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Sara's long overdue yet extremely brief thoughts on MCR's Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. So this is a bit different, isn't it? John & Sam hated it straight away, and initially both Sean and I thought it was. Well. Very safe sounding. before I really listened to it over and over again, there wasn't a lot I liked about it save for a few of the catchier songs. Just musically, it's less interesting & has less hooks, not that it isn't well-executed, and Plantetary GO seems to take a strange sojourn into disco land while there's overall less Gerardesque singing and strangely a lot of synth and doubled Geerad vocals but it still gels pretty well.

Agreeing with [ profile] moondarri here: it's a repeater. I'm still not too keen on Scarecrow, but Danger Days is quickly joining my jams playlist :) Despite the above bitching, I've learned not to be so srs bsns about it and embrace the technicolor rockage!

And catching up on the Big Finish audios I've been lax on picking up the past, oh, most-of-the-year, I'm again awash in Doctor Who love, especially my boys Five and Eight :3 Big Finish finally convinced Janet Fielding to come back to the fold and so there's new episodes with Five, Nyssa, Turlough, and Tegan omfgy ^__^ Eight has a new companion who I haven't really warmed up to yet (Lucie was a hard act to follow), but I do get Paul McGann being deliciously bitchy and snappish as the Doctor so it's a nice trade off. And it was just announced on the Classic Who official Twitter that the remastered Mara Tales are going to be released imminently fucking finally. Love me some floppy hair!Five and evil!Tegan.

I have not yet watched this year's Christmas special, so NO SPOILERS YO, but I do understand there is Michael Gambon and apparently it's the best ep since Blink or so I hear and that is MUY EXCITING. I must rewatch series 5 <3
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I have no words. We exchanged presents a couple years, around the holidays, and I'd known her since bandom days. I can't believe she's gone. RIP, Sarah ([ profile] kittygrenade).
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Going to do a teeny bit of friend cleaning; mostly people I have little to no things in common with or who I don't talk to in, like, ever. Most of you are safe :)

Actual post when I get some coffee in me. But first! House cleaning go!
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quick hits:

-Dad's birthday was fine except my body decided to betray me, so most of what I could do was suck down advil and iced tea and curl up on a couch, cutting into my valuable Dad time. John took off to spend another long weekend with him, but I've got Saturday commitments and a busy comm that's about to have a watch party for the US premier of Sherlock and schoolwork, so :(

-Dad's girlfriend gave me Brandon Flowers's solo album for no reason whatsoever. Score!

-so John Watson shares his clothes with Spock. funny, cuz I more saw Sherlock in that Vulcan get up :)

-found that Housemate Jase is definitely the root of my sleeping problems; dude does not know how to twist doorknobs so that doors close quietly. At night -__-

-Big Boss is ignoring all of us because we haven't taken him out of his habitat in ages; African tortoises have no concept of rain.

-got grandma interested in Sherlock and watched all three eps in two days *cackles evilly* John is the last that needs to be educated~

-and totally studied for my medical terminology test for one day and pulled it off. Coincidentally, cramming ain't my style bro.

Now I'm going to snuggle with my lappy and coffee once more and try to relax :) Hope everyone's having a good day!
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Oh my god, I am aliiiiiive and back home. Birthday with Dad was fine, grandma got drunk and was really obnoxious, things are well :) Will chat some more about it when I've had a fair amount of sleeeep.
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Oh man, I already geeked about Cataclysm in my last post, but I'm still starry-eyed for it :) I haven't been playing beta much, mostly because the recent patches have resulted in a lot of lag and graphical heavy lifting that my laptop isn't prepared for until I turn down settings, but the lag mostly happens in new areas like Uldum and Twilight Highlands.

