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Fucking good

This is the reason why I refuse to believe any of this fandom wank. FOB isn't breaking up. Pete can get married if he wants to, regardless of if it's a good idea or not (it's not, by the way), and the band will still be. This is just like when MCR started getting married off and bandom went BOOM. The sky is not falling, people. Chillax a bit.

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It is a relief, to say the least, but man, I so want to smack someone upside the head and say, "WHY COULD YOU NOT HAVE HAD THIS IDEA BEFORE?!" about the 'd'aww, what if it had kind of like been a song about what we were doing the video about or sum'fin?' idea.
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I wasn't worried at all, since ages ago, when the article about Patrick von Stump being in Law and Order came out and he said they were being really productive. That kid puts my mind at ease in so many ways, god I love him.

OMB I KNOW! Ugh, guys, welcome to the end of the thought process. You're about two months late, bbs.

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I think all the boys in all the bands love each other and love everyone's significant other enough not to be pissy. And if they can accept them, I think fans can to.

Especially when they are hot. *looks at Alica, Jamina, and Lyn-Z*

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I agree. and it's Jamia ;-) The bandom wives are smokin' hot, bb, oh yusss. I've pretty much got over the whole Gerard thing, too, so I'm cool with it. Just if Pete and Ashlee get married, she'll be the first bandom wife I'll absolutely hate, and no one can convince me otherwise.

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Ack! I knew I spelled it wrong! I don't think Ashlee as talented or relaxed with the stage gay as the others. I totally don't think she likes it when Pete talks about his love for Patrick.

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Yeah, I'm pretty much convinced that he won't love anyone, romantically or platonically, as much as he loves that kid. Never ever.

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I know right. Patrick makes him all better and everything. And I think he needs to find someone who won't care how much he talks about Patrick.

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*jumps into this convo

EVERYtime pete does something gay an article comes out within the same week about pashlee. i think he's trying to hard to prove to us that he likes her.

And I think he needs to find someone who won't care how much he talks about Patrick.

and the only person who wouldn't care is Patrick.

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Probably. IDK why though. We all know he's in love with Patrick.

I wouldn't care, but I don't want to date Pete and I think Patrick is awesome, so I don't really count. :P

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i'm 99% sure that everyone in bandom is biased.
i mean ashlee could cure cancer i would still think patrick was better for pete.

that's just how it is and he doesn' help by saying

or doing this

p.s the videos are "the kiss" , "patrick i wanna see us together" and pete standing on a chair, when patrick comes out.

just in case you didn't want to click the links

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LOL! Probably! I think that SNL thing is what's killing her.

Pfft. Why wouldn't I want to clink on links of the boys. You're so silly. :P

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Wait, what? People thought FOB was breaking up?? *is blessedly wank-free*

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Yeah, and I'm just totally WTF about it, too. There's wank about it not looking like Pete's having fun anymore or because Clandestine is getting bigger or because Patrick's really coming into his own without FOB, as a producer and guest singer, etc., and some are running around and thinking it's the end of the world. Really, be thankful that you're pretty much ignorant on the subject, because knowing this kind of wank is going on makes me want to never stop bashing my head against a wall >:|

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