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swear to shake it up if you swear to listen

Mad as Rabbits

That Green Gentleman

Newsflash: apparently Ryro can sing now? yes, he did do backing vocals, but he never did lead singing and this new development pleases me in ways that give the music nerd in me great joy, it must be said. Shared singing duties! HARMONY!!!

I can has new found love for Ryan Ross? Yes. Yes I can.

Which gives me a few thoughts.

Thought the first: as of this very moment, I am completely enamored of Panique a la Discotheque. I havent heard We're So Starving yet, and rewind to last summer and I said

Another note, and I feel I MUST say this. While I'm overjoyed that they did a cover of "The Weight" in concert...*listens to new Panic! songs* *is not impressed*

At that point Panic was playing festivals with "Back to the Streets" (lol) and the beginning of the gay hippie cowboys look and Ryan was the Mother Teresa of emo with his soup kitchen activities. I have since repented, as I hope my love for Nine in the Afternoon is quite obvious now. Panic's love letter to the Beatles is endlessly endearing, Penny Lane-esque horn overlaying and all *draws hearts* I'm not that crazy about Mad as Rabbits (see above), but The Green Gentleman is all kinds of brilliant and makes my heart happy. And is that a bass I see in Brendon's hands (MaR)? I believe so. On top of that, JWalk is singing in MaR too? ASDFJKL; YES. FULL OF YES AND WIN.

(sidenote: what is it about Jon Walker that immediately draws people to him? I'll be the first to admit I don't know a ton about him, nor have I watched a lot of Panic interviews and such because Ryro's monotone gets to me, but you just look at him and think HOW SO AWESOME? I don't get it, but I don't mind either.)

Still waiting on the new age makeup Wentz kept talking about in relation to Panic; I expect to see it when HCT starts, though. Also, Panic is swinging their sound with wild, unbridled success in my eyes. They still sound pop, and I'll miss the techno-ish stuff from AFYCSO, but the new direction their heading in seems natural in some weird, twisted way I can't really get a grasp on at the moment. Hell, they sound vaguely country at times. A thought which terrifies me a bit because I despise country, but they--I don't know--make it tolerable? Not in the same way that, say, The Decemberists do, but I'm really digging their sound right now. Really.

Thought the second: harmony.

Why is it in FBR there is a distinct lack of it? Or, lack of notice-ableness? I'm fairly certain that Panic is the only FBR band that has two at least semi-capable singers to bring it to the table live. For example, while I love Patrick's voice and he writes lovely melodies which he sets against another track of him singing the harmony, there's a certain homogeneousness to it, and live you don't get the studio experience because A) Pete's a screamer, not fit to carry a tune that Patrick writes, and B) as far as I know, Joe can't either, and C) Andy just going to stay over here drumming kthxbye. Studio stuff w/Panic has Brendon doubling up for the vocals, sure, but he's got Ryan to cover the harmonies/miscellaneous vocals in concert, so not a lot is lost in translation.

For all the slick production both bands have, musically Panic is kicking FOB's ass.

Given, I've never thought Patrick was the musical genius people tend to exaggerate him as, in relation to FOB's music; it's very straightforward, well-produced, quite simple, usually, very listenable. Where the genius comes in is producing and knowing how to use himself and others in the music; that's the key. It worked wonders with Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, and The Hush Sound. Now, I'm not saying Ryan (or whoever is in charge of Panic's music in general) writes better music than FOB; that's a matter of opinion. The music is written to suit the style and musical ability of the band.

And it makes me a bit sad (but not much, because I love both of them) that Panic's potential is overshadowing FOB's musicianship. Prove me wrong, someone?

On a slightly different note, Pretty. Odd. needs to leak now.

EDIT I'm making this edit now only because it was only after I left for work that I thought of it (and I haven't read any comments yet), but I'm not trying to start any wank or start a Who's Better argument (FOB is my favorite FBR band by far, it's just my opinion that Panic are a better bunch of musicians); I mwant it as it applies to all of FBR, FOB just got singled out because they're an umbrella for the label. Okay, off to read comments!/EDIT

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don't forget that jon can sing, too! i have such intense love for jon's voice after tuesday's gig.

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So I hear! I just have yet to witness it myself, unfortunately D: But soon! Like. three months soon ;__;

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IAWT entire P, okay. And that is all I have to say. Harmonies ftw!

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Oh, and one more thing -

I'm fairly certain that Panic is the only FBR band that has two at least semi-capable singers to bring it to the table live.

