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Young Wild Things Tour

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I am back, finally. Well, mentally, I mean. Physically, it was last night, but you'll forgive me, eh? Bullet point review ahead.

-CIWWAF is not cute at all. Or remotely good. I kept yawning during their set and wondering when I'd get to see more of Cobra and Guy Ripley on the jumbotrons in between the sets.

-Speaking of Cobra, MADE OF WIN. If no one had noticed yet. And Ryland and Gabe both said "Delicious" and all was right in the world.

-PWT's were better than I thought they'd be. Hey There Delilah is one hellah overplayed song, but their set was strong and I found myself digging them just for the concert.

-It being the last major arena date of the tour, a couple pranks were played, but the only real one I could find was there was a huge explosionish thing when they started Hey There Delilah *lol* They had some amusing banter trying to figure out what happened (and OMG Pete was right there off to the side of the stage, there to survey the mayhem and grinning like a little kid, aw.)

-I had barrier.


-Chicks over twenty five and have VIP passes think they can walk all over you. Seriously. We thought they had some legit problems and tapped the security guards and everything to help them with the issues they were having in the pit, but they were fucking faking and pushing forward to the barrier and I got crushed. And one of them was leaning over like she meant to fucking block my line of vision, when it's pretty obvious that they're fucking Amazons that can see perfectly fine without being on the barrier, but they were just selfish bitches who didn't know the songs, didn't sing along, loudly declared that they were VIPs and could do whatever the fuck they wanted cuz "We're with the band, bitches", and tried to flirt with any guy they could catch the attention of. It was disgusting and rude and I totally would have flipped a bitch if I had my voice, but I'm sick, so hopefully I just got them sick too. Sam tried to reason with them, but they totally blew us off, so I spent GCH's set and about half of FOB's set in considerable pain. They finally left during Golden, and the girl that was next to me before they shoved their way in grabbed a hold of my arm and pulled me back to her side, saying "I wanted to help you."

Never let it be said that I don't love the real fans.

-I didn't let those two ruin the concert for me. GCH was so, so good (being the first time I've seen them live). Travis's charisma and charm is so encompassing and draws you in so easily that you can almost forget about two dumb bitches trying to block your view of the show (grr.) I had a big WTF moment @ the rather large blue boy costume, but GCH got me so pumped! Travis played the "If you're sexy and you know it, clap your hands" game with us before Shoot Down the Stars ^__^

-Maybe I never noticed it before, but the drummer is so smiley and adorable. I bet he'd be great to play some video games with.

-And ohgosh, they played part of this 80's song to get the crowd pumped, but I can't recall the name! It's not Baba O'Reilly, but it does have some intense synthesizer action and it was awesome.

-They covered a song by the Arctic Monkeys (but I didn't know it cuz I've never heard any of their stuff), but Travie said it was one of his favorite songs of all time and he has tempted me to check them out. Anyone got any songs of theirs?

-Paaaaaatrick! The singing! The skipping! The wee adorableness! My theory on the skipping is that with GCH, he knows he's standing in a land of giants, so he has to keep moving and hope that people won't notice how teeny tiny he is, but that all goes to hell when Travis calls him over and slings an arm around him and calls him the ninth wonder of the world while Patrick shakes his head. THEN HE HUNG HIS HEAD AND IT WAS PRETTY MUCH THE BEST EVER.



-Andy actually made it all the way to the acoustic break to before taking his shirt off. Color me impressed XD

-Joe's hair is going to take over the world. Fact.

-I approve mightily of Patrick's sudden interest in vests.

-I've never really realized how motherfucking AWESOME Joe Trohman is until I actually saw him up close and playing his ass off for us, challenging us, smiling down and interacting and looking for all the world like he wanted to dive headfirst into us. That kid is amazing and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

-Pete said this would be the last time they'd be touring in the US for a while and all I could think was HALLELUJAH! Those boys seriously need and break for naptime, jeez. Pete talked a bit more, talking about how much of a dumbass he was for breaking his foot, but he's smiling cuz they're getting time off, but he was pretty subdued during the whole thing. He came over and interacted with the audience quite a bit and crossed over into Joe's side, but with the lack of mobility, his stage presence isn't all there, which kind of didn't matter because JESUS CHRIST PATRICK STUMP. But there was ground-hip thrustage and exploding ovaries ohgodohgod (and I'm not even a Pete girl) and bass lickage to make up for what else he lacked.

-And Pete's hair wasn't horrible. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT.

-The back of Pete's bass reads, "The Universe Speaks To Me." Fic is in there somewhere, I believe.

-At one point, Pete was confused by a bit of red heart-shaped confetti that fell in front of him XDDD He had to stop talking and catch it and fruitlessly tried to throw it at Patrick (a whole ten feet away from him LAWLZ) but it stuck to his fingers. Oh Pete <3

-There was a bit of a switch up in the setlist/stage choreography in that instead of playing Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner they played Yule Shoot Your Eye Out and I laughed really hard. Also, Pete and Patrick and then Joe and Pete played at each other quite a bit, Joe and Patrick back to back on Sugar, and Pete decided to lean against Patrick on that song rather than Hum Hallelujah. But there was still Mr. Brightside shenanigans, fun!

-Patrick is a rockstar. There's really no other way to describe it. He fucking struts around, headbangs and jabs at the guitar like it's the only thing that's keeping him alive, he has this voice, guys, you know about that voice and the intense expressions on his face and. My all-encompassing love, let me show you it. This is the show I went to on the day that Patrick's letter to showed up, and I can't even guys. He exists and that is more than enough.

Mah awesome tour shirt, let me show you it

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Only ten bucks, suckas.


The (After) Life of the Party. OSIDLUGFBWVNODLCYWDHJGFB!!! <--Pretty much covers all the bases on what I was thinking when they started playing this. So I didn't remember that once my camera starts recording video, it can't zoom >.< So I had to stop a bit and zoom and record more, so this is split into two and the second part is too long to upload on photobucket's video requirements, BUT IT'S FABULOUS. I'VE WAITED FOREVER TO HEAR THIS LIVE.

Obligatory Mr. Brightside shenanigans

I tried to get different songs than last time, but some are the same. These are all better quality than the videos above, I assure you. All videos re on megaupload but I'll put them on sendspace if it doesn't work for you!

Arms Race

Golden on acoustic guitar. This is actually where the two uber bitches left and my barrier mate pulled me to her side, so I apologize for the momentary talking and shaky vid >.< Listen to Patrick, mmkay? It's pretty.

Hum Hallelujah


XO, and at this point I about exploded from JOY.

The (After) Life of the Party part one and part two


Me + You

Mr. Brightside (like the vid above)


Arms Race


Hum Hallelujah

Dance, Dance


The (After) Life of the Party part one and part two


Me + You

Mr. Brightside


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