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I'm a little bit in love with [ profile] inluv4evr's layout, eeeee~ go check it out!

A side effect of listening to metric tons of Beatles lately, I've been indulging in Sir Paul's Wings & solo music too :) "Band on the Run" and "Chaos & Creation in the Backyard" and "Memory Almost Full" are on repeat. And Panic! at the Disco's "Pretty. Odd.", because it's so thematically similar to Beatles, and it's been months since I listened to it. Music geeking out, it's awesome :D

as of yesterday we are three weeks out from the Xmas ep of Doctor Who! Until then, can we discuss the yummy new promos? and how excited I am to see the Master's creeperface again? Ten's hair is in capslock, I AM EXCITE. EDIT: oh and apparently the Doctor is angstily chasing a gleeful Master, all is right in the world.

Happy Merlin Day!
Okay, people, here's my opinion.

On principle, I like both Panic!'s and The Young Veins' new songs, but neither are as good as when they were together. Kind of like how Lennon and McCartney and Harrison and Starr were never quite the same post-Beatles.

Brendon's voice remains gorgeous and I'm liking the energy of New Perspective, but it does sound rather generic, as far as pop bands go. On the same token, I've never had a huge issue with Ryan's singing and, as I am a huge classic rock fan and love it when modern bands go retro, Change is a little too straightforward, and feels like a backhand to his former bandmates, honestly. The lyrics in both are uninspired, though I can dig on New Perspective a bit more.

Thoughts, my lovelies?
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God, could this day get any worse?

I mean, I'm excited to see what both factions Ryan&Jon and Brendon&SPencer will come up with, but I'm slightly worried as to what it means that they split the band for it rather than just have a side project.



Mar. 26th, 2008 09:52 pm
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Dear fucking insane PATD fans,

Ryan Ross is not going to marry you. Stop fucking attacking Keltie.

No love,
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Okay, I promise I won't post, like, a million entries in one day anymore. Probably. Leaning toward very likely, actually.

Anyways, my grandma got surgery on her eye yesterday--cataract removal. There's a new lens they put in there, and she says purple used to look like gray to her \o/ Huzzah! Advances in the medical field are awesome.

It was more interesting to me because even though I had to wake up at five AM and drive here to-and-fro, and I had to wait in the lobby for about and hour and a half or two hours, when I got to go to the recovery center, I finally got a taste of what working in a hospital would be like and was very pleased that seeing people in scrubs and hospital gowns and smelling that too-sterile scent all around didn't freak me out. I didn't even flinch when they took the catheter out on my grandma's hand, I just wondered how the nurse did it so painlessly, since that's notoriously one of the more painful places to stick a needle.

Speaking of needles, I'm thinking of getting a tattoo. Or two. I know for sure that I want a pair of eighth notes on the back of my neck, a little bit under my hairline and off to the right side, enough that I can cover it with my hair if I need to. But I really, really want to get something around one, if not both of my wrists, I don't care how painful it'd be. There are so many lyrics to choose from, and I thought before that if I were to go through with it, I'd want to choose from among lyrics from Fall Out Boy, The Decemberists, or The Beatles, but since Pretty. Odd. came out, I'm going to have to add Panic to the list. I just kind of need to get my emotions in check first and sit down and think it all through. I'm open to suggestion, but I do want to make this decision on my own.

EDIT Something like this, but different lyrics.

Obligatory Pretty. Odd. mention: every time I listen I fall more and more in love with it. It gets so much better when you know the lyrics, oh man. I'm dancing through my house and singing When the Day Met the Night at the top of my lungs and no one's telling me to shut up \o/

On a related note, Ryan Ross's little "Here we go!" at the top of We're So Starving brings me infinite joy. Boys.

And because I'm so gleeful about Pretty. Odd. I got to drawing a little stupid Brendon Urie trying to express my love, Beatles moptop and all XD )


And art rec, guys. It's adorable. My Chem, Panic, Fall Out Boy, all fantastic drawings that make me smile.

Strike starting tonight, get ready kids.

EDIT the second I think I've found a winner. It might actually be three tattoos now.


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