Except for the Hushies, don't forget about them!! You mention them in like, the next sentence, but they've been doing harmonies and splitting up vocal duties since the beginning. And basically are all-around awesome, so.
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Yes! 'Tis cruel of me to have forgotten the Hushies, but their almost in their own stratosphere of awesomeness, to be perfectly frank :D

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:DDD Thank you! I've been thinking on it quite a bit.

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I have no idea what it is about Jon Walker, but oh man, is it there.

DeJesus sings some pretty good backup, actually! I mean, he's no Patrick when it comes to Clothes Off! and Cupid's Chokehold, but he does better than you'd expect. And the random dude they occasionally bring on tour with them just to sing backup, whose name I never bothered to learn. :\ And Joe's backup isn't bad either, as far as backup goes. He can't sing all Patrick's parts, sure, but he doesn't scream like Pete, either. (Though that's not to say that I don't enjoy when they mix Pete's screaming and Patrick's singing. Keeps things closer to the rock side of the scale than the pop side.)

And I don't know. I think Patrick's a musical genius partly because of how simple FOB's music is. Look at bands like Weezer, Green Day, or hell, even Pink Floyd - not that I'm comparing either to FOB in any way, because I could never do that - all three known for the simplicity of their music while managing to put out brilliant - simple, but brilliant - stuff. It's easy to switch things up and interest you with a cello solo. What's harder is keeping a pop music audience's interest with 3.5 minutes of just guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.
Also the fact that he plays pretty much every instrument, and plays them well. He's a blues guitarist and a metal drummer, and still manages to fit the two genres together into something fun and rock-ish.

...But that's just my love of Patrick talking. Sigh. I'll stop now and get to making that header/layout you wanted.

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It's just Jon Walker *throws hands up*

No, I don't think it's just the Patricklove talking, I definitely see where you're going with that. While constant innovation seems to be Panic's direction, Patrick can still pull off some brilliant stuff with a tea kettle, two muffins and a broken guitar string XD I didn't mean to discount Joe or Pete or Patrick's multi-talentedness (true, I've overlooked his musical prowess in regards to the sheer number of instruments he can play), but simplicity is Patrick's strength, and both bands are easy to get swept up in, n'est-ce pas? I think that's just the mark of truly good bands. I singled out FOB because they're the posterchild for Decaydance/FBR and people compare them a lot because of the similarities of Brendon's and Patrick's voices (something I don't really notice anymore, tbh XD )

I think the problem with FOB backing vocals is that even the sound techs are working against us. I watched a couple of the vids from the MSN broadcast of YWT, and when I spotted Joe singing into the mics, it was barely even there -__- I wanna hear what Joe's got!

I love discussing music stuff with other fans ^__^ Gah, thanks for indulging me ♥♥♥

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You know, I was with you about not thinking I was going to like this second stuff, but from what I've heard so far, I am very much enjoying the fact that so many of us are going to be proven wrong. And I'm really impressed with the way that they're changing things up and the versatility of the band as a whole; I think they do have a lot more raw talent in each of them -- and they're willing to work hard at it, prove themselves -- than most of the other FBR bands, including FOB.

As for Jon Walker, omg. If I was 10 years younger... *sigh* But I think the appeal is that he isn't *like* the rest of them, he's cute and kind of goofy funny, but he hasn't tried to shoehorn in, or make himself fit them, really, if that makes any sense. I guess it's just this sense that Jon Walker is a genuine guy whose sudden shove into the limelight and into this band hasn't actually changed in any real discernible way; he's not an asshole, he's even keel, and maybe seems to be the one that can keep the Vegas boys on terra firma.

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Paint me relieved, yanowutimean? I was really dreading the coming of this album because I was convinced there was a bit of One Hit Wonder syndrome written into the margins, waiting to become text, but lo and behold, they deliver us the goods.

And JonWalker, just. *hands* Basically iawyc x infinity. ♥

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(sidenote: what is it about Jon Walker that immediately draws people to him? I'll be the first to admit I don't know a ton about him, nor have I watched a lot of Panic interviews and such because Ryro's monotone gets to me, but you just look at him and think HOW SO AWESOME? I don't get it, but I don't mind either.)

I was wondering this myself! I barely know anything about him, yet pretty much the second I saw him properly I went, "JONWALKER AFSDKDJSFKJFSDJS CAN I HAS?" I don't even know, he just exudes awesome or something!

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