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I've got troubled thoughts and self esteem to match

I used to hate this song.


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I've never hated the song, but I was pretty MEH about it when most everyone was all "OMG WHAT A CATCH!!!ELEVENTY!11!!" I'm still pretty meh about the song itself, but I fucking love that video.

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You and I are in the same boat, though the images of a lonesome, color washed-out Patrick Stump on a boat playing piano and making friends with a hurt seagull has endeared me to the song a bit more :D

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...What a Catch, Donnie right? Haha I don't think I'll change my mind about it any time soon XD

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lol, I still think it's way overblown (and power ballads are dead, man), but the video is wonderfulness on a stick ^__^

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lol What A Catch, Donnie is my favourite song off of FAD. xD

I cried when I first saw the video (and several times after).

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Probably my least favorite, but such is the magicalness of Patrick, yanno? <3

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I don't think I have a least favourite on this album.
I do on IOH but not on FAD.

Patrick is the most magical thing on the planet. It is tru fax.