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Nothing RL-y going on right now, so I thought I'd just ramble about some Big Finish episodes I've listened to recently, for the whole two people that care -__-

'Yet another excuse to wear a fabulous frock.' 'Be a bit conspicuous, wouldn't it?' 'Another opportunity for me, Doctor.' )

[/Doctor Who]

And the numerous Final Fantasy Piano Collections make my life complete ♥
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Just killing time. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along like I know you do

icon meeeeeme stolen from gemstar69 )

EDIT I just shifted my icons around again, but I did this before that and I'm not redoing it :-P Really, I pity anyone who uses that "notify me when this user uploads a new icon" option on me. PITY.
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Doctor Who fans out there: there was a DW love meme on LJ not too long ago; I don't remember much about it except that it encompassed all eras and on the first page someone said FIVE and there were a bunch of people squeeing about Five. Can anyone link me up?

In a very strange place right now, mentally anyway. Can't say why because I'm not sure myself, but no matter. Still a trifle sick, but I'm getting over it. Today was the last day of the semester, last final I had to take. By the end of it I wasn't sure/didn't care what kind of tools were developed by early hominids, so I was taking wild stabs in the dark, but overall I think I did pretty well for not paying attention for the second half of the semester whilst doodling the weighted companion cube in my notebook :D Well. That's not fair. I wrote down pretty much everything the professor said, but studying it and absorbing it is another thing entirely. Or, uh, two. things. Whatever. But this all means I can embark on securing a second job to build monies for the Epic Roadtrip of Wonderfulness (I will always find a different verb every time I mention it now) this summer. GO GO GADGET SUMMER JOB.

Guess what came in the mail yesterday? A cooling pad for my laptop! \o/ I've been having problems with the heat for the past couple weeks, since California has decided to go all Tartarus on us, but I ended up ordering one off Amazon to aid me in my crusade to keep a laptop for over one year -__- It's made of light metal and has three well-placed fans and plenty of room to air out while remaining comfortable, so I'm really stoked about it. The only two things I've got to work on is paying back Sean and working on extending the battery life of the lappy. And if I just happen to be calling it Jarvis, it's all Tony Stark's fault.

Also, Iron Man has caused me to have a bit of a Robert Downey Jr. renaissance, but I realized I only have one movie he was in (Chaplin--FANTASTIC movie, btw, if anyone gets a chance to watch it). This saddens me greatly.

Doctor Who and me being a bit of a sappy, crying mess )

Back to my Five binge!

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Happy Mother's Day, everyone, even though it's almost over. Hope everyone had a good day--me, not so much. It's never been one of those days that made very much of a difference since mine's been gone since I was six, but giving flowers and a card to my grandmother is just as nice. In case anyone's wondering, white orchids, purple at the center :3 After we did a little bbq for dinner, I spent the rest of my day backing up all my music and watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, definitely not comparing it to the new one (cuz I love them both) and contemplating just how much the Eighth Doctor's outfit looks like Wonka's XD

And for those of you who don't want to hear me ramble more about Doctor Who, you can skip this part. )

I wish I had a real brother, the kind that actually cared and used me for anything more than something for him to hurt for his amusement.

Go see Iron Man. It's fucking amazing.


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