally of movies he's in that remain safe for public consumption up to two.

I have a few fic ideas, mostly concerning getting from the end of the movie to the Comic Con in the credits, but nothing solid yet, working on it in my free time, in between WoWing and writing for the Tron prompt meme still. So much fandom work to do :)

In the meantime, when Sean and I aren't gnashing our teeth and waiting to transfer our main Warcraft characters to a different, more active server/guild, we're watching Lost--not new for him, but new for me, most definitely, as I was incredibly skeptical during its original run. For my part, I wasn't completely sold on it until about the middle of the second season, or until Desmond started being a more regularly occurring character and the show got past how fucking annoying and dumb Michael became at the start of the season. Season one was great, yes but I could tell I wasn't fully invested for a long while, not at least until the overall plot started moving forward a little more and got past the survivors-adjusting-to-their-situation phase. We're somewhere in the early fourth season now, and I really want to check out what kind of fandom this has, but I'm deathly afraid to accidentally spoil myself though with this kind of show, that may be next to impossible since almost everything is so fucking obtuse anyway. I think people overstate how confusing it is, or mix up confusing for baffling, but I'm pretty glad I got talked into watching.

And the music is rather awesome. Four for you, Michael Giacchino, you brilliant bastard.
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Just got back from seeing Tron: Legacy :3 I don't usually dig dance music, but hello there, album I'm going to have on repeat forever!

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New OST stuff has been leaked for WoW: Cataclysm. I'm a HUGEHUGE dork for this alone, but there's a mishmash of nerdy references on top of that. An NPC named Horatio Laine, who wears sunglasses and, I assume, makes extremely bad one liners, is investigating the death of a beloved horse in Westfall. The theme music for (what I assume to be) the Who Killed Old Blanchy? questline has, well, some rather close instrumental similarities to a movie about a certain Victorian consulting detective. Also, the track is called Mysterious (a Mystery is afoot!) Blizzard, you cheeky bastards.

But yeah, the new music is IMMENSE. Even if you have no interest in Warcraft whatsoever, it's totally worth a listen :D A few of my favorites from the new expansion:

The Shattering, wherein WoW lets its Lord of the Rings show.
The Night Elves
Cold Mountain, which is far too beautiful to just be generic music for areas like Alterac and other mountainous regions.
The Skywall
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eeeee, best not-spoiler evah! I wondered if/when it'd be making an appearance :) Patiently awaiting all the new picspams that will include violin sexiness so I can get my band nerd on. BC is still stupidly statuesque and I would not have him any other way.

and if ever there was a more pressing need for a crossover with Doctor Who, or at least something with BC and Matt Smithykins in the same room, it'd be this.

Matt Smith: “My mate Benedict [Cumberbatch] plays Holmes, so we have lovely mornings where we go, ‘Hi Sherlock! Hi Doctor!’ I think they should do an episode with him: these two great minds going, ‘Ding- ding-ding! Whatcha got?”

Make it happen, Moffat. Or else someone will write that crossover and you'll be very cross.

and some chatter about The Blind Banker )
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The week before finals, naturally not a lot of classes are going to have tons to do other than review, or, rather, give us the rundown of what you need to review for. Funny that my first and earliest class of the day also ended up having the shortest runtime, so I found myself with 3 1/2 hours to kill. Naturally the only thing to do is cruise up to the movie theater and see Iron Man 2 again, amirite?


Just as the previews are starting, I get a call from brother mine asking me where I am, and who answers "the movie theater" when you're supposed to be in class, a week before finals?

"In class, John," said I, using my Unimpressed Sibling voice.

He stutters a bit, then says, "Alright, just checking in. See ya later." And hangs up.

My windshield wipers are messed with and sticking in odd directions when I get back to my car, with a note reading "John was here", lol. Can't get away with much where my brother is concerned XD cool story bro, I know.

Anyways, I wish I had a HD screencap hoard for IM2 as I do for the first one, because all the manipulated holographs and engineering pr0nz just appeals to my techie heart. )

I'm pretty interested to see if the type tangibility introduced in IM can be brought to the other Marvel films, particularly Thor, since he's easily the most supernatural out of the Avengers. You wouldn't think that a Norse god of thunder could logically exist in the same space as the tech-driven Tony Stark in a way that won't give people in the movieverse pause, much less the audience. I'm sure Captain America's transformation via the super soldier program is a lot easier to buy than and actualfax god. Even a radioactive spider bite :P

For more funtimes: the Dude took a bunch of pictures while on the set of the first Iron Man movie, and kindly posted them right here for our enjoyment :D

lastly, unrelated to the Iron Man spam, I am obsessed with this song, and not just because I want to live in Chicago. Gorgeous song *happy sigh*
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I'm a little bit in love with [ profile] inluv4evr's layout, eeeee~ go check it out!

