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I don't even care about winning arguments if there isn't any civility in it. I think that's the thing that stays with me about this whole stupid internet dick measuring contest we call fandom; it's not that someone disagrees, it's that they're insulting about it, and it's rubs me the wrong way when I have to return it.

There's a way to be insistent and make your point without disparaging someone or a group of people, there always is, just like there's a way to make an argument not based on crazed shipping, or being attacked for liking something. I thought the secret was out of line in the way all anonymous things tend to be, but when you know who you're talking to, when you know something about someone--and this someone happened to like Wincest, which gets lots of flak on its own--and get the "you're crazy for liking this character/person/ship, it's because of your kind of people I don't like what the show's doing" treatment when you haven't even come close to hitting below the belt, it fucking sucks. It's an unhappy business. And it's distasteful, and pretty much the antithesis of what you'd want to find in a fandom.

I'm happy to have my flist. I'm happy to be with people that actually like the show, its plot direction, its characters, the actors and the crew and the fan creations. I like being not being judged for being positive. You are my happy bubble and I hope to not leave it ♥

I've told myself I'm not going to go to f!s at least for a while; it's the most volatile part of fandom I've associated with, and it's a breeding ground for negativity. I'm staying with the ONTD comm, the sanest, most laid back bunch of SPN fans in existence (♥)

And to occupy myself, I kind of went on a screencapping spree *looks sheepish* spoilers for anyone who hasn't hit the fourth season :) Funny that this is my go to happy episode, since it was so chock full of misery and blood and shadowy coloring, haha. But it's my favorite, and there's very little I don't enjoy about this ep <3

4.16: The Picspam! )

I feel better :)
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I'm sorry, I HAVE to laugh or else I'm gonna brain myself on the edge of my desk.

Oh, [ profile] fandomsecrets -__-
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Aaaah, aaahhh, excuse me while I gaze longingly at my pretty pretty new layout \o/
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So anyone here up for discussion of last night's Supernatural? Acceptable forms of discussion are: squee, OMG, and holding each other while shaking and crying and rocking back and forth.

spoilahs, ya'll )



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