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A real update one of these days, but anyone care to explain why it's taboo to give out Pete's blogspot? I mean, I can think of a couple reasons, but nothing really concrete, nothing that sticks in my head, or maybe it's just a little too late right now.
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[music|Worst Pies In London--Sweeney Todd, 1979 original Broadway cast]

Band boys in glasses. What more do you want to know?

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END MINI PICSPAM. Post your bandom + glasses pictures!
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havent slept in days.
think i am starting to crack.
my room is thrashed, covered in jelly beans and i almost cried while watching the nanny diaries- i think its not funny anymore.
sick of watching what genius is.
sometimes genius is being completely ordinary.
when i look up at the sky i want to eat the stars.
its daylight again, everything goes back to being boring.

nothing too much to say. just gonna watch the world spin this morning.

Two things. So Lafee and I have decided he's totally talking about Patrick right there. And also, this foot-breaking thing is probably getting to him more than he's letting on D:
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Nnngh, I just got my Clandestine jeans in the mail, and oh, are they gorgeous. Pete Wentz, take mah munnies, plz.
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[music|Dead on Arrival—Fall Out Boy]

I can’t handle the massive amounts of win bandom has now, so I have to express my love in picture form.

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