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I hate seeing how depressed everyone is, and I'm not saying I'm not (impossible.), but I want to put a teeny bit of perspective on this.

It's looking more permanent than it did even two days ago, but I maybe am not feeling it as rough because I've been half expecting FOB to not stay together much longer since everyone started doing their side projects around IOH. It's not being cynical, it's really just being able to accept possibility, and then driving the stake in by staying emotionally attached anyway, cuz there's no way I can abandon my boys. It fucking sucks, but it happens. Last year, Panic showed us that. I'd rather they separate for now and leave the option for doing more together at a later point in time than keep them touring & making music when they don't really want to and end up hating each others' guts, extinguishing all chances of getting back together.

Even if they don't, they don't owe us anything. We got four excellent albums (and a fifth most people don't want to talk about) and countless live performances and hours of fandom-y entertainment, and I know we just don't want it to be over, but it's their choice. Pete's been like this for years, he makes things seem like they're worse than they are, and though I choose not to be so sympathetic that his feelings bring me down, I don't grudge anyone the intensity of their sadness in reaction.

So I'll spend the day spinning Decaydance albums and looking forward to the imminent My Chem record. This is just how I cope with things.
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Jesus, some stans just need to stop. If you've been on ONTD recently, you know who I'm talking about.
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Wow, the internets are so dead D:

More stuff on FaD: Cooperstown is still fucking awesome, still don't like how cluttered What a Catch is, but the little medley of FOB songs is a wonderful bit. As I mentioned on Twitter, I am quite sure 20 Dollar Nose Bleed is FOB's popified pass at Scissor Sisters ^__^

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Anyone else getting these weird "download [program name here] today!" comments in old entries? Cuz it's kinda bugging :/ Considering killing the anon commenting system, tbh.

Soooo I kind of spent five months not listening to Folie à Deux :| This makes me a terrible Fall Out Boy fan, I am sure. But at the point that it came out, I was hurting for music that wasn't pop/rock/punk, as I am wont to do. My music taste comes in cycles, and bandom was on the outs at the moment, giving way to indie (The Decemberists, The Shins, Andrew Bird and the like). I digress.

It's good. Like, really good. I'm thinking I like it more than Infinity on High, because it's more comfortable (how I can tell, I can't explain why, but since I feel more comfortable with it and its sound, this is what I'm attributing it to). I haven't listened to it more than once through, but so far She's My Winona is officially amazing and I'm trying to figure out whether or not Patrick MF Stump actually said "We're fucked" in 27. Because if so? *epic keysmash goes here*

It also gets me wondering about popular music and why, if FOB is so popular, are they so maligned? There is a certain amount of self-loathing, sure, but there are people who'll bag on FOB in one breath and suck Rihanna's big toe on the next. Color me confused.
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Okay, uh, I give in?

I feel kinda bad for having been derisive of World of Warcraft players in the past--the ones who got unfairly judged because of the extremes others go to playing it, mind you. But damn, this shit is fun ^__^ I'm not a social player at all, but this might change my mind, as you really don't reach the same levels of excellence without journeying with a friend. WoW, you had me a free ten day trial.

Haven't heard the new FOB album yet, but I kind of don't want to? Inevitably I'll unzip that file in the next day or so, but anyways.
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Hello to one and all :D I would like to welcome my new overlord header to my journal. I'm sure the lovely Dr. Stephen T. Colbert is thrilled to grace my journal with his awesomeness ^__^

I'm kind of in a strange place musically, at the moment. Mostly brought on by the new FOB songs, and yes, I know that everyone and their moms and their mom's moms have opined about I Don't Care, Cooperstown, and What a Catch by now, so I'm not going to go as in-depth as I do usually.

Okay, so. I like them? Emphasis on the question mark here, because I'm pretty black and white about my music, and I'm getting all sorts of grays right now and it's bugging the shit out of me. I'm the kind of person who's open to pretty much all kinds of music; if I like it, I don't really examine why unless I'm completely sure (example: I can--and have--gone on for days about why Panic is my favorite ever for putting out Pretty. Odd., but when it comes to explaining my attraction to, say, Brendan Benson or Circa Survive, it's a lot harder for me to do so other than saying "I really like their music. *shrug*"). And the FAD songs aren't dragging out my definitiveness practically at all, which is somewhat worrying.

