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So, it goes that Fall Out Boy was on The Friday Night Project, performing as a promotion for Infinity on High, presumably. With the little exception that they were asked to play to a prerecorded track.

True story.

Naturally a little pissed, they set their amps off balance and played and sang slightly off from the track, in protest, and, in fact, during their "performance" Pete holds up a message on his hand saying, and I quote, "ALMOST LIVE MUSIC".

The irony, it is delishus.

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Hahaha that's funny. Though I couldn't really tell they were out of sync. Hehe.

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You can actually see it, too--Patrick's concentration. They're trying their DAMNDEST to keep that cadence off.

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Ohhh how I love the smell of irony in the morning. *smug face*

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God that was god and the irony is part of what makes fall out boy so AWESOME, they fight tooth and nail to have it their way in a business that can make that so hard or let it be known when they're not having their way and they deliver these messages with such cunning and wit it makes me reel sometimes. Totally brilliant! And why isn't that audience more enthusiastic seriously if i was there i'd be jumping and screaming and singing and punching the air, there is no holding back at a fall out boy gig, screwed with or not.