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It's probably not my place to be so excited about the upcoming Marvel movies, BUT I AM OH YES. Admittedly, this is mostly spurned from receiving Iron Man 2 on DVD for my birthday & getting re-caught-up with all the happenings in the lead up movies for The Avengers, but am now about filled with 150% liquified geekitude and thankful I don't have money to burn because it would be thrown at FUCKING COMIC BOOKS. /run on

So that means I spent yesterday both watching Iron Man 1 & 2 and resisting the temptation to strangle The Roommate because he cannot watch ANYTHING without a constant stream inane, base commentary. If I were to make a drinking game out of the number of times he said "Oh yeah, feels good" or called someone a bitch in a film/video game/whatever, I'd have alcohol poisoning within the half hour. ESPECIALLY bothersome if it's a movie you're seeing for the first time; why in the world would you want to talk over plot points and dialogue WHICH YOU DON'T KNOW ARGH. It's kind of the same thing to me as singing along to any song you hear, but I digress. This is all part of spelling out that he's very uncomfortable to be around--can't keep badgering him to be decent (in general. like, he regularly walks around without a shirt with all his hairy nipples hanging out and constantly scratching his balls and yuck) because he goes back to his pre-informed way quickly, and after months we haven't been able to train him :/

ANYWAYS IRON MAN. When I could ignore Jase and concentrate on the films. Quite possibly the best superhero series there's been, or at least on the level with The Dark Knight and Watchmen (♥♥♥ personal favorite of mine, but I know not everyone liked it). and on while I'm talking about the Dark Knight )

They all have their merits, but I feel like I have to give Iron Man major props for not going straight for the dark. depressing. intense. road. It's not like you have to do that in order to be taken seriously as a superhero movie; however, Iron Man is uniquely qualified to be both light and believable (and by believable I mean the ease with which suspension of disbelief can be applied when it comes to a billionaire engineering prodigy making a rocket suit) because the story doesn't try to be hyper complex with its themes, and no one plays Jerk With a Heart of Gold quite like Robert Downey Jr. There are no heavy metaphors thrown around like in Watchmen or TDK but it doesn't need it. The overall focus on the quality of character development plus the attention to detail is more than enough to not only make it completely watchable, but it excels at what it does. The sequel gets some of that typical sophomore bloat, especially with the expanded cast, and while it's expected, I enjoyed it as much as the first, thought the first is the better film.

Of course, I'm all about the little things. Watching how all the bits of the suit whirr and fit together, and the dialogue where the characters all kinda affably talk over each other in a Lebowski-esque fashion, and all delicious delicious technology porn is just the kind of nerdy fan service that makes the Iron Man films delightful :) What the movies rely on is Tony Stark, and what sells Tony Stark is not only the charm and slightly assholish nature, but backing up his ego with actual scenes where he sits there and figures shit out and they go through lengths to actually show he's a genius engineer. And that's like catnip to me, hehe.

So yes. The moral of this story: I am an all-consuming nerd, Jase is not invited to see Thor/Captain America/The Avengers with me, and the cake is a lie.

And Tony Stark fucked Peter Parker.


Aug. 11th, 2008 11:29 am
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My cousins are one of the very few sections of my family that I generally don't have any problems with. Very often, they come by the house for a little vacation and barbecue and good times are had, even if I'm pretty much always ignoring the elder daughter Elizabeth because she's kind of a bitch who's swept away by the bullshit mainstream Thug Life nonsense.

So, why is it that they're stealing shit from us?

Okay, okay, let me back up. X amount of years ago, they took me to an Angels game and I bought a jersey. Not having enough money, I borrowed some from Jim and Abby, The Parents, and afterward I paid off the majority of the remainder.

Fast forward another year or so, and we get the younger daughter Melissa pretty much breaking our Playstation 2 by messing around with the disc tray too much. To replace it, the next visit they gift us their PS2, which they don't use very much anyway, so all parties are okay, right? In the meantime, John and I had been working on our broken system and got it to work again, though it no longer reads CDs and DVDs, just games. Fine by us, we have other thingmabobbers to compensate.

Sooo that brings us to last Friday, the latest visit. On principle, things get more chaotic and noisy (and dirty) than I like it to be because increasingly often, the Rays end up fighting amongst themselves. Jim has apparently gone to rehab for alcohol a couple times (not confirmed because none of the Rays will be straight with me), and Abby and Elizabeth are on him constantly. Melissa seems to be the only real functioning one of the lot, which is strange considering that until very recently, she's been extremely childlike (mentally) and naive, very complacent about the ways Liz has been abusive of her.

Anyways, so they're here to relax a bit and vacation, and Abby approaches me asking if they can have their old PS2 back, since they just got Rock Band for the system. This is A-Okay with me since we've basically got the other one working, so I hand over the PS2 and cords and that's that. Except, the way she talked to John, Abby made it more out to be me paying my debt for whatever I owed for that jersey they helped me buy years ago.

First of all, these are the kind of parents that spoil their kids rotten; TVs in each of their rooms (LCD ones nonetheless) and another huge one in the main room, probably another in their bedroom. Spa and pool in the backyard, game systems in the kids' rooms, etc. You name it, they've bought it at the behest of their children. So, it seems very petty of them to hold on to whatever debt I still owed.

Secondly, they tell my brother this, but. not. me? WTF?

Thirdly, I, y'know, have a job now. I can pay money if I owe money.

So I'm feeling a little disconcerted, to say the least, but it's alright, I guess. Though why Abby would tell John this and not me is questionable--he's my brother, he's bound to tell me, after all.

Last night was the final night they were staying, so we had a barbecue and they invited some friends over. These friends would be taking Melissa and hanging out in San Diego the following couple days, so the parents were there as chaperons as well. This is all well and good, Melissa goes with them at the end of the night, and the remaining Rays leave this morning.

And I find two game discs missing. Upon closer inspection, I find that the PS2s have been switched, for whatever reason, and with it a disc that I'd been using only the night before. It doesn't even belong to me, but that's not the real problem here. The real reason I'm so pissed is that a PS3 game is also missing, one that I payed a lot of money for--way more than whatever I still owed them.

The thing is I don't even know if they have a PS3. What I do know is the brother of one of their friends from last night does, and that's just fucking rude, stealing from the hosts of a party you're attending. I don't even care where you're coming from; that's fucked up. What would be more fucked up is if you're stealing from your relatives out of spite--Liz has been known to hold grudges, and I've been none too nice to her is the past couple times they've come into town. I absolutely wouldn't put it past her to switch the PS2s--the disc in it was probably just an innocent bystander--but if she took the other disc too? Fuck.

This isn't even about my material woes, it's my overdeveloped sense of justice and a severe collapse of my trust in my family. I'm still investigating, not being able to get in contact with them since any cell numbers are now defunct and I'll have to wait till they're home to get in touch and clear this all up, but until then, I have no problem feeling self righteous.


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