And for the record, I so love Infinity on High quite a lot. As a lover of all things music, I can appreciate pop as much as punk as much as rock as much as showtunes, etc. But--this is my weirdness--I can't make myself like what direction FOB is going to next because I can't see FOB anymore. One of the early reviews said that there's hardly a trace of the punk roots they came from, and they're completely right, and I don't know why it bothers me so much more than IOH. And yet I can't day I dislike them because they are good songs. Hrmm. I'm waiting for the rest of the album.

But Coldplay is on my good side right now, because Viva La Vida? Is awesomesauce. Eff da h8rs, ya'll.

Jesus, what's happened to me? I used to hate Coldplay when radio was spamming "Yellow", and now I'm rocking out to them more than FOB ;__; Sad state of affairs, or bad priorities on my part?
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(from here)

Fall Out Boy gives $50,000 to fight California's Prop 8

You heard it here first.

The popular band had this to say about the marriage ban:

"We believe government shouldn't legislate love. Vote no on proposition 8."

(um, wtf?) Pete Wentz once colorfully referred to Prop 8 as [expletive] lame.


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So, it goes that Fall Out Boy was on The Friday Night Project, performing as a promotion for Infinity on High, presumably. With the little exception that they were asked to play to a prerecorded track.

True story.

Naturally a little pissed, they set their amps off balance and played and sang slightly off from the track, in protest, and, in fact, during their "performance" Pete holds up a message on his hand saying, and I quote, "ALMOST LIVE MUSIC".

The irony, it is delishus.
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I'm actually remarkably excited about this.

I'm very much all for changing the feel around, as emphasized by my super big heart-eyes for Pretty. Odd., although what they're talking about is a shift in the lyrical focus, in which case A) if they're all love songs I'm going to destroy something B) the music style would have to be altered at least a little to fit tone, and hopefully Patrick's down for making things playable in a live setting again.

Video for Beat It? Color me ridiculously, almost obscenely inapropriately flaily.

So. My love for FOB has won out and I'm not, I don't know. Going on hiatus or anything that would necessitate me taking a long time to sort how pissed off I am out. I'm basically going to do what I've always done; ignore her. However, if there's an impact on the next album because of it, then, well. Fuck.

Still kind of homicidal,
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New Panic song, Mad as Rabbits )

That Green Gentleman )

Newsflash: apparently Ryro can sing now? yes, he did do backing vocals, but he never did lead singing and this new development pleases me in ways that give the music nerd in me great joy, it must be said. Shared singing duties! HARMONY!!!

I can has new found love for Ryan Ross? Yes. Yes I can.

Which gives me a few thoughts.

Thought the first: as of this very moment, I am completely enamored of Panique a la Discotheque. I havent heard We're So Starving yet, and rewind to last summer and I said

Another note, and I feel I MUST say this. While I'm overjoyed that they did a cover of "The Weight" in concert...*listens to new Panic! songs* *is not impressed*

At that point Panic was playing festivals with "Back to the Streets" (lol) and the beginning of the gay hippie cowboys look and Ryan was the Mother Teresa of emo with his soup kitchen activities. I have since repented, as I hope my love for Nine in the Afternoon is quite obvious now. Panic's love letter to the Beatles is endlessly endearing, Penny Lane-esque horn overlaying and all *draws hearts* I'm not that crazy about Mad as Rabbits (see above), but The Green Gentleman is all kinds of brilliant and makes my heart happy. And is that a bass I see in Brendon's hands (MaR)? I believe so. On top of that, JWalk is singing in MaR too? ASDFJKL; YES. FULL OF YES AND WIN.

(sidenote: what is it about Jon Walker that immediately draws people to him? I'll be the first to admit I don't know a ton about him, nor have I watched a lot of Panic interviews and such because Ryro's monotone gets to me, but you just look at him and think HOW SO AWESOME? I don't get it, but I don't mind either.)

Still waiting on the new age makeup Wentz kept talking about in relation to Panic; I expect to see it when HCT starts, though. Also, Panic is swinging their sound with wild, unbridled success in my eyes. They still sound pop, and I'll miss the techno-ish stuff from AFYCSO, but the new direction their heading in seems natural in some weird, twisted way I can't really get a grasp on at the moment. Hell, they sound vaguely country at times. A thought which terrifies me a bit because I despise country, but they--I don't know--make it tolerable? Not in the same way that, say, The Decemberists do, but I'm really digging their sound right now. Really.

Thought the second: harmony.

