Apr. 10th, 2008

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I'm actually remarkably excited about this.

I'm very much all for changing the feel around, as emphasized by my super big heart-eyes for Pretty. Odd., although what they're talking about is a shift in the lyrical focus, in which case A) if they're all love songs I'm going to destroy something B) the music style would have to be altered at least a little to fit tone, and hopefully Patrick's down for making things playable in a live setting again.

Video for Beat It? Color me ridiculously, almost obscenely inapropriately flaily.

So. My love for FOB has won out and I'm not, I don't know. Going on hiatus or anything that would necessitate me taking a long time to sort how pissed off I am out. I'm basically going to do what I've always done; ignore her. However, if there's an impact on the next album because of it, then, well. Fuck.

Still kind of homicidal,
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So, it goes that Fall Out Boy was on The Friday Night Project, performing as a promotion for Infinity on High, presumably. With the little exception that they were asked to play to a prerecorded track.

True story.

Naturally a little pissed, they set their amps off balance and played and sang slightly off from the track, in protest, and, in fact, during their "performance" Pete holds up a message on his hand saying, and I quote, "ALMOST LIVE MUSIC".

The irony, it is delishus.


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