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A real update one of these days, but anyone care to explain why it's taboo to give out Pete's blogspot? I mean, I can think of a couple reasons, but nothing really concrete, nothing that sticks in my head, or maybe it's just a little too late right now.

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OMG I DON'T KNOW. I always wondered why, I think it's really interesting. But because other people think it's Taboo, I too am afraid to give it out. :(

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I think some people like to feel elite, and when they get to tell someone that they're not going to give out the url to Pete's blogspot they get to feel superior or something.

Freaking hate the fact that people in this fandom don't want to share things like that.

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it's fucking ridiculous, considering those of us who know it can just pass it onto each other anyway. also, if you just google quotes from it, the link'll come up, so it's pretty easy to get your hands on. seriously, why the OMG DON'T GIVE THE LINK! ness? it's a fucking public blogspot for people to read, the world will not explode if a couple extra people go to read it. maybe it's just the fandom being retardedly elitist.

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The reason they're all paranoid about giving out the link is because of the couple of times its become too well known/hacked and he's had to delete/change it/move to a new one.