A side effect of listening to metric tons of Beatles lately, I've been indulging in Sir Paul's Wings & solo music too :) "Band on the Run" and "Chaos & Creation in the Backyard" and "Memory Almost Full" are on repeat. And Panic! at the Disco's "Pretty. Odd.", because it's so thematically similar to Beatles, and it's been months since I listened to it. Music geeking out, it's awesome :D

as of yesterday we are three weeks out from the Xmas ep of Doctor Who! Until then, can we discuss the yummy new promos? and how excited I am to see the Master's creeperface again? Ten's hair is in capslock, I AM EXCITE. EDIT: oh and apparently the Doctor is angstily chasing a gleeful Master, all is right in the world.

Happy Merlin Day!
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Playing around with a different layout finally! Well. I get bored of graphical things rather quickly, usually changing layouts every couple months or so (don't even ask how many icons I go through). As much as I like how clean this one is, I know I'm going to want to add color via a header at some point. THE QUESTION IS WHAT :D It'd be unfair to give it to Castiel again, so maybe Sam&Dean or my Panic! boys or the Beatles or something from Merlin even...

You're asking me will my love grow? I don't know, I don't know
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This Friday there's gonna be a charity concert put on by KENNY WAYNE SHEPHARD ♥♥♥ Nuuuhhh, he's one of the songwriters I grew up listening to a lot, don't know if I've ever mentioned it? I mean, besides The Beatles, besides The Beach Boys and heaps of big band and classic rock, blues is a huge thing in my household, and MAN do I want to go.

Another thing.

Jensen Ackles is gonna be the emcee.

And tickets are $75 for an adult and ALL proceeds go to Mending Kids International


I kind of want to cry a lot.
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the I love you sfm meme

Marie Calendar is having a bit of a pie blowout right now, and I'm dying in a good way :D Any pie for seven bucks! The raspberry/boysenberry combo is the STUFF OF THE GODS. Somewhere in a hotel room in America, Dean Winchester is approving so hard.

I've been listening to Dhani Harrison's band, Thenewno2, all day today guys <3 I needed a large dollop of happy to wash out the taste of fandom wank, and this is exactly what I wanted. I KNOW THERE ARE GEORGE/DHANI FANGIRLS ON MY FLIST. YOU. YEAH YOU. COME FLAIL WITH ME NAO.

I was gearing up to have an epic happy weekend, but it turns out John and Sam went out of town, but I still get to keep Big Boss (the turtle *g*) company. I can't remember when it started becoming necessary to have my brother around for me to have a good weekend, but a lot of things about him and our relationship in general have been sneaking up on me lately.

Yesterday, he played "Martha My Dear" on the piano and I just absently whistled along and felt content.

I hope everyone is having a good time ♥ Cheers.

EDIT: oh jesus, I am such a fucking weirdo, but I'm so happy Colin Ford (wee!Sam Winchester!) is chatting with me about movies on Twitter! I AM A DORK BUT THIS IS AWESOME.
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Sharing is Caring: for one week, recommend & share.
Day one: a song.
Day two: a picture.
Day three: a book/ebook/fanfic.
Day four: a site.
Day five: a youtube clip.
Day six : a quote.
Day seven : whatever tickles your fancy.

Aloha--"All The Wars" (tell me if the file doesn't work, as I believe I bought it off iTunes and it may be locked)

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First of all, Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans. Hopefully, those of you interested in politics remember the real tea parties and what they were meant to represent :P

No news is good news, isn't that the saying? Well, while very little has been going on day-to-day, aside from having a pair of godawful weeks at work and getting my back injured ;__; But! I did kind-of-but-not-really-impulse-bought a new, sexy, white MacBook and named it the Enterprise XD You may call me Dorkus Maximus. Not exclusively because I wanted WoW to run better, nor just because the memory is a little more than DOUBLE my PowerBook G4's, but those account for quite a bit.

Desperate to fill that memory with new music, I find my idea of "new music" is loads of classic rock XD Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Deep Purple, Kansas, Styx, Fleetwood Mac, and the like. I find no shame in it, for the record. I aim to rock out.

In WoW news, I HIT 56 WITH MY ROGUE, WOOT. Can has a Death Knight, yeyyyy ^__^ Actually in the process of installing Wrath of the Lich King and the endless patches that come with it as I type this. It took a while, but now I'm really digging my rogue. It was a bitch to solo until Adrenaline Rush (100% energy regeneration for 15 seconds), which is the reason why anything but a Combat build for rogues suck majorly. But with that ability and the levels I'm hitting now, the time for me to do hardcore ganking is come :D MMM, HONOR POINTS. TASTY.

