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Anyone else getting these weird "download [program name here] today!" comments in old entries? Cuz it's kinda bugging :/ Considering killing the anon commenting system, tbh.

Soooo I kind of spent five months not listening to Folie à Deux :| This makes me a terrible Fall Out Boy fan, I am sure. But at the point that it came out, I was hurting for music that wasn't pop/rock/punk, as I am wont to do. My music taste comes in cycles, and bandom was on the outs at the moment, giving way to indie (The Decemberists, The Shins, Andrew Bird and the like). I digress.

It's good. Like, really good. I'm thinking I like it more than Infinity on High, because it's more comfortable (how I can tell, I can't explain why, but since I feel more comfortable with it and its sound, this is what I'm attributing it to). I haven't listened to it more than once through, but so far She's My Winona is officially amazing and I'm trying to figure out whether or not Patrick MF Stump actually said "We're fucked" in 27. Because if so? *epic keysmash goes here*

It also gets me wondering about popular music and why, if FOB is so popular, are they so maligned? There is a certain amount of self-loathing, sure, but there are people who'll bag on FOB in one breath and suck Rihanna's big toe on the next. Color me confused.

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