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Oh man, I already geeked about Cataclysm in my last post, but I'm still starry-eyed for it :) I haven't been playing beta much, mostly because the recent patches have resulted in a lot of lag and graphical heavy lifting that my laptop isn't prepared for until I turn down settings, but the lag mostly happens in new areas like Uldum and Twilight Highlands.

From what instances I've done, I appreciate the fact that the DPS actually has to do crowd control. And it'll kill the masses of impatient players who want to rush through and AoE everything down. I'll stand still and let my healers recover mana, and I will sit idly by as idiot DPS go forth and pull. They will wonder why I don't pull the mobs off them, and as they eat dirt I will smile to myself. Farewell, GOGOGOGOGO player, we won't miss ya ;)

Another one I've got preordered, and my brother will go half and half on it with me, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood looks absolutely amazing, with the new solo campaign and multiplayer. The guys at Giant Bomb did a preview of the multiplayer assassination mode, and there's also an official walkthrough gameplay vid under here )

I'm loving the second especially because A) they aren't done with Ezio omgyay, and B) seems random, but I'm getting all tingly from the soundtrack. Jesper Kyd took Dreams of Venice and reworked it into another gorgeous variation, using more percussion and cellos and chorus, hnnggg.

*is a happy clam*
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Then got stopped on leveling my worgen druid because a quest is bugged, lol. Anyways, anyone who has me on Real ID has to re-add each other because for some reason they don't carry on over to the testing realms :) Currently trying to character copy my paladin, shaman, and death knight :D

*is a nerd*
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New OST stuff has been leaked for WoW: Cataclysm. I'm a HUGEHUGE dork for this alone, but there's a mishmash of nerdy references on top of that. An NPC named Horatio Laine, who wears sunglasses and, I assume, makes extremely bad one liners, is investigating the death of a beloved horse in Westfall. The theme music for (what I assume to be) the Who Killed Old Blanchy? questline has, well, some rather close instrumental similarities to a movie about a certain Victorian consulting detective. Also, the track is called Mysterious (a Mystery is afoot!) Blizzard, you cheeky bastards.

But yeah, the new music is IMMENSE. Even if you have no interest in Warcraft whatsoever, it's totally worth a listen :D A few of my favorites from the new expansion:

The Shattering, wherein WoW lets its Lord of the Rings show.
The Night Elves
Cold Mountain, which is far too beautiful to just be generic music for areas like Alterac and other mountainous regions.
The Skywall
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so I killed Arthas a little bit last night :3


boom. Check that one off the pre-Cataclysm bucket list!

Update on The Will Situation

So my uncles are still screwing my dad out of the things owed to him through their father's will, and there's botched execution and fraud everywhere in this shit. Dad can sue their asses off, but my grandmother won't let him; now she wrote into her will that her home in California will be left to Dad, me, and my brother, while her summer home in Hawaii is going to be left to her other two sons, and that would change if my dad sued, so. Yeah.

My dad has a boat load more propriety over the properties, though, and he's not just looking for a damn cash cow like my uncles. He's decided to pay them for the house that would rightly already belong to him if they were actually carrying out what the will says. As it is, the greed of my uncle Paul is the deciding factor, him being the one who's made and lost multitudes of money time and time again in his life, burning bridges a he passed. And now he's backstabbing his own brother because he has no job and no money.

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Real names on Battlenet forums: CANCELLED

And the world (of warcraft) breathed a sigh of relief :P
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Hello once again from the throes of unemployment--I do seem to have a lot of time on my hands to play Warcraft. Mainly just been raiding Icecreamcrown Citadel in hope of finally killing the Lich King and laying out mobs in hilariously neat patterns, and with recent news from Blizzard about Cataclysm and Real ID, I felt the need to chat a bit about them, and hopefully cut through a bit of the drama surrounding these subjects.

Cataclysm talent trees, and the ubiquitous Real ID debacle )

Whew, that's it for now. If anyone would like to discuss either with me, I'd be more than happy to chat :)

now I must hop to writing, as I have not done it in a long time and I promised Nikki for her graduation present :)
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Very quickly, I've been messing with my WoW UI once again, and this time I'm testing out TukUI. At the behest of Nikki ([ profile] firedragon9), a screenshot!