And because by internet decree, you have to make a post, fuck yo flist, it's another MJ blurb. )

Also, I am an awful friend; to the Star Trek prompts, I am still on it (looking at you, [ profile] jedi_iwakura and [ profile] neros. To other, dearer acquaintances, I must drag myself to the e-mail client and put finger to keyboard. Expect to hear from me.
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Anyone else getting these weird "download [program name here] today!" comments in old entries? Cuz it's kinda bugging :/ Considering killing the anon commenting system, tbh.

Soooo I kind of spent five months not listening to Folie à Deux :| This makes me a terrible Fall Out Boy fan, I am sure. But at the point that it came out, I was hurting for music that wasn't pop/rock/punk, as I am wont to do. My music taste comes in cycles, and bandom was on the outs at the moment, giving way to indie (The Decemberists, The Shins, Andrew Bird and the like). I digress.

It's good. Like, really good. I'm thinking I like it more than Infinity on High, because it's more comfortable (how I can tell, I can't explain why, but since I feel more comfortable with it and its sound, this is what I'm attributing it to). I haven't listened to it more than once through, but so far She's My Winona is officially amazing and I'm trying to figure out whether or not Patrick MF Stump actually said "We're fucked" in 27. Because if so? *epic keysmash goes here*

It also gets me wondering about popular music and why, if FOB is so popular, are they so maligned? There is a certain amount of self-loathing, sure, but there are people who'll bag on FOB in one breath and suck Rihanna's big toe on the next. Color me confused.
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Hello to one and all :D I would like to welcome my new overlord header to my journal. I'm sure the lovely Dr. Stephen T. Colbert is thrilled to grace my journal with his awesomeness ^__^

I'm kind of in a strange place musically, at the moment. Mostly brought on by the new FOB songs, and yes, I know that everyone and their moms and their mom's moms have opined about I Don't Care, Cooperstown, and What a Catch by now, so I'm not going to go as in-depth as I do usually.

Okay, so. I like them? Emphasis on the question mark here, because I'm pretty black and white about my music, and I'm getting all sorts of grays right now and it's bugging the shit out of me. I'm the kind of person who's open to pretty much all kinds of music; if I like it, I don't really examine why unless I'm completely sure (example: I can--and have--gone on for days about why Panic is my favorite ever for putting out Pretty. Odd., but when it comes to explaining my attraction to, say, Brendan Benson or Circa Survive, it's a lot harder for me to do so other than saying "I really like their music. *shrug*"). And the FAD songs aren't dragging out my definitiveness practically at all, which is somewhat worrying.

And for the record, I so love Infinity on High quite a lot. As a lover of all things music, I can appreciate pop as much as punk as much as rock as much as showtunes, etc. But--this is my weirdness--I can't make myself like what direction FOB is going to next because I can't see FOB anymore. One of the early reviews said that there's hardly a trace of the punk roots they came from, and they're completely right, and I don't know why it bothers me so much more than IOH. And yet I can't day I dislike them because they are good songs. Hrmm. I'm waiting for the rest of the album.

But Coldplay is on my good side right now, because Viva La Vida? Is awesomesauce. Eff da h8rs, ya'll.

Jesus, what's happened to me? I used to hate Coldplay when radio was spamming "Yellow", and now I'm rocking out to them more than FOB ;__; Sad state of affairs, or bad priorities on my part?
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Being the huge music geek that I am, in addition to my Epic Gamer status, it's come to my attention that there's a terrible lack of video game music in music rec posts. While it may not be as widely accepted as, say, movie soundtracks, much video game music is definitely as legit and is quickly coming into its own as a marketable medium. Partly to fill the gap of vg OST recs, and partly to show you lovelies what I'm listening to right now (and have been for years), I present downloads!
müzak downloads after the jump )

Okay, so I got lazier with the descriptions as I went along, but take if you want! Don't look down your nose, I'M TRYING TO BROADEN HORIZONS, HERE ;-)
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[mood|Photobucket crazy]
[music|Slide Show Part 2--Nobuo Uematsu, Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collection]

Nothing RL-y going on right now, so I thought I'd just ramble about some Big Finish episodes I've listened to recently, for the whole two people that care -__-

'Yet another excuse to wear a fabulous frock.' 'Be a bit conspicuous, wouldn't it?' 'Another opportunity for me, Doctor.' )

[/Doctor Who]

And the numerous Final Fantasy Piano Collections make my life complete ♥


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