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Ahaha, slash in the FOB fandom is far more pervasive than I initially thought. Sam, my bro's girlfriend, has been a FOB fan since FUCT, but I had to get her IOH and TTTYG, but anyways we have two separate conversations about FOB today. Keep in mind that she's never heard of slash before XD

Me (rocking the argyle sweatervest, w00t): Dude, I'm so jazzed to be seeing FOB again. D'you think we should make new shirts or wear the same ones as last time?
Sam: No, I think we should wear the same ones. They might recognize us.
Me: But we were, like, at least a hundred feet away from them at the concert.
Sam: *shrug*
Me: Hey, you hear about the new covers they're doing? You know that song at the beginning of Back to the Future?
Sam: Maybe, I dunno. We should probably rent it. I'm sure if I heard it I'd recognize it.
Me: Yeah, but anyways, The Power of Love? *tries to sing it, but fails miserably* Anyway, yeah, they're covering that.
Sam: That's so awesome; they did Beat It last time. It's like they're stuck in the really awesome part of the 80's.
Me: Well, yeah, Patrick's, like, obsessed with Bowie and Prince.
Sam: *laughs* Patrick's totally gay, then.
Me: *is delightfully intrigued* Don't you mean Pete?
Sam: No, man whores don't count. I could really see if Patrick was, though, just the way he carries himself. He just strikes me that way...

And then I had to go to work :/ But then later this afternoon we went to Trader Joe's and ended up on FOB again because I mentioned that Patrick was wearing argyle the first time he met Pete (and I was wearing argyle today, as I've already stated ^__^)

Sam: And then they made out.
Me: *laughs*
Sam: We probably shouldn't invite John to the concert, huh? Too much gay for him.
Me: Yeah, he wouldn't have a good time watching the unfolding of Pete and Patrick's epic love story.
Sam: *agrees and picks up soy milk*

Fandom is wonderful XD

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