Read more... )

Not sure if I'm taking it over Pitbull just yet (have to test it on my main first) but it is rather pretty :)
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Oh hey, it's been a while~

Haven't posted simply for the fact that not a lot has been going on, which is absolutely fine by me. The end of the semester meant I finally get some uncomplicated me-time, so naturally there's been a lot of Warcraft and contemplation of rewatching Life on Mars for my first project of the summer!

Problem is, I think I need to get away from the internet/internet-related activity for a while, because I'm really not having any semblance of fun anymore. Between the insulting, utterly frustrating dungeon groups day-to-day in WoW to utterly disgusting, faux "feminist" discussion in a Doctor Who comm to character bashing in another DW comm, I don't care to read about other peoples' opinions. Or particularly enamored of any idea that states that liking one set of characters automatically means I must bash another set, but whatever. Even switching to a different fandom comm is flawed, because it's trading one evil for another, if lesser evil, but it seems no matter where I go, I can't just enjoy a damn show :|

This relates to WoW in that I am forced to avoid people in order to enjoy myself, and that's counter-intuitive to the community aspect of both an MMO and fandom. I'm not interested in anonymous unhappy people being unhappy and making other anonymous people unhappy. I'm equally disinterested in utter dicks griefing others and trolling and bringing people down. Having been a victim of it lately, I'm just very sad and disappointed.

More sadness in that Grandma has gone to her other home for pretty much the whole summer, so I won't be seeing her for months and months :( A little bit of a relief too, because, I LOVE her to pieces, but she's the type that hovers and makes me anxious sometimes. But Dad's coming up once his school's year is done with, at the end of this week, so I'll have my daddy around all summer :)

Played and beat Alan Wake all in one sitting yesterday--OMG SO FRUSTRATING. I can't say it's because I'm not used to XBox 360 controls, because I'm fucking kick ass at playing Mass Effect 2, but the controls were getting me down something fierce. If much of your survival wasn't so dependent on dodging incoming flying axes and floating like a butterfly when you're utterly and hopelessly outnumbered, I wouldn't have been so bothered, but it was so frustrating and I wasn't in the best state to give it many chances when I died in certain points over and over, so Sean picked up the gameplay after I raged early on. The storytelling is really good, though, and I hope it doesn't take the developer another five/six years to put out a sequel XD
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Doctor Who todayyyy, yeaaahhhh!


Of course I'll have to wait another couple hours than my British friends, being on entirely the wrong side of the world, but Twitter will be active, therefore I shall be entertained in the meantime :)

I promised [ profile] firedragon9 AAAAAGESSSS ago that I'd do some screenies to show her my UI, and finally I have been not-lazy enough to upload and post, though since I got my new sparkle pony (ie Celestial Steed), I feel like I'm going to end up having a screenshot-palooza of the WoW variety coming up :3

UI pics for Nikki! )

So, Doctor Who this afternoon, catching on up my politics, Icecrown Citadel raid tonight, everything is shiny all around :) Hope everyone is doing well!
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WoW updaaaaate: Anaan was made my main (poor, disused Dahaka), therefore promoted a bunch of levels in my guild ranking system. Picked up my tier 10 gloves from Vault of Archavon yesterday--huzzah, tier 9 AND tier 10 2 piece set bonuses! That's a grand total 25% increase in damage for Hammer of the Righteous which = delicious delicious threat generation :3 Which also means my co-tank for Icecrown Citadel is having trouble taking threat off me when we have to switch it up mid fight D:

Picked up the frost emblem belt too, lots of stamina gems for new equipment, got honored with the Ashen Verdict (new reputation ring, woot!), all is well and good in Azeroth :)
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WHY DO JOURNALS WHICH I CAN'T FREAKING READ KEEP FRIENDING ME? I can;t even figure out what language it is (guessing Eastern European/Russia or thereabouts), but all I know is there's symbols I can't read and I've got like three friending me which I have not friended back, because I'm worried about journal security after those issues last year. HALP.