From what instances I've done, I appreciate the fact that the DPS actually has to do crowd control. And it'll kill the masses of impatient players who want to rush through and AoE everything down. I'll stand still and let my healers recover mana, and I will sit idly by as idiot DPS go forth and pull. They will wonder why I don't pull the mobs off them, and as they eat dirt I will smile to myself. Farewell, GOGOGOGOGO player, we won't miss ya ;)

Another one I've got preordered, and my brother will go half and half on it with me, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood looks absolutely amazing, with the new solo campaign and multiplayer. The guys at Giant Bomb did a preview of the multiplayer assassination mode, and there's also an official walkthrough gameplay vid under here )

I'm loving the second especially because A) they aren't done with Ezio omgyay, and B) seems random, but I'm getting all tingly from the soundtrack. Jesper Kyd took Dreams of Venice and reworked it into another gorgeous variation, using more percussion and cellos and chorus, hnnggg.

*is a happy clam*
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MCR <3

Oh, it's been too long, boys.
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I am kind back now :) Woooo~
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Hey guys,

If I haven't been around/won't be around very consistently, it's because my dad just had back surgery and I'm going to be looking after him for the next week or so. Thanks, and if anyone needs me/wants to say hi, go ahead and use this entry :)

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It's more impressive when you consider that first part is supposed to be sung by a woman.

settling in

Sep. 2nd, 2010 04:47 pm
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Got a DW layout figured out. The place isn't really all that different from LJ, just no bustling fandomness and less attempted reaming in the ass of one's privacy. From now on I'll be crossposting, though, so sorry if it's at all bothersome.

Anyone else want to email LJ billing for refunds? Only fair if they're ignoring their own terms of use, amirite?


Sep. 1st, 2010 05:01 pm
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CSS solution to Twitter/Facebook bullshit is already here. How permanent it is, time can only tell.

Been testing the tags that use / on my journal too, and they appear to be working. Going to test communities as well.
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Whew. As for a non-RAEG post, some adorable:

Martin Freeman: They’ve lit me very roundly. That’s why I look round, otherwise I look very chiseled in real life.

Mark Gatiss: You do look chiseled.

Martin: Chiseled out of what? Plasticine?!

Benedict Cumberbatch: Marshmallowww.
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Most relevant gif ever for this fandom:

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Halp, please talk me out of getting a gaming mouse.

Nikki, I'm looking at you D:
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Then got stopped on leveling my worgen druid because a quest is bugged, lol. Anyways, anyone who has me on Real ID has to re-add each other because for some reason they don't carry on over to the testing realms :) Currently trying to character copy my paladin, shaman, and death knight :D

*is a nerd*
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New OST stuff has been leaked for WoW: Cataclysm. I'm a HUGEHUGE dork for this alone, but there's a mishmash of nerdy references on top of that. An NPC named Horatio Laine, who wears sunglasses and, I assume, makes extremely bad one liners, is investigating the death of a beloved horse in Westfall. The theme music for (what I assume to be) the Who Killed Old Blanchy? questline has, well, some rather close instrumental similarities to a movie about a certain Victorian consulting detective. Also, the track is called Mysterious (a Mystery is afoot!) Blizzard, you cheeky bastards.

But yeah, the new music is IMMENSE. Even if you have no interest in Warcraft whatsoever, it's totally worth a listen :D A few of my favorites from the new expansion:

The Shattering, wherein WoW lets its Lord of the Rings show.
The Night Elves
Cold Mountain, which is far too beautiful to just be generic music for areas like Alterac and other mountainous regions.
The Skywall
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If anyone spoils Sherlock for me I will end you.

*is still downloading*

Fuck my life, I can't watch it till I finish doing this other thing tonight. Goddamnit.
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Thought I'd update my contact info very quickly, as I know it's a bit out of date in the intro post, which I'm also whipping back into shape. Because I actually use Twitter now and don't just let it gather dust >.> vinylsigns
Twitter: mezzanineview - locked posts, only because I hate people randomly friending me for promotional purposes. let me know it's you and you're in automatically

aaaand now following Sherlock & John RPers--should be amusing in the extreme~


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