Why is it in FBR there is a distinct lack of it? Or, lack of notice-ableness? I'm fairly certain that Panic is the only FBR band that has two at least semi-capable singers to bring it to the table live. For example, while I love Patrick's voice and he writes lovely melodies which he sets against another track of him singing the harmony, there's a certain homogeneousness to it, and live you don't get the studio experience because A) Pete's a screamer, not fit to carry a tune that Patrick writes, and B) as far as I know, Joe can't either, and C) Andy just going to stay over here drumming kthxbye. Studio stuff w/Panic has Brendon doubling up for the vocals, sure, but he's got Ryan to cover the harmonies/miscellaneous vocals in concert, so not a lot is lost in translation.

For all the slick production both bands have, musically Panic is kicking FOB's ass.

Given, I've never thought Patrick was the musical genius people tend to exaggerate him as, in relation to FOB's music; it's very straightforward, well-produced, quite simple, usually, very listenable. Where the genius comes in is producing and knowing how to use himself and others in the music; that's the key. It worked wonders with Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, and The Hush Sound. Now, I'm not saying Ryan (or whoever is in charge of Panic's music in general) writes better music than FOB; that's a matter of opinion. The music is written to suit the style and musical ability of the band.

And it makes me a bit sad (but not much, because I love both of them) that Panic's potential is overshadowing FOB's musicianship. Prove me wrong, someone?

On a slightly different note, Pretty. Odd. needs to leak now.

EDIT I'm making this edit now only because it was only after I left for work that I thought of it (and I haven't read any comments yet), but I'm not trying to start any wank or start a Who's Better argument (FOB is my favorite FBR band by far, it's just my opinion that Panic are a better bunch of musicians); I mwant it as it applies to all of FBR, FOB just got singled out because they're an umbrella for the label. Okay, off to read comments!/EDIT
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A real update one of these days, but anyone care to explain why it's taboo to give out Pete's blogspot? I mean, I can think of a couple reasons, but nothing really concrete, nothing that sticks in my head, or maybe it's just a little too late right now.
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[mood| drained]

I am back, finally. Well, mentally, I mean. Physically, it was last night, but you'll forgive me, eh? Bullet point review ahead.

Young Wild Things Tour, San Diego CA, December 1 '07 )
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In case anyone was kind of wondering what that last post was about (besides The Beatles being made of awesome), this involves me and how my body hates me because I got sick. Just days before I'm supposed to see Fall Out Boy D: Woe is me. But there's no way in hell I'm missing this, even if I might be dead before the night is over.

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[mood| pleased]
[music|Worst Pies In London--Sweeney Todd, 1979 original Broadway cast]

Band boys in glasses. What more do you want to know?

Under here )

END MINI PICSPAM. Post your bandom + glasses pictures!
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This is the reason why I refuse to believe any of this fandom wank. FOB isn't breaking up. Pete can get married if he wants to, regardless of if it's a good idea or not (it's not, by the way), and the band will still be. This is just like when MCR started getting married off and bandom went BOOM. The sky is not falling, people. Chillax a bit.


Sep. 22nd, 2007 06:38 pm
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[mood| amused]
[music|watching Casino Royale <3]

Ahaha, slash in the FOB fandom is far more pervasive than I initially thought. Sam, my bro's girlfriend, has been a FOB fan since FUCT, but I had to get her IOH and TTTYG, but anyways we have two separate conversations about FOB today. Keep in mind that she's never heard of slash before XD

Me (rocking the argyle sweatervest, w00t): Dude, I'm so jazzed to be seeing FOB again. D'you think we should make new shirts or wear the same ones as last time?
Sam: No, I think we should wear the same ones. They might recognize us.
Me: But we were, like, at least a hundred feet away from them at the concert.
Sam: *shrug*
Me: Hey, you hear about the new covers they're doing? You know that song at the beginning of Back to the Future?
Sam: Maybe, I dunno. We should probably rent it. I'm sure if I heard it I'd recognize it.
Me: Yeah, but anyways, The Power of Love? *tries to sing it, but fails miserably* Anyway, yeah, they're covering that.
Sam: That's so awesome; they did Beat It last time. It's like they're stuck in the really awesome part of the 80's.
Me: Well, yeah, Patrick's, like, obsessed with Bowie and Prince.
Sam: *laughs* Patrick's totally gay, then.
Me: *is delightfully intrigued* Don't you mean Pete?
Sam: No, man whores don't count. I could really see if Patrick was, though, just the way he carries himself. He just strikes me that way...