It's spring break! :) Obvs I'm not the type to got out to Cancun and flash my boobs at Joe Rogan's cameras, so I'm probably just going to end up hanging out with my friends more and work on the SERIOUSLY WONDERFUL new Final Fantasy ^__^ The story is completely engrossing, new revamped battle system rocks the house, there are beautiful, kickass ladies hey there, surging number of girlcrushes *__* My Warcraft account is feeling kind of neglected because of it, but there's very little I can do other than raise my baby shaman anyway >.>

Another small update on the will situation: basically, will says house that Papa lived in and his car go to my dad, Chester says Paul should get both because "He's not getting anything" from the will, Dad calls bullshit, has a lawyer check out the will, finds they both legally belong to Dad, so his brothers can suck it. At best, Dad will let Paul stay there and make him pay rent, but Paul's got too much pride to end up paying my dad anything, so I don't know! Things are looking quite bright :)
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Update! Dad got a copy of his father's will, which, depending on interpretation, says the home Papa was staying in and the Jetta he owned (both of which are currently in use by my d-bag uncle Paul) go to my dad, but no word on the family house that Dad really wants.

So, it's likely that house will still be sold off, things are looking brighter for Dad, but not from my perspective, as such. We knew Paul was a backstabbing son of a bitch, but Chester wasn't doing us any favors by his interpretation of the will. Basically: it was a good thing Dad requested and received a copy of the will as soon as he could, because there was no telling what kind of whacked deals Paul would have bullied him into otherwise.

WTF, family?


Started an elemental-specced shaman on my Warcraft account, already lvl 41 (using hierloom gear) after about three days of hard playing with her :) 'Tis very unfortunate that it's one of the least-played classes because they are FUN, but maybe since they refined the totem cast-mechanics, there might be more players willing to take the dive, and maybe with Cataclysm and DWARF SHAMMIES (♥).

On my way to do an application for a local bakery in a few minutes :) In the meantime, contemplating the correlation between movies which contain baby!Robert Downey Jr. that have Danny Elfman/Oingo Boingo on the soundtracks. This trend is most pleasing.
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And now for something completely different.

My guild buddy got his WoW account hacked yesterday D: Poor guy got most of his gear sold to vendors, his bank cleared out of all the old tier gear, bc he's sentimental like that, enchanting and leatherworking and jewelcrafting supplies stolen from the guild bank and sent off/sold, frost and triumph badges spent. Most likely the frost was used to buy primordial saronite and sold for ridiculous gold, but only about 60 gold was left of his almost 600. Thankfully, he picked up that something was wrong real fast when he checked out his gear score on, then found he couldn't log onto his account bc the hacker used an AUTHENTICATOR.

He got a hold of Blizzard, who unlocked it and he changed his password/e-mail to make sure the hacker couldn't get in again, but man, he's pretty devastated. He'd been saving up to get the crazy good frost badge libram for Ret paladins, and he JUST GOT this weapon he'd been waiting for, but now he's pretty much cleaned out and the bastard hacker was continuing to use the toon to farm for more stuff to sell. It wouldn't cost Blizzard anything to refund the lost items and badges, and I just hope my friend remembers all the gear he had. Blizz has to have some way of tracking in-game mail, right? Right?

It's terrible of me to try and benefit from this, but lesson learned, Blizzard authenticator ordered and being shipped to me in 2-3 biz days >.> They're only about seven bucks, Blizzard's waiving shipping costs in lieu of the current financial weather, and I'll soon be the proud owner of a Corehound Puppy (who are beyond cute. I'm not even a hardcore pet collector, but they're SO CUTE.) Pictures forthcoming.

But some good news too: my resto shaman buddy got his first tier 10 (shoulders, woot!). My Death Knight has got her tier 10 shoulders and frost badge cloak, which my guild leader enchanted to the hilt ^__^ So she's now ICC10 ready, and with the money I'm getting back from taxes this year, I can finally afford to change her name so that dumb symbol isn't there anymore (which I only put there in the first place because on my old server, the non-whacked version was already taken). My prot paladin has her tier 10 shoulders as well, but the next batch of badges are going toward a new trinket, since I only hang onto that blue because of the nice stamina boost, even though it's dragging down my gear score D:

Gear score, btw, is the most inane, rage-inducing addon ever created, but I'm forced to care about it bc people running raid PuGs care about it. FML.

