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-Tweety was a lot fluffier about McCain's "I know how to catch Osama bin Laden" schtick than Keith was. Keith was not. amused. by McCain's tactics.

-Joey Scars is filling in for David Gregory today; despite his Republicanness and the narcissistic douche factor, I like him O__o It helps that he is the biggest J. Stew/Colbert fanboy ever.

-I think this may be the first time I've actually liked Sarah Silverman, and it's not just Keith's awesomeness rubbing off on her O__o

-"Not a liberal!" gosh, Rachel's the cutest ever ^__^

-aaaaand I have a reason to watch Leno tonight
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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: Mock the Vote
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I love this article a whole lot. Jon, in particular, is always very insightful while maintaining a balance of humor and seriousness, while Stephen's the counterpoint, offering little zingers and views into the political process that Jon has never got to see from the inside, like when Stephen ran for president. The vernacular is extremely easy to understand (refreshing considering this is the time of political campaigns, the biggest producers of BS other than Bill O'Reilly) and points are right on the spot. The article isn't for the tl;dr crowd, but it breaks down some of the political processes into nice digestible bits ;-) So I highly recommend the read!
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This will be a bit scattered, as I've been intently following the presidential race since roughly the beginning of the year (after the primaries were done, basically), but haven't really posted about politics in a while.

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report honestly save me from insanity, not even kidding. In the midst of all the rhetoric and media coverage and attack ads, it's really refreshing to have a group at the back of the class launching spitballs at the whole process. It's rather odd that a pair of comedy shows are really the only ones doing their homework and cutting through all the bullshit and hype and talking points. And a little sad, too.

Vids under the cut--they're worth it. )

And now, the rules of the VP debates have been changed for Sarah Palin.


And on a lighter note, Stephen Colbert: Dance Machine.

Homeboy is fierce as HALE.

On a similar note, anyone here actually interested in talking politics? I'm afraid I'm obsessed at the mo', and it won't be going away any time soon, especially if when Obama is elected, so it'd be cool to chat with some peeps ^__^ Or alternately, make a politics filter so I'm not bugging the shit out of people when I post my millionth Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert clip ;-)

Okay, going back to watch moar MSNBC.
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Hello, everyone in internetland :) We've been staying in San Clemente for a few days, but this is really the first time I've brought myself to blog a little. On the morning of the second departure, lol. I've still got a lot of repacking and whatnot to do, but since I've got a bit of time...

Arizona was beautiful in the way only blurred desert landscapes can be--not something I'm exactly unfamiliar with, but I saw a lot of things that really fascinated me (namely, y'know, the effing Grand Canyon, holy bajeezus). Pictures to come once I return. All in all my head's in a good place--doing this roadtrip has shifted my perspective of people and myself in ways I'm not quite sure of yet, but I know they're good changes. I've never really been able to stay sane in the presence of other people for such a sustained period of time--I'm always withdrawing back into my room or going on the internet to escape. But Jen and Ellie are making it easy for me to deal and I hope it's something I can take back with me.

As for politics, there's not enough WTF in the world right now to describe how much confusion and anger I have for the Republican party and this circus the Palin nomination has become. Hey guys, remember when McCain was a pretty cool guy? Me too. Wave bye-bye to those forsaken days -__- Even if the media isn't covering all the shit things Palin has done and her skewed ideals (ones that she will push on the American people if, Heathus forbid, McCain is elected then decides to kick the bucket), my faith is always restored by Jon Stewart ♥

can't think of much else to say, so I'm going to get more coffee. Stay safe and I'll see you guys in a while.

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I found this recently: the Kilborn era! *le gasp* Here, he's still referred to as "the new guy", and the story makes some semblance of sense if you're on mushrooms, but Stephen is outrageously good-looking (and has fantastic hair XD) in this piece ^__^
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I think you'll get a kick outta these, SA ;)

Check-In: Thanksgiving Dinner
Includes Assuming!Stephen and Dream-Shattering!Jon, quickly followed by Sulky!Stephen and Scornful!Stephen. Very adorable.

Check-In: Stephen's tribute to the Irish
Includes Jon's line,"I've known this for many years: Stephen Colbert is... the Lord of the Dance."

Let me know if they don't work!


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