Jul. 19th, 2007

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Oh hai, I figured it's about high time I actually did a real post, as in, talking about stuffs happening in my life. Ladies and gentlemen, life is a box of chocolates. Ya never kow what you're gonna get. But ya know what else? I will eat every goddamn chocolate in that box. :D Also, life is tasty and may or may not give you diabetes, but I digress. I'm in that phase right now which Ferris Bueller so acurrately stated needed to be adhered: stop and take a look around. Assessing my future is something I never really thought I'd have to worry about because college seemed to far away then, but now I'm all up to my ears in figuring out which classes I'm taking and how much it's gonna cost, which has got Dad stressing out too and it's a real pain in the ass. The real world is hard XD Sometimes I don't think I'm ready for it, while others I'm so bored and I just want to plow ahead or, like a video game, use a cheat code to skip a couple levels, because things aren't hard enough and I'm not getting a challenge, like at work. And yeah, it's scary to think I'll be away from all things familiar at some point in the future (not while 'm going to community college, though) but I'm hoping I'll actually develop some social skills so that the transition won't be so painful.

And oh yeah, the drawing thing? Turned out rather nice, although I didn't use the photo you provided, [livejournal.com profile] kookykay! Sorry, I'll use it next time!

New drawing: Patrick Stump! )

Unfortunately, there's a bit of loss of detail in the transition to the internets, but whatever. Overall, I screwed up a bit, but I like it ^__^

And hey, how d'ya like my new layout? You cannot resist the Wentz! :D


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