Also considering dropping Retribution from my pally and picking up Holy, since we have so many people already covering the dps spec in my guild and only one healer-specced. I'll still be a main tank, but maybe I'll get the opportunity to play around with healing in heroics :3

EDIT: oh and Sanctified Scourgelord Gauntlets dropped for me in VoA 25 and I won them ^__^ gogo, suped-up tier 10 drops
This is cheering me up something fierce

ILU, Hitler Reacts meme *draws little hearts*

Ahoy! It's been a few days, and when you're antisocial with the internet, you know it's something :) I've just been playing WoW like a madwoman, trying to get my baby paladin all grown up--she's likely to hit 80 today :D I kind of put myself on the hook for becoming one my guild's tanks, not that I mind. We have an excess of dps and heals (EXCESS OF HEALS. WHEN DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN), but they're mostly priest-y and druid-y heals, so there's room for my buddy Sean to carve out a Resto shaman spot, and I'm contemplating dropping Retribution for Holy, since I'm just about done with leveling, and I can survive and kill things just fine as Protection. And I can guarantee myself a spot in PuGs and raids by being able to either tank or heal, so it's very appealing :D I'd need to do some research first, though; got no idea what stats are important to Holy paladins.

more Warcraft geekery )

Nikki! Next time you're on Nieniin let me know so I can get you an invite to the guild! We heart hunters in OWL ;) I've been neglecting you and our little belves, I AM SO SORRY ;____;

My paid account time is going to be up soon (oh noessss), so I don't know if I'm going to renew it, in my financial state. I'd hate to have ads all over the place, and my icon whorish tendencies will be most displeased, but c'est la vie :)

Kay, so it's raining, and due to a design flaw in how my house was build, with enough of it, the floor downstairs will fucking FLOOD after a good, oh, four solid days of heavy rain. It's been bone dry before today, though the rain's pretty light and set to last all week. All the same, I'm on Flood Watch *salute*
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Just a quick series of announcements:

-Nikki! I am officially back on World of Warcrack! If you're down to playing on Saturdays again, that would be most excellent :D

-Sarah! I've sent you something, fufufufufu...

-I don't really have a third point, I just wanted to gloat that I have a download of the David Tennant-headlined broadcast of Hamlet played on Boxing Day ASDFJKL;
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Y so quiet, internets? I swear, between Dollhouse getting canceled and Veteran's Day (two completely disparate things, I know), I expected a leeeeetle bit more activity.

Xmas projects are well underway, so I'm not worried about not getting them done this year. Most everything involves not spending money simply because I need to pick up a job first (prospects looking high in December, as I know some people leaving local stores). At the current rate though, I may need to suspend my WoW subscription for, you know, gas money and stuff :P

And to boot, the city must be making a small fortune off poor kids like me, with the amount of sweeper day parking tickets I've been getting. On the day I think I'm safe, it turns out last month started weird, so the one of the sweeper days was a week apart from the other, so there was one every week and I was unlucky :( So there's that and the new back windshield I had to get, and all the plans I had for that money went right out the window, ugh.

Trying to be less depressing now, haha. My baby draenei paladin is growing up so fast :') I feel kind of guilty because I've been spending much more time on her than my DK, but it makes me wonder why I didn't just go to 80 with a paladin before, because it's more obvious to me now that it's my favorite class to play. Haven't tanked any instances yet, but I'm looking forward to it, once I get some decent gear for it and snatch up glyphs. A different libram, too, since my current one won't help much for tanking.

Started AND finished Zangarmarsh today, too, but I really just want to get to Northrend cuz that's where all the fun is :) But for now I have to go to bio.

Everyone have a good day.
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I love Matt Damon XD I don't even watch Entourage, but this is amazing.

Moar WoW progression! I finally completed all the (required) Hallow's End achievements (for serious, screw collecting all those racial masks, I am SO glad that wasn't part of the process) and I got my title! (no, I don't really have a blank ring space, btw, just for some reason my Ring of Ghoulish Glee isn't showing.)

