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Life is good

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Oh hai, I figured it's about high time I actually did a real post, as in, talking about stuffs happening in my life. Ladies and gentlemen, life is a box of chocolates. Ya never kow what you're gonna get. But ya know what else? I will eat every goddamn chocolate in that box. :D Also, life is tasty and may or may not give you diabetes, but I digress. I'm in that phase right now which Ferris Bueller so acurrately stated needed to be adhered: stop and take a look around. Assessing my future is something I never really thought I'd have to worry about because college seemed to far away then, but now I'm all up to my ears in figuring out which classes I'm taking and how much it's gonna cost, which has got Dad stressing out too and it's a real pain in the ass. The real world is hard XD Sometimes I don't think I'm ready for it, while others I'm so bored and I just want to plow ahead or, like a video game, use a cheat code to skip a couple levels, because things aren't hard enough and I'm not getting a challenge, like at work. And yeah, it's scary to think I'll be away from all things familiar at some point in the future (not while 'm going to community college, though) but I'm hoping I'll actually develop some social skills so that the transition won't be so painful.

And oh yeah, the drawing thing? Turned out rather nice, although I didn't use the photo you provided, [ profile] kookykay! Sorry, I'll use it next time!

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Unfortunately, there's a bit of loss of detail in the transition to the internets, but whatever. Overall, I screwed up a bit, but I like it ^__^

And hey, how d'ya like my new layout? You cannot resist the Wentz! :D

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No worries, little girl =D The drawing you did turned out preeeeeeeeeeeetty accurate and mind you, I have high standards for fan art. Would you mind if I saved it onto my computer? I don't think I'll use it online but I would just like to keep it, if that's alright.

And don't worry, I'm sure everyone, at your age, goes through the same thing you're going through right now. Whatever classes you're going to choose, just make sure it's something you're really passionate about I guess =) Maybe you and your Pops could take a umm, chill out break soon to relieve all the stress all the college stuff has been causing both of you.

And if I was a fan of ze Wentz half-naked, I would definitely give your layout two thumbs up!

P.s. I'm trying to read all the fic you've been posting as of late, it's just that with school and all, I'm really behind on my bandslash reading >.<

P.p.s. I apologize for the length of this comment and I hope you don't mind the umm 'little girl' tag I put at the start of this comment, I'm sure you're older than me but I like giving random nicknames to people and I like writing weird comments impulsively xD


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Woo, awesome! I'm glad that I met you fanart standards then :-) And yeah, you can go ahead and save it; I don't mind.

I think I'll have to take my dad to the beach or something to help him relax a bit, since he's kinda stressing about other stuff. I'm not incredibly worried about myself, for that matter, because fic makes the world go 'round :-)

It's be better if it was a Patrick layout, but I haven't seen one of those (that would work w/ads or otherwise) :/

And no worries there either; t's not like I'll be taking them down anytime soon :D

*lol* I have no problems with nicknames, since I tend to hand them out like candy all over the internets, even people who're older than me :D

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I just lost a GOOD portion of my evenign to this picture.

It was worth it.

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^__^ Why thank you, dahling, it's nice to know you approve ♥

(Anonymous) 2007-07-21 07:48 pm (UTC)(link)
I has your cell phone.

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OH YA, I knew that :) We need to pry ourselves away from the internets and the new HP book long enough to get it back to me. Wanna hang out some time?

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Awesome drawing! I love the Stump!

And about college and stuff, I know saying these words doesn't help but honestly don't stress. I was in the excat same postition when I was in high school. I managed to last 2 months in college and just gave up. When it comes down to it I don't think anyone knows what they want to do and to be told to make the desicion before finishing school is just stupid. I still don't know what I'm doing and just like working in a job I was told I'd never get.

I hoped that helped slightly, I pretty much try to be as positive as I can!

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Gah, thanks ^__^ He's hard to resist, no?

YEah, listening to others to make your decisions is just beyond my boundries. I can only really hope that it'll stay that way because I kind of want to make all my decisions on my own <3

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Yeah everyone trying to tell you what to do just messes with your head. I hope you make the choice you want :)

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This might be a little random, but I found you through your slash fiction & I honestly could not resist to the urge to drop in & ask you if I could maybe maybe friend you. You're made of win, deffff.!
Heh, if not, it's fine as well.
Dramaaa sucks. D:

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Oh yeah, that'd be no problemo :) Yay, I love getting new friends! And thanks so much, your comments on them are love ♥

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Aww, sweet :] Thanks!
I'm in ur journalz, commenting ur entriez 8D

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I was going through my memories, saw that I had one written by you, and decided to reread it. Upon doing so, and remembering why it's in my memories (fucking amazing story), I decided to check out your journal, and this picture. You are very talented. I wish I could draw like that. But anyway, the point of all the seemingly needless information in this comment is to give a reason as to why I'm adding you, and requesting that perhaps you add me back? :)

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Pssh, needless info? I love hearing from people who've commented on my work; it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside <3 Sure, I'll friend you back. I squee every time I get a new friend. Seriously. My brother gives me the strangest looks :D

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Haha. I squee so much when I'm on my LJ it's not even funny. My brother does the same to me. I read something and just start cracking up, so he asks me what's funny. My trademarked response: "It wouldn't mean anything to you." One day I should just say something about members of MCR and their hot gay sex. Lol. Maybe he'd stop asking. :D Anyway, yay for new friends!

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Right. OK. This needs to happen.

but think about it: Ryan Ross was part of chemicalromance and all that stuff. He knew about slash; it's impossible not to in the fandom, even if you don't read it or write it, you know? I figure he read it.
oh man that is easily the best theory I've ever heard in my whole entire life
I will now hold this to be gosepl truth, enjoy many possible scenarios in my head, and then force someone to write slash regarding it
*heads to puckinnichild's journal*
Vanessa says:
Ryan had an lj... he still does, it's just not one that fans know about.
yah, I knew about his old one
In fact, you know some of the few guys around on lj-dom?
that write? Like stereotypeloser? (I don't think stereotypeloser is him, incidentally) but I think Ryan definitely has a secret habit of writing MCR slash.
I vehemently wish to believe that
I will now FORCE myself to believe that
I vehemently stick to that theory whether it's true or not.
And yes, get puckinnichild to write it. Get her to friend me too, especially if she writes it, because I so want that to be true.
I shall make it happen
Vanessa says:

You heard her.

(She's [ profile] ocelot_daemon in case you didn't know :))

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Dude, you guys are commanding me to write Supah Sekrit Slasher Ryan? That's delicious ^__^ Any other parameters I need to know about, things you guys want to throw in, etc.?

[identity profile] 2007-07-26 10:29 pm (UTC)(link)
SUPAH sekrit.
Any my chem boy. The rest is up to you :)

We both think you're awesome :)

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Alright, I'll do it; I just might need a couple days, but it's going down. For realz, son.

I've gone and friended her, too :-)

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We are happy. Yes we are.

Take your time with it. We wait with baited breath, but we are patient =0)