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I hate seeing how depressed everyone is, and I'm not saying I'm not (impossible.), but I want to put a teeny bit of perspective on this.

It's looking more permanent than it did even two days ago, but I maybe am not feeling it as rough because I've been half expecting FOB to not stay together much longer since everyone started doing their side projects around IOH. It's not being cynical, it's really just being able to accept possibility, and then driving the stake in by staying emotionally attached anyway, cuz there's no way I can abandon my boys. It fucking sucks, but it happens. Last year, Panic showed us that. I'd rather they separate for now and leave the option for doing more together at a later point in time than keep them touring & making music when they don't really want to and end up hating each others' guts, extinguishing all chances of getting back together.

Even if they don't, they don't owe us anything. We got four excellent albums (and a fifth most people don't want to talk about) and countless live performances and hours of fandom-y entertainment, and I know we just don't want it to be over, but it's their choice. Pete's been like this for years, he makes things seem like they're worse than they are, and though I choose not to be so sympathetic that his feelings bring me down, I don't grudge anyone the intensity of their sadness in reaction.

So I'll spend the day spinning Decaydance albums and looking forward to the imminent My Chem record. This is just how I cope with things.


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