I'm am excited to get this on my death knight ^__^ They're already pretty Halloween, with the big blue glowy zombie eyes XD Now gonna work on getting the Headless Horseman's mount, but I haven't even seen it drop yet :(

Meanwhile I look longingly at the old tier 6 Lightbringer paladin armor sets (here's the Retribution set, plus the draenei version, drooool) and lament the fact that A) I'd have to get together several raid groups (ten AND 25 man) if I even wanted this set, B) they've been outclassed by the Wrath of the Lich King sets, and C) it'd just be for vanity because it looks so freaking cool. The little crown/halo helm is ASDFJKL; I am a TOTAL geek by admitting I love that :D Ask me again why paladins > all, why don't you?

Thanks for all the messages I've been getting guys, you really are the best ♥
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Spent some quality time with my DK and paladin today :D It's only the first day of the Hallow's End festivities, and I already got all the trick or treating achievements, haha. One of the candies turned my DK into a pirate wench, ROFL. Pictoral evidence after the jump!

Hallow's End shenanigans and me being ridiculously proud of my epic flying mounts )
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So I finally got fed the fuck up with PvP shenanigans and I'm switching two of my toons over to the Durotan PvE server :| I ADORED the rare occasions wherein a Hordie would help me out with a quest rather than electing to gank me (a favor which I returned) and afterward we'd exchange a little /nod or /bow and be on our merry ways. But (and this is something I probably knew from the beginning) having a personal set of PvP rules, having principles about who I gank (read: people who are actually worth honor points to me, not lowbies, people who aren't questing so as I don't screw up their quest, people who aren't totally being douches) has done me very little good as, let's face it, this is the internet and as long as people have the opportunity to be anonymous dicks, they will take it. Actually functioning on honor doesn't mean very much at all.

So if anyone is on Durotan US (Alliance side), look up my 39 paladin Anaan, or soon my 80 Death Knight Dähaka is going to be transferring over, as soon as I tie up some loose ends. Or if you run across me, just give me a /poke and I'll help you kill mobs :)

I reminded myself of why I love visiting [ profile] ontd_political today with this article wherein the "author" is the illustration of what Stephen Colbert is parodying while berating Stephen for apparently representing one of the most dangerous trends in America right next to Islamic terrorism. I...have no words. Stephen couldn't have written this. At first I


but then I


In less wanktastic/lulzy news, someone made an Andrew Bird picspam that outlines his constant state of pure awesome, and my eyes are HUGE HEARTS ^____^ Do yourself are favor and check it out!
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First of all, Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans. Hopefully, those of you interested in politics remember the real tea parties and what they were meant to represent :P

No news is good news, isn't that the saying? Well, while very little has been going on day-to-day, aside from having a pair of godawful weeks at work and getting my back injured ;__; But! I did kind-of-but-not-really-impulse-bought a new, sexy, white MacBook and named it the Enterprise XD You may call me Dorkus Maximus. Not exclusively because I wanted WoW to run better, nor just because the memory is a little more than DOUBLE my PowerBook G4's, but those account for quite a bit.

Desperate to fill that memory with new music, I find my idea of "new music" is loads of classic rock XD Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Deep Purple, Kansas, Styx, Fleetwood Mac, and the like. I find no shame in it, for the record. I aim to rock out.

In WoW news, I HIT 56 WITH MY ROGUE, WOOT. Can has a Death Knight, yeyyyy ^__^ Actually in the process of installing Wrath of the Lich King and the endless patches that come with it as I type this. It took a while, but now I'm really digging my rogue. It was a bitch to solo until Adrenaline Rush (100% energy regeneration for 15 seconds), which is the reason why anything but a Combat build for rogues suck majorly. But with that ability and the levels I'm hitting now, the time for me to do hardcore ganking is come :D MMM, HONOR POINTS. TASTY.

And because by internet decree, you have to make a post, fuck yo flist, it's another MJ blurb. )

Also, I am an awful friend; to the Star Trek prompts, I am still on it (looking at you, [ profile] jedi_iwakura and [ profile] neros. To other, dearer acquaintances, I must drag myself to the e-mail client and put finger to keyboard. Expect to hear from me.


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