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oh this is brilliant, praise be to Moffat's Twitter ♥

EDIT: and apparently Benedict and David Tennant were not only in the same room, but directly next to each other in in-your-face and the universe did not explode from awesome. IS TODAY MY BIRTHDAY OR SOMETHING?

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From the other side of my twenty first birthday, I say helloooo! :)

T'was successful in that I: did not hurl, did not get a hang over, did not pass out, did not end up strangling Chester, Paul, OR Aunt Toni.

In case you were wondering, three margaritas on the rocks, and no, I was not carded XD

the new semester starts up next week D: Not that I'm not psyched to have more stuff to do right now, but I'm at the point where I want to skip the general education and just jumps straight to my nursing major material :| Also, not that happy to be dropping what I predict will be, oh, upwards of four hundred dollars, since the classes were a little over three hundred, and the books usually cost more than the classes, whyyyy.

so someone posted an adorable, dialogue-free short that David Tennant was in, that I did not previously know existed, and I may have had a heart attack of cute. if you need a lift in your day, this is it:

and finally a hearty HELLO to all the crazy awesome Doctor Who fans that friended me at the party post yesterday--you guys seriously rock and made my birthday ten times more wonderful!
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Just a quick series of announcements:

-Nikki! I am officially back on World of Warcrack! If you're down to playing on Saturdays again, that would be most excellent :D

-Sarah! I've sent you something, fufufufufu...

-I don't really have a third point, I just wanted to gloat that I have a download of the David Tennant-headlined broadcast of Hamlet played on Boxing Day ASDFJKL;
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A poster mentioned that with Doctor Who and Hamlet both showing this month, I get to watch David Tennant die twice. If it wasn't so damn funny I'd be ├╝ber depressed right now XD But if it does take a turn for the sad, he's going to be on QI and DT and Stephen Fry will bring my happy back <3

Speaking of Hamlet, a picspam from the very same production is up right here. Wonderfully summed up thus: the Doctor and Picard do Shakespeare. Nerds everywhere wet their pants a little.

One week til Xmas Doctor Whomas!
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fuuuuck, Tennant, I am going to miss you and your fanboyism SO FREAKING MUCH

Sam mentioned today (in secret) that my brother was looking for a Beatles Rock Band guitar for me for Xmas :') He's so awesome sometimes <3

There's really no point to this entry, I just wanted to squee about NMTB + Daaavid + CT + Bernard Cribbins :D
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Happy Halloween to one and all, and Happy Birthday to one Frank Iero :D I know I won't be the only one eagerly awaiting the return of the normal blue header tomorrow morning.

(btw, idc if anyone reads the rest of this post, but, please comment so I can see if I've succeeded in fixing my formatting? i.e., it shows up in your flist?)

School and work are still eating me alive D: I felt like a zombie today (fitting, considering the holiday) and I was pretty much ready to take a faceplant once I got home (which I did. conked out for two hours, just enough for me to wake up and get my daily dose of Keith ^__^) But it was pretty much worth it to because I got to see Jon being a gigantic Obama fanboy, and that makes me happeh <3 AND, AND, there were tiny children in the store today, all dressed up ♥ Little Tiggers and Buzz Lightyears and Alices omgggggg

I'm really, really looking forward to this election season wrapping up. I...can't really express exactly how tired I am of the whining and the GOP's perpetual state of delusion (and I find myself wishing Obama would be a teeeeeeny bit more aggressive so we can have some more snarky pwnage, but I suppose it's best left to Stewart & Colbert) and I just want it to be over. In essence, it is already, since, I believe, the only reason McCain could POSSIBLY pull this out of his ass is if there's some Election 2000-esque shenanigans. Democrats have already got a jump on that, with Obama mobilizing lawyers in key swing states to investigate matters of voter fraud, disenfranchisement, and voter suppression, but it's still happening and we still need to fight it. Get out there and vote, people.

Heard the Doctor Who news a couple days ago, and yes, I'm really depressed about it D: Peter may be my favorite Doctor, but Tennant is truly in a league of his own, and he launched the role into a fresh, wonderful area that I fear might not be reached again. I have every confidence that the next one will be a fantastic Doctor, but he won't be David.

And now, picspammage! in the TARDIS )

And on a final, random note, Coldplay. Yeah, I know, but even if you don't like Coldplay AT ALL, watch this plz.

Chris Martin does his best to be Geeway, fails, but is still damn entertaining:

Srsly, wtf is up with the Black Parade-esque jackets? Why is there a tv by his piano? And, me being only a recent convert, there is WAY more onstage energy coming out of Chris than I thought there'd be O__O

Have I mentioned that I fucking love Coldplay? Because I do.

Nighty night.
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Happy Mother's Day, everyone, even though it's almost over. Hope everyone had a good day--me, not so much. It's never been one of those days that made very much of a difference since mine's been gone since I was six, but giving flowers and a card to my grandmother is just as nice. In case anyone's wondering, white orchids, purple at the center :3 After we did a little bbq for dinner, I spent the rest of my day backing up all my music and watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, definitely not comparing it to the new one (cuz I love them both) and contemplating just how much the Eighth Doctor's outfit looks like Wonka's XD

And for those of you who don't want to hear me ramble more about Doctor Who, you can skip this part. )

I wish I had a real brother, the kind that actually cared and used me for anything more than something for him to hurt for his amusement.

Go see Iron Man. It's fucking amazing.


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