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quick hits:

-Dad's birthday was fine except my body decided to betray me, so most of what I could do was suck down advil and iced tea and curl up on a couch, cutting into my valuable Dad time. John took off to spend another long weekend with him, but I've got Saturday commitments and a busy comm that's about to have a watch party for the US premier of Sherlock and schoolwork, so :(

-Dad's girlfriend gave me Brandon Flowers's solo album for no reason whatsoever. Score!

-so John Watson shares his clothes with Spock. funny, cuz I more saw Sherlock in that Vulcan get up :)

-found that Housemate Jase is definitely the root of my sleeping problems; dude does not know how to twist doorknobs so that doors close quietly. At night -__-

-Big Boss is ignoring all of us because we haven't taken him out of his habitat in ages; African tortoises have no concept of rain.

-got grandma interested in Sherlock and watched all three eps in two days *cackles evilly* John is the last that needs to be educated~

-and totally studied for my medical terminology test for one day and pulled it off. Coincidentally, cramming ain't my style bro.

Now I'm going to snuggle with my lappy and coffee once more and try to relax :) Hope everyone's having a good day!
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Most relevant gif ever for this fandom:

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New OST stuff has been leaked for WoW: Cataclysm. I'm a HUGEHUGE dork for this alone, but there's a mishmash of nerdy references on top of that. An NPC named Horatio Laine, who wears sunglasses and, I assume, makes extremely bad one liners, is investigating the death of a beloved horse in Westfall. The theme music for (what I assume to be) the Who Killed Old Blanchy? questline has, well, some rather close instrumental similarities to a movie about a certain Victorian consulting detective. Also, the track is called Mysterious (a Mystery is afoot!) Blizzard, you cheeky bastards.

But yeah, the new music is IMMENSE. Even if you have no interest in Warcraft whatsoever, it's totally worth a listen :D A few of my favorites from the new expansion:

The Shattering, wherein WoW lets its Lord of the Rings show.
The Night Elves
Cold Mountain, which is far too beautiful to just be generic music for areas like Alterac and other mountainous regions.
The Skywall
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If anyone spoils Sherlock for me I will end you.

*is still downloading*

Fuck my life, I can't watch it till I finish doing this other thing tonight. Goddamnit.
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the tie-in blogs are marvelous. How else would I have known John forced Sherlock into a Bond movie marathon? ^__^

I've said it once and I'll say it again: this is the best AU fic ever.
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eeeee, best not-spoiler evah! I wondered if/when it'd be making an appearance :) Patiently awaiting all the new picspams that will include violin sexiness so I can get my band nerd on. BC is still stupidly statuesque and I would not have him any other way.

and if ever there was a more pressing need for a crossover with Doctor Who, or at least something with BC and Matt Smithykins in the same room, it'd be this.

Matt Smith: “My mate Benedict [Cumberbatch] plays Holmes, so we have lovely mornings where we go, ‘Hi Sherlock! Hi Doctor!’ I think they should do an episode with him: these two great minds going, ‘Ding- ding-ding! Whatcha got?”

Make it happen, Moffat. Or else someone will write that crossover and you'll be very cross.

and some chatter about The Blind Banker )
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Best thing to come out of Sherlock, besides getting a fan-freaking-tastic new show obviously: possible London meet-up in winter?

I fucking love this fandom.
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because it's really pretty. Yeah, I got nothing, guys. I'll actually make a proper review-y post soon, I promise.

Read more... )

EDIT: HAHA there's already a TV Tropes page. Now they've REALLY made it.
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I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Dunno if that strictly representative, as I tried a few and got different answers for each, but I'm okay with this one XD

I'm pretty bummed that the trailer for the new BBC Holmes series has been smited (smote?) by the mighty Beeb, but there's more and more stuff being released daily :) Not much longer until the 25th, so hah. All the same, I feel compelled to pimp out [ profile] sherlockbbc and encourage people to come chat about it, if you feel so inclined. Looks like it'll be epic! :D

In the interim of end-of-semester and the upcoming one, I've been spending most of my time babysitting my cousin the devil child, who's a little more rambunctious than I have the energy for on most occasions, but I'm remembering what I was like when I was his age XD Now plz to be stop using me as a jungle gym, do not want another pinched nerve in mah back -__-

note to self: take pictures of Big Boss the turtle and post them
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First order of business, REPOST THIS PLEASE. I want my flist to be safe, mmkay.


PTSD Watson? Psychopathic, dead body-beating Holmes? Hell. yes. Action! Cell phones! Dashing scarves! I AM SO EXCITE, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. Sunday July 25th BE THERRRRRRRE (except if you're American, then you can come cry with me and hope someone rips it and posts a download ;______;)

Not to be outdone, lovely Eleven got almost nekkid and did a film about being gay in Nazi Germany. Well played, good sir.

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Being a member of ONTD bore more unexpected fruit than excellent gifs! Welcoming [ profile] jomadge and [ profile] ember_top_hat20 to my little slice of the internet machine, do find a comfy chair and make yourselves at home :)

WEIRD DREAM TUESDAY: Very odd dream in which I was Sherlock Holmes, only I (he) lived in my (and in my actual) house and took clients in modern time, while they were still dressed in Victorian fashion O__o Also, for some reason, I was in drag, unrecognizable as Holmes but for the fact that I was taking a case (and that twisted dream logic that makes things fact no matter how bizarre and contradictory), and I looked like Christina Aguilara. Yeah, I don't even know. I DON'T LISTEN TO CHRISTINA AGUILARA. My brain is a very strange place...

As of today, I have two finals out of the way! :D I already have my final grade for music theory: B- only because I couldn't do a concert report assignment on account of my being a broke ass girl at the time it was due (before my tax return got back, FUUUUUU). But I aced both finals (don't have the result for the maths one yet, but I feel it in mah bones) so yeah, I'm feeling pretty pimptastic right now :)



Grandma loved last night's House :| She came downstairs this morning squeeing about how ~*HOUSE AND CUDDY ADMITTED THEIR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER*~ and then I died a little more on the inside.


Oh Amaretto bender, why could you not dull the pain!? *melodramatic sigh* I'll just think of the season ender as a comedy, because hysterical laughter is better than utter loss of faith in writers as a whole (because really, if such great writers can fall this far? I fear for the species.)
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Delightful things I have learned about @KeithOlbermann:

*has already mastered the Art of Twittering faster than @RachelMaddow, calls her a n00b, I squeal my head off
*is a huge Harry Potter nerd
*is BFFies with Simon Pegg and Joel McHale
*is not actually a huge scifi geek, a trespass which I can easily forgive because he greatly enjoys Tom Baker as the Doctor
*believes Jeremy Brett to be the best Sherlock Holmes ever period end of story

With all due respect to Basil Rathbone and RDJesus, THE LAST POINT IS VERY TRUE. I am going through the complete Granada series in a way that can only be described as devouring, already up to "The Empty House". I'll miss David Burke as Watson terribly, but I already love Mr. Hardwicke, and both do a fab job of portraying the good doctor, but I am convinced that Jeremy Brett was born solely for the purpose of playing Sherlock Holmes, world's only consulting detective and champion sofa hurdler. DESTINED for it :D I need extreme macros, because seriously, this imperial ass GQMF. Seriously.

Update time for That Will Situation After The Death Of My Grandfather. Read more... )

Argh, I have not been a very good LJ friend lately, so I'm going to spend a considerable amount of time catching up with all of you. Best wishes and fond feelings for you all <3
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Happy April Fool's Day, everyone! if you haven't seen it, [ profile] ontd_political pulled a pretty damn good one over us XD

EDIT: OMG AWESOME PRANK COURTESY OF BLIZZARD. My sexy draenei paladin has gained a little weight XD

also, it's Nice Secret Day on [ profile] fandomsecrets. IT IS AMAZING.

This week's been more stressful that I like so far, really starting last Wednesday. My Macroeconomics professor had the genius idea of having a paper due the class immediately after we get back from Spring Break--something which I couldn't have done anyway because all my assignment information was in my notebook, and I accidentally left that underneath my desk at my midterm D: --and anyways can you imagine how THAT was? I felt like my eyeballs were going to dry up and fall out of my head, it was so tedious ;__; But upon finding that less than half the class had remembered to do the assignment (having been preoccupied with midterms), he pushed it back to yesterday, and I am very fortunate, as it counts for 15% of our grade.

That's the only academic complaint I can throw out, thankfully, aside from my others just being exceedingly boring that it's hard for me to just not skip them altogether. If I don't get to start doing more biology/medical classes soon, I'm going tear my hair (all too short) hair out.

Family corner: uncles are idiots, the end.

John and Sam and I watched Sherlock Holmes on DVD and John did not mock it endlessly, therefore I am content with the knowledge that I can influence him through movies and TV shows (namely Supernatural, mwahahaha). They spoke so fast at times that John needed subtitles on [insert dumb American who can't understand his own language joke here]. I don't blame John though, it took me a couple rewinds at points, too, even if I do have more of an ear for British accents than he does (although I know BBC programs are not exactly representative as a whole :P).

And today SciFi (I refuse to call it SyFy) is having a Merlin marathon--season 1, ahhhhh that's the stuff, kneewalking and stocks and the fearsome foursome :) I didn't haaaaate season 2, but the dodgy characterizations did get to me after a bit. Here's to hoping season 3 will fix some stuff? Obviously it'll be awesome having Morgana as a badass sorceress along with Morgause, but I hope Arthur finally figures out Merlin :|

Oh shit, episode two now! Swordfighting and Colin Morgan's awkward adorableness and motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking shield!


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