And then I had to go to work :/ But then later this afternoon we went to Trader Joe's and ended up on FOB again because I mentioned that Patrick was wearing argyle the first time he met Pete (and I was wearing argyle today, as I've already stated ^__^)

Sam: And then they made out.
Me: *laughs*
Sam: We probably shouldn't invite John to the concert, huh? Too much gay for him.
Me: Yeah, he wouldn't have a good time watching the unfolding of Pete and Patrick's epic love story.
Sam: *agrees and picks up soy milk*

Fandom is wonderful XD
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[mood| busy]
[music|Mind rot, aka MTV]

Okay, quick VMA postage, people, even though I despise MTV.
*Panic! at the Disco is still teeny tiny
*God help me, I'm starting to like Justin Timberlake more. And I totally agree with him: PLAY MOAR MUSIC VIDEOS, EM TEE VEE!!!
*OMG, Patrick was a totally adorable Catholic schoolboy, and Pete actually looked hot ^__^
*Kanye West isn't as awful as I previously thought. That being said, I still don't like rap/hip hop very much.
*FOB's first performance was pretty good, though Patrick still sounds tired (and he wasn't paying a Gibson SG, what the hell ;__;)
*FOO FIGHTERS!!! And as [ profile] inchsandbckyrds pointed out, Dave Grohl looks like Jesus. A very dirty Jesus.
*YAY, FOB won best group! Decaydance takin' over, bitches! 3 PEAT!
*FOB playing Rihanna, whut?
*Patrick cut his hair ;__; It's no longer feathery and Farrah Fawcett-y. I are teh sad. But he's losing weight, which is good for him, and he's still hot like burning, damn.
*Yay! Sugar, We're Going Down and the return of Trick's silver Gibson ^__^ And apparently he and Pete got matching jackets, y'know that shiny black catastrophe of Patrick's? Yeah, he's got his own, apparently :/ Not crazy about it, but it's cute.
*INSANE amounts of love for the Stump tonight, if ya'll haven't noticed. Gym Class Heroes! Clothes Off! Patrick really doesn't know what to do without a guitar in his hands, bless his little heart. I love how out of place he looks with GCH, then he's all, "Check out mah awesome voice" and wails like a motherfucker <3 <3 <3 Ahhhh
*GCH WINS BEST NEW ARTIST! LOLZ @ massive group room hug.
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[mood| bored]
[music|watching Scarface]

I'm bored, and when I'm bored, you all get lots of media. So here's a picspam + commentary (and by commentary, I usually mean Patrick squee) for Fall Out Boy music videos, in no particular order ^__^ I did all the screencapping myself, so if you want to snag any for whatever reason, leave a comment, okiday?


A Little Less 16 Candles... )

Dance, Dance )

Arms Race )

Saturday )

The Carpal Tunnel Of Love )

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs )

The Take Over, The Break's Over )

*EDIT*Bonus Pic: Grand Theft Autumn )
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[mood| happy]
[music|I'm Not Okay (I Promise)--My Chemical Romance, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge]

Oh hai, I figured it's about high time I actually did a real post, as in, talking about stuffs happening in my life. Ladies and gentlemen, life is a box of chocolates. Ya never kow what you're gonna get. But ya know what else? I will eat every goddamn chocolate in that box. :D Also, life is tasty and may or may not give you diabetes, but I digress. I'm in that phase right now which Ferris Bueller so acurrately stated needed to be adhered: stop and take a look around. Assessing my future is something I never really thought I'd have to worry about because college seemed to far away then, but now I'm all up to my ears in figuring out which classes I'm taking and how much it's gonna cost, which has got Dad stressing out too and it's a real pain in the ass. The real world is hard XD Sometimes I don't think I'm ready for it, while others I'm so bored and I just want to plow ahead or, like a video game, use a cheat code to skip a couple levels, because things aren't hard enough and I'm not getting a challenge, like at work. And yeah, it's scary to think I'll be away from all things familiar at some point in the future (not while 'm going to community college, though) but I'm hoping I'll actually develop some social skills so that the transition won't be so painful.

And oh yeah, the drawing thing? Turned out rather nice, although I didn't use the photo you provided, [ profile] kookykay! Sorry, I'll use it next time!

New drawing: Patrick Stump! )

Unfortunately, there's a bit of loss of detail in the transition to the internets, but whatever. Overall, I screwed up a bit, but I like it ^__^

And hey, how d'ya like my new layout? You cannot resist the Wentz! :D


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