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I got hit by this meme from [ profile] lucia_tanaka Fear my washed out complexion...

If you read this, you're tagged. Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on makeup. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your f-list the real you!

In my defense it's raining and humidity makes my hair go frizzzz )

Doctor Who Xmas special was most enjoyable, if ridiculous, but we all know to expect that by now: the Doctor busted a Sherlock! Bowtie: still cool. Motherloving SHAAAAARKS. Accidentally marrying Marilyn Monroe! Good stuff, all of it ♥ I was more interested in the trailer for next series; America! Stetsons are cool! Inexplicable nekkid!River! I'm all smiles :)
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Sara's long overdue yet extremely brief thoughts on MCR's Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. So this is a bit different, isn't it? John & Sam hated it straight away, and initially both Sean and I thought it was. Well. Very safe sounding. before I really listened to it over and over again, there wasn't a lot I liked about it save for a few of the catchier songs. Just musically, it's less interesting & has less hooks, not that it isn't well-executed, and Plantetary GO seems to take a strange sojourn into disco land while there's overall less Gerardesque singing and strangely a lot of synth and doubled Geerad vocals but it still gels pretty well.

Agreeing with [ profile] moondarri here: it's a repeater. I'm still not too keen on Scarecrow, but Danger Days is quickly joining my jams playlist :) Despite the above bitching, I've learned not to be so srs bsns about it and embrace the technicolor rockage!

And catching up on the Big Finish audios I've been lax on picking up the past, oh, most-of-the-year, I'm again awash in Doctor Who love, especially my boys Five and Eight :3 Big Finish finally convinced Janet Fielding to come back to the fold and so there's new episodes with Five, Nyssa, Turlough, and Tegan omfgy ^__^ Eight has a new companion who I haven't really warmed up to yet (Lucie was a hard act to follow), but I do get Paul McGann being deliciously bitchy and snappish as the Doctor so it's a nice trade off. And it was just announced on the Classic Who official Twitter that the remastered Mara Tales are going to be released imminently fucking finally. Love me some floppy hair!Five and evil!Tegan.

I have not yet watched this year's Christmas special, so NO SPOILERS YO, but I do understand there is Michael Gambon and apparently it's the best ep since Blink or so I hear and that is MUY EXCITING. I must rewatch series 5 <3
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eeeee, best not-spoiler evah! I wondered if/when it'd be making an appearance :) Patiently awaiting all the new picspams that will include violin sexiness so I can get my band nerd on. BC is still stupidly statuesque and I would not have him any other way.

and if ever there was a more pressing need for a crossover with Doctor Who, or at least something with BC and Matt Smithykins in the same room, it'd be this.

Matt Smith: “My mate Benedict [Cumberbatch] plays Holmes, so we have lovely mornings where we go, ‘Hi Sherlock! Hi Doctor!’ I think they should do an episode with him: these two great minds going, ‘Ding- ding-ding! Whatcha got?”

Make it happen, Moffat. Or else someone will write that crossover and you'll be very cross.

and some chatter about The Blind Banker )
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Either Moff is a mad genius (which he is), or he rewatched a few Fifth Doctor serials before his first series as showrunner began.

Or the universe is playing a massive trick on him.

Also, look at this dapper motherfucker right here.

As much as I've done some complaining about the recent Harry Potter films, and how I felt like I had to force myself through about the last half of the seventh book, the party posts surrounding Deathly Hallows part 1 are doing a number on me and I'm getting insanely nostalgic and a bit teary :( The final nail is going into the coffin of the HP franchise forever (unless JKR decides to dig it up at some point, but I'm pretty sure that's only when she's finished swimming in her money piles, SCrooge McDuck style~) and I'll be left with my dvds and well-thumbed copies of the books and Twilight as The Next Harry Potter oh god save us D:

I was never part of the fandom while it was in its heyday, so I was never around for shipping wank or the legendary theories (Ron is Dumbledore, apparently), but in a way I'm happy for that because I haven't got anything to taint my memories of walking around my school with my nose stuck in Goblet of Fire, or spending every waking moment reading them. That and I guess I was dumb and didn't get that Ron and Hermione loved each other until someone told me (pre book seven), but there you go.

