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Let's not even talk about the superbowl bc it's already been talked to death. Yes, even Christina Aguilera, and man, it's a huuuge overreaction to say that flubbing the national anthem is unpatriotic, but it's fair to criticize her for messing up because of the sheer amount of people tuning in. It's embarrassing, not a mortal sin. For the evening, the only thing I even cared about was seeing the TV spot for Captain America, so I can call myself satisfied. I'll sit back and enjoy the snarky commentary on the aftermath.

Also, the half time show with the Black Eyed Peas was FAR more offensive, to taste if not national pride. Keep things in perspective, kids.

Still kind of obsessed with Tron, to no one's surprise (hopefully). The aesthetic is fucking incredible and the themes & character exploration left open for fanworks is so full of promise. Daddy issues, long term separation, abandonment, the interesting, pseudo-religious relationship between Users and Programs, Flynn's relationships with the people in his real life and their digital counterparts, unfulfilled potential, genocide, pure creation, the list goes on. Lots of material to play with between original movie, the Betrayal comic, and Tron: Legacy, and how it goes from campy, computer concept playland to the glassy, sleek future world & deepest reaches of angstville, oooh, j'adore ♥ Where canon may not execute to the best degree, there is no shortage of ideas to play with.

And I found a prompt I want to write, and started doing an actual outline last night :) Tron has kind of the same porn problems sparked by a kinkmeme as other fandoms, along with some kinks I'm really not into, but it's producing some astoundingly well-written and thoughtful gems. The level of artwork is as to be expected in a small fandom, but there is some absolutely gorgeous work available to whet creative appetites.

The tumblr fandom is hilarious and irreverent, and some of that is bleeding into the LJ fandom, which is appreciated, cuz this shouldn't be a a fandom that takes itself too serious, especially with regard to the 1982 film. Not that LJ fandom was taking itself seriously, but it's a little inactive. I expect it to pick up after the DVD release in April *g* But yes, mostly infatuated with the overall feel. Real world, glowy, sleek digital world, Daft Punk soundtrack, the cast is adorable, and man, who doesn't love Jeff Bridges?

In real life news, roommate is seriously considering entering the military. I have absolutely zero against the military, but this is fucking stupid because he has no idea what he's getting himself into. No one says they're excited at the prospect of boot camp. His ego is far too big to take orders from anyone; even after all this shit with him getting a DUI and putting him community service off till the last minute, he has such a superiority complex that if he does end up in the military, it'll be to a rude fucking awakening. The dude cannot even clean up after himself, how does he expect to survive asdfjkl; *rage*

Aaaand my brother ended up in hospital for a night. The past couple months, he'd been steadfastly refusing to acknowledge he's been drinking too much, but Sam finally got him to concede the point about two weeks ago. He's stopped going to his usual spot after work, and is instead taking walks in an attempt to lose some of the weight he put on. So Saturday he agrees to go for a few drinks with some coworkers, and he thought he wasn't overdoing it, but he ended up all passed out. Someone got really freaked and called for an ambulance, he apparently fought the EMTs, so not only is there a bruise in the crook of his arm from the catheter, there are finger shaped marks all up and down his upper arms and a scrape on the bridge of his nose *sigh*

He does feel incredibly bad over it, though, so that's something. I haven't seen him take a drink since, and while I'm not a believer in cold turkey, he seems to be doing better. Sam and I are trying to help in any way we can.

I applied for a job that starts the day at five am, but I am a total morning person, so I'm not too worried. Crossing my fingers and hoping to be hired. The house in a state of flux, and usually either too much food or too little and now's the latter.

Kieth has an announcement tomorrow! *grabs popcorn*

In conclusion,

oh LAWD I am so freaking bored guys D: My brother refuses to switch channels to anything but hockey and I'd love to get something done, anything done, but my head's all fucked from staying up wayyy too late for two nights in a row, and I'm still pretty emotionally drained from DW, and I can't sleep because I'm wired on coffee. Talk to me? Preserve my sanity?
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Whew. Spent the first roughly thirty minutes of my omg-finally-off-work-for-today time promptly freaking the fuck out because I couldn't find my laptop and the downstairs door was unlocked. Downstairs where everyone and their moms can see it because there are UNNECESSARILY GIANT FUCKING OCTAGONAL WINDOWS, and of course I left it there this morning because I was braindead from 4:45 wake-up + only one cup of coffee + being slightly late to leave for work :| Only to learn my brother slid it under the couch because it was sitting on the little table he likes to use for his coffee, fucker. Close to tears cuz John decided my lappy wasn't a good enough coaster, wtf.

Had to take the day off from work last Thursday. No, not only because the Andrew Bird concert was Wednesday night and LA made me get home at one in the morning. (I wake up @ 4:45 and start work at 6, btw.) But once consciousness did surface, I found myself unable to roll over in my bed because apparently leprechauns punched me repeatedly in the kidneys while I slept through it ;__; And evidently pain in the kidneys also = mild nauseousness? Cuz I could barely keep anything down.

For the record I feel better now, but only about 85-90%. Can't afford to take more days off, can't afford to lose my job.

Manager gave me a whatever-month appraisal, too. Said I was an excellent worker. Yet I was ranked 8th out of 11 on the scale of Awesome Team Members, like, what? I hate having a completely arbitrary totem poll system on the job; it's so misleading. I mean, if you're at the bottom, you're continually fretting whether or not you're going to get fired, even if you're not really in danger. But you keep thinking you'll just quit before they can fire you, because getting fired? Not looking too good on the resume.

Flames. On the sides of my face.

Random: is it bad that movies/songs/etc. never make me cry?

Hard to get me to do anything other than listen to Noble Beast at the moment. Here, have a live performance vid of my fav song off it.

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w00t! Saw Iron Man again today, and, in a sweeping gesture of generosity and end-of-the-semester goodness, I paid for mine and three other peoples' tickets. Not as bad as you'd think because it was all matinee, and it was nice to have a group to go to the movies with. My brother John won't say why he only kind of liked the movie, but my working theory is that he felt threatened by Tony Stark's facial hair.

Aaaaand I've got two paragraphs in which I must compare two different cultural thingamabobbers, one in English and one in French, and two separate short-answer essays for psych I have to turn in tomorrow and roughly, oh, three and a half hours in which to do them. Wish me luck :-P


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