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It's probably not my place to be so excited about the upcoming Marvel movies, BUT I AM OH YES. Admittedly, this is mostly spurned from receiving Iron Man 2 on DVD for my birthday & getting re-caught-up with all the happenings in the lead up movies for The Avengers, but am now about filled with 150% liquified geekitude and thankful I don't have money to burn because it would be thrown at FUCKING COMIC BOOKS. /run on

So that means I spent yesterday both watching Iron Man 1 & 2 and resisting the temptation to strangle The Roommate because he cannot watch ANYTHING without a constant stream inane, base commentary. If I were to make a drinking game out of the number of times he said "Oh yeah, feels good" or called someone a bitch in a film/video game/whatever, I'd have alcohol poisoning within the half hour. ESPECIALLY bothersome if it's a movie you're seeing for the first time; why in the world would you want to talk over plot points and dialogue WHICH YOU DON'T KNOW ARGH. It's kind of the same thing to me as singing along to any song you hear, but I digress. This is all part of spelling out that he's very uncomfortable to be around--can't keep badgering him to be decent (in general. like, he regularly walks around without a shirt with all his hairy nipples hanging out and constantly scratching his balls and yuck) because he goes back to his pre-informed way quickly, and after months we haven't been able to train him :/

ANYWAYS IRON MAN. When I could ignore Jase and concentrate on the films. Quite possibly the best superhero series there's been, or at least on the level with The Dark Knight and Watchmen (♥♥♥ personal favorite of mine, but I know not everyone liked it). and on while I'm talking about the Dark Knight )

They all have their merits, but I feel like I have to give Iron Man major props for not going straight for the dark. depressing. intense. road. It's not like you have to do that in order to be taken seriously as a superhero movie; however, Iron Man is uniquely qualified to be both light and believable (and by believable I mean the ease with which suspension of disbelief can be applied when it comes to a billionaire engineering prodigy making a rocket suit) because the story doesn't try to be hyper complex with its themes, and no one plays Jerk With a Heart of Gold quite like Robert Downey Jr. There are no heavy metaphors thrown around like in Watchmen or TDK but it doesn't need it. The overall focus on the quality of character development plus the attention to detail is more than enough to not only make it completely watchable, but it excels at what it does. The sequel gets some of that typical sophomore bloat, especially with the expanded cast, and while it's expected, I enjoyed it as much as the first, thought the first is the better film.

Of course, I'm all about the little things. Watching how all the bits of the suit whirr and fit together, and the dialogue where the characters all kinda affably talk over each other in a Lebowski-esque fashion, and all delicious delicious technology porn is just the kind of nerdy fan service that makes the Iron Man films delightful :) What the movies rely on is Tony Stark, and what sells Tony Stark is not only the charm and slightly assholish nature, but backing up his ego with actual scenes where he sits there and figures shit out and they go through lengths to actually show he's a genius engineer. And that's like catnip to me, hehe.

So yes. The moral of this story: I am an all-consuming nerd, Jase is not invited to see Thor/Captain America/The Avengers with me, and the cake is a lie.

And Tony Stark fucked Peter Parker.
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The week before finals, naturally not a lot of classes are going to have tons to do other than review, or, rather, give us the rundown of what you need to review for. Funny that my first and earliest class of the day also ended up having the shortest runtime, so I found myself with 3 1/2 hours to kill. Naturally the only thing to do is cruise up to the movie theater and see Iron Man 2 again, amirite?


Just as the previews are starting, I get a call from brother mine asking me where I am, and who answers "the movie theater" when you're supposed to be in class, a week before finals?

"In class, John," said I, using my Unimpressed Sibling voice.

He stutters a bit, then says, "Alright, just checking in. See ya later." And hangs up.

My windshield wipers are messed with and sticking in odd directions when I get back to my car, with a note reading "John was here", lol. Can't get away with much where my brother is concerned XD cool story bro, I know.

Anyways, I wish I had a HD screencap hoard for IM2 as I do for the first one, because all the manipulated holographs and engineering pr0nz just appeals to my techie heart. )

I'm pretty interested to see if the type tangibility introduced in IM can be brought to the other Marvel films, particularly Thor, since he's easily the most supernatural out of the Avengers. You wouldn't think that a Norse god of thunder could logically exist in the same space as the tech-driven Tony Stark in a way that won't give people in the movieverse pause, much less the audience. I'm sure Captain America's transformation via the super soldier program is a lot easier to buy than and actualfax god. Even a radioactive spider bite :P

For more funtimes: the Dude took a bunch of pictures while on the set of the first Iron Man movie, and kindly posted them right here for our enjoyment :D

lastly, unrelated to the Iron Man spam, I am obsessed with this song, and not just because I want to live in Chicago. Gorgeous song *happy sigh*
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Tony Stark: pretty much the only thing that will be awesome about the new Incredible Hulk movie, apologies to Edward Norton.

Saw Indian Jones tonight! Verdict: a tad weird, but SAUCESOME :DDD Indy being all grumpyoldman and professory were the best parts, but I do love to know that, after all these years, his punches still sound like small bombs exploding ^__^ Warms the heart. The only real WTF moment I had was the spoiler goes here ) End spoilers.

Haven't watched the new Doctor Who episode yet, so DON'T SPOIL ME, BITCHES.
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[music|Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a Spider Pig does]

w00t! Saw Iron Man again today, and, in a sweeping gesture of generosity and end-of-the-semester goodness, I paid for mine and three other peoples' tickets. Not as bad as you'd think because it was all matinee, and it was nice to have a group to go to the movies with. My brother John won't say why he only kind of liked the movie, but my working theory is that he felt threatened by Tony Stark's facial hair.

Aaaaand I've got two paragraphs in which I must compare two different cultural thingamabobbers, one in English and one in French, and two separate short-answer essays for psych I have to turn in tomorrow and roughly, oh, three and a half hours in which to do them. Wish me luck :-P
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What Kind Of Whovian Are You?
Your Result: Classic series n00b

You were recently compelled by the crackly black & whiteness to investigate further...but you don't really see what the fuss over the new series is. god bless you, young padawan...

Good natured jumper wearer
New series n00b
Hard Living Demon Fan
Frothing fanboy
What Kind Of Whovian Are You?
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Actually, I'm, like, WAY into the new series, kthxbi.

I fully admit that this post was just to use my new-and-only Iron Man icon, just because Tony Stark is that effing awesome.

Feeling sick-y and couldn't stand to go to class today--hopefully tomorrow will be better and I'm going to bed to a) procrastinate a bit more and b) actually get to sleep before midnight because I'm usually up catching up on more Classic Doctor Who. I blame Davison.


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