So rereading is in order, I think :)
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I suppose I'm a very fortunate person to never have had great problems with my teeth, as I'm watching over poor Sam for the day D: Just the other day she went in to get her wisdom teeth pulled--can't tell you how many horror stories I've heard about wisdom teeth & the pulling thereof. And in her case, her teeth are so bad they're almost horizontal in parts, and the roots of her back teeth grew so crooked that they threatened her nasal cavity and nerves in the jaw DDDDD:

Stuff of nightmares. She's strung out on hydrocodone, ibuprofen, and antibiotics and clutching a bag of ice to her swollen cheeks by now, and I feel horrible eating in front of her because she can't have food she'd have to chew :S We made a run to the store earlier so snatch up all the soup, jello, and yogurt in the joint, but she felt self conscious and hung her hair in her face. My brother's a dick though, and makes fun of her cheeks :(

So On Demand is our master for today, after getting her caght up on the latest Doctor Who eps, and uurrrrrg, why am I starting to like True Blood, guys? *frets* I'll be trying to go about my business and write stuff/do some Warcrafting/whatever and either Sam or John sticks it on and I end up watching it until I catch myself and turn away again. What's up with that? HALP. SEND DOCTORS.

Also watched Young Sherlock Holmes, which was pretty cute ^__^

Light of my life atm: the Stupid Faces of Doctor Who tumblr. Hours of juvenile glee at the expense of Doctor Who? eeeeeexcellent.
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Doctor Who todayyyy, yeaaahhhh!


Of course I'll have to wait another couple hours than my British friends, being on entirely the wrong side of the world, but Twitter will be active, therefore I shall be entertained in the meantime :)

I promised [ profile] firedragon9 AAAAAGESSSS ago that I'd do some screenies to show her my UI, and finally I have been not-lazy enough to upload and post, though since I got my new sparkle pony (ie Celestial Steed), I feel like I'm going to end up having a screenshot-palooza of the WoW variety coming up :3

UI pics for Nikki! )

So, Doctor Who this afternoon, catching on up my politics, Icecrown Citadel raid tonight, everything is shiny all around :) Hope everyone is doing well!
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Happy Easter everyone! And for the not-so-religiously-inclined, happy Sunday!

I'm still going to be watching "The Eleventh Hour" about a hundred more times before I feel like I can properly comment, since I'm just awash in squee, so have a gif :D

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I'm giving things time to process, but overall I thought it was rather brilliant :D shortlist: Matt Smith is a fabulous Doctor, already large and in charge, Amy's story broke my heart, new TARDIS is gorgeous, HELL YEAH PREVIOUS TEN DOCTORS SHOUT OUT, YEAAAHHHHHH~

title sequence: OLDSKOOL. I like.
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WoW updaaaaate: Anaan was made my main (poor, disused Dahaka), therefore promoted a bunch of levels in my guild ranking system. Picked up my tier 10 gloves from Vault of Archavon yesterday--huzzah, tier 9 AND tier 10 2 piece set bonuses! That's a grand total 25% increase in damage for Hammer of the Righteous which = delicious delicious threat generation :3 Which also means my co-tank for Icecrown Citadel is having trouble taking threat off me when we have to switch it up mid fight D:

Picked up the frost emblem belt too, lots of stamina gems for new equipment, got honored with the Ashen Verdict (new reputation ring, woot!), all is well and good in Azeroth :)
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new season 5 trailer underneath cut, also, Peter Davison being made of win )

So Doctor Who is being very good to me now and will continue to be in the upcoming weeks because the new series starts and I will finally have some Eleven in my life (♥♥♥)

I finished Final Fantasy XIII, and yes I do feel very accomplished. MY that game is freaking LONG. And for some reason there's certain missions that you aren't meant to finish before finishing the game once through because you can't possibly be strong enough because the last level of the Crystarium isn't unlocked until you beat the last boss. Strange, convoluted non-logic to be sure, but I don't have any reason to completely abandon/restart the game now, because maybe I can finally beat the adamantoise ) so I can finally upgrade my weapons to max :(

This happy post was brought to you by the letters D, W, and F :)
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GIP, because the second edition of Rusty's book is giving us unexpected treats and [ profile] renestarko is a GODDESS. Also, hi, I stopped being stupidly oversensitive and people stopped being so mean to Ten, so I rejoined [ profile] doctoreleven (the gif posts were a big part of it), cuz they're on top of Eleven & Amy news like whoa.

So today's my brother's birthday; we're January babies XD I bought him and Ryan and me breakfast, then cruised on home for a good round of Beatles RB. He seemed a little sad, before Ryan showed up at the café, and maybe it was just because Sam had to work and couldn't be there with us, but I'm sure he'll be feeling less down when we go down to see our dad. He's planning on taking us out to celebrate our birthdays at the same time, haha. Going to attempt to cajole my family into seeing Sherlock Holmes with me, because all I've seen of the movie are gifs and ads, but I have the urge to watch the shit out of that movie. Probably bc of Robert Downey Jr's smartass ways :D

Yeah, I'm gonna be gone all this weekend, so be cool my bbs. I leave you with a gif that combines two of my great loves: Doctor Who and World of Warcraft (lulz)

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Contemplating joining [ profile] fandomsmash as the Fifth Doctor at the behest of my [ profile] batmanboxers, even though I've never RPed before. It's a little scary, and I'm worried I won't be in character or that I won't recognize some people from other fandoms, aieeee. idk, idk, I'm thinking about it, but I like the idea of playing Five :D

There's two vastly different parties planning to get me good and drunk tomorrow, but my uncle Paul has taken it upon himself to make plans without asking me first, so he gets it in his head that I'm coming with him and my uncle Chester, with John and Sam and possibly our friend Ryan Miller invited to come along, which is okay? Just no. One: Where does he get off making plans without me when it's my birthday?

Two: How awkward is this going to be? Very -__- I can hardly be around my uncles because of sheer obnoxiousness, and I really just wanted this to be a young persons' night on the town. It's going to be uncomfortable, anything involving Paul usually is, but I'm also worried that he only made Chester come because Paul doesn't have a job and has the opportunity to get drunk on his brother's dime, and Chester is likely indifferent to my birthday. The whole situation has got me making this face:

And because partly I'm indecisive and partly I don't want to offend anyone, I'm not going to say anything, and it'd be a pretty big dick move for me to exclude my uncles, of all people.

But Sam is saying that when we go down and visit my dad this upcoming weekend, he says he'll take us all out to dinner so we can celebrate my brother's and my birthdays at the same time.

Nevermind that I might want to go out with my friends at some point. My buddy Karen is already planning on taking me to Cheesecake Factory cuz she says they have delicious drinks. So if I get yummy drinks and cheesecake, consider me a happy girl :)

Whoops, almost forgot to mention, I'm really in love with this painting of the Doctor. Seriously lovely work <3
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cut, in case anyone is still living under a rock )



And Ten is finally encroaching on favorite Doctor territory. DEFINITELY a threat to usurp Five as my favorite. They're at least on even ground, but every time I rewatch his last ep, Ten keeps edging up higher and higher...

okay, going back to depression.
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The Doctor is dead, long live the Doctor.
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Last post of 2009!

I had and left a super lame job, went to NY to see Jen and JON FREAKING STEWART, fell out of love with some things, fell in love with others, did school and fandom and life was good :D I gonna get my happy on tonight so I can get my sad on tomorrow for Doctor Who, then celebrate the birth of a new Doctor <3 See you all on the other side!
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GREAT BRITAIN FLISTERS, YOU BETTER HAVE LINKS FOR TONIGHT'S NEVERMIND THE BUZZCOCKS FOR ME. *shakes fist* *sulkily listens to Tom Baker dvd commentary instead*
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Anyone who's a New & Classic Who fan needs to see this fan sketch: Ten joins the Time Lord Retirement Club, as per his impending regeneration XD Lulzy and filled with fanboy humor, and poor Nine gets it pretty bad from his other incarnations ROFL

I am free from the tyranny of finals, WOOHOO! I totally kicked ass on my biology lab final, maybe not so much on the lecture final, but I feel really confident about my grade in that class. Government was a breeze. Aieee, I'm just feeling very good right now :)

I have a couple more gifts to get and send out, and OH. I forgot to ask, HAY [ profile] batmanboxers! Are you offended by Christmas cards? I'd guess not considering you sent me one, but better safe than sorry ;)

short entry is short
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your mileage may vary, but you know what more annoying than hating the Eleventh Doctor before we've even seen him onscreen yet? Telling the Tenth to GTFO already.

It seems I can never find comms that can have one thing AND the other -__- It's always hate on either side of the fence.

Oh well, Nevermind the Buzzcocks on Wednesday